Can Black Lives Matter protests make a difference in the ballot box this year?

Protests may impact the election, but activists say their fight for reform will press forward past November.
6:08 | 10/01/20

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Transcript for Can Black Lives Matter protests make a difference in the ballot box this year?
Back to one of the issues that played a big role in that debate race and policing. Protesters turned out in droves many for the first time to call for change in the system they say discriminates against black Americans. But will that activism make a difference at the ballot box ABC's Rachel Scott has more. Beat seeking to the streets and are proud. Chanting the names of black lives lives. The summer of racial unrest now turning into what call to action to vote on Election Day. He first met 23 year old Arianna Evans back in May it was her first time demonstrating. And it's been almost a 130 days since the death of George Floyd and Arianna has been marching ever since. Me want to. You. But after months of demonstrations the air heavy with exhaustion and disappointment. They're protesting for more than a hundred days have you seen any progress and that time. Always seen is that. Then I listened. In the weeks following Floyd's death both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill agreed on the need for police reform but were divided on how to get there. And so we have to be that they know what they're talking about that is that's now without that you saw Saturday of funding to badly that is not true. With Election Day around the corner Arianna says she's backing a candidate that doesn't reflect the systemic change she wants a seat. As young people it is our job to fuel this democracy if we do not. Get out there we do not vote if we do not save our democracy this found we might not had the chance again. From a slow kick off in the democratic primary to the general election Biden has struggled with enthusiasm among democratic voters in California activist and Alina Abdul is working on the ground to register protesters. But believes the excitement that once energizing Democratic Party. Has since faded. People are dealing dismayed. That the choices are lean you know violent white pharmacist. Ends another error. Person who represents. Saying. The call for change heard around the nation. Down in South Carolina 27 year old activist lower McDaniel told me he won't be voting for trump but he's not sold on Biden neither he's now considering voting for a third party candidate. I think sometimes you hired an intro. And our party on both sides are blinded our struggles at lower income Americans are able. But a third party candidate has never won a presidential election. And it critical battleground states those votes could tip the scales for either candidate organizers are now working overtime to educate and mobilize young voters. Just from may to June the amount of people we registered jumped fifteen talents as far as we can tell but was entirely driven. By George Floyd and the black votes matter political awakening that was happening. Natasha brown co-founder of the black voters matter fun touring in twelve cities in key battleground states are registered voters her goal now using the momentum from the protests to restore hope in the democratic process to be. Black and American means to be three times more likely than white people to be killed by police had to be black in America right now means two this report please suffer the consequences. Latin America means nothing woods and ends up. It's too. He mark. I mean been able to list and in this room to make the opposite yeah. From coast to coast activists believe the reform they want to feed will not be determined by just one election their fight pressing forward past November. In the midst of protests or recognition that no matter what I don't miss any of these things. We have to stay in the streets but. And Rachel Scott joins me now from Washington rich I want to stress. Some confusion that can complicate the conversation around race which is already a difficult topic to talk about and what is that black lives matter has come to mean different things to different people some see it as a sentiment. The social movement a political movement he touch on how we've seen black lives matter evolve and what that means for the conversation around race in this country. Yet that's exactly right and what we have seen is the name of an organization become a symbol for equality and when people disagree with some of the platforms of the organization and I didn't really get the name black lives natter look there is an overarching being here of people that are taking to the streets. Demanding for reform demanding four equality. For black people and for minorities in this country and while that has started with outrage over police reform and actually triples down. Two other corners in American society I talked about and that piece that right now to be black in America. It's a suffered disproportionately from the corona virus your look more likely to get it you're more likely to die from it. You're more likely to suffer from economic downturns in this country you're more likely to have less access. Health care access to food to fresh food. And that is what they want to change they want to see this system fixed across the board. The playing field level. But there are a different organizations out there that all want that accomplished but have. Different ways in different ideas of doing so and if we look back. In our history even during the civil rights era we saw that there were competing voices Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm acts when I always on the same page although they had this overall goal. For civil rights. I will say this though it is not enough for these protesters for our leaders for lawmakers just to say these words black lives mattered they want. To see change in that not only starts with the White House that is also trickling down ballot. I had of November they want to see reform act from local governments to state governments and of course the federal government as well and it Rachel Scott Forrest thanks Rachel.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Protests may impact the election, but activists say their fight for reform will press forward past November.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73371318","title":"Can Black Lives Matter protests make a difference in the ballot box this year?","url":"/Politics/video/black-lives-matter-protests-make-difference-ballot-box-73371318"}