Who will be blamed for the possible government shutdown?

"The View" co-hosts discuss what will happen if a budget deal isn't reached by Friday.
5:30 | 04/24/17

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Transcript for Who will be blamed for the possible government shutdown?
I'm just. FYI you know they're talking about may be shut down the government because. This new addition of haven't paid for this wall. So I you know hot hot. I don't understand why we are always the ones that get back into that that's what I mean it always hits the people. Jimmy trying to make a deal with the Democrats so that bill Democrats will compromise and then they'll get their wall but. The truth of the matter is that the Republicans themselves are divided about spending money arms and his job it's what is out there is just Aaron acute lung cancer truthfully say they're not put up. And let any of their tax dollars go towards anything to do with me eighty abortion. Why can't liberals not say we're Democrats say I'm not gonna be apart of this Bergen we'll all together. Said over and over and over entered a campaign Mexico's gonna pay for the war and it doesn't. And band member after after the former Mexican president is not about always getting him out Mexico is not what it hit back tonight and it all out yeah. And we big league ball and then the final like a couple of days later he's our president speaks to Mexico's president but they don't. About the war all they and a beauty doesn't really not it. Doesn't like you out. Yeah. I've got to say yep we're not 1 but what am bring the wall lot exceptionally and I not gonna go. It also doesn't work often times when when you have these giant bills that try to group everything together in the border security bill really needs to be handled on its own separate way because that's there's no way to Kenya oftentimes he's he's built a fifty things in them. But I I was coming before that I think it's important which is back. I think what's significant about this is that we are having opening up the dialogue and having a conversation liberal lot of people this last election on both sides of the aisle but I don't think felt hurt I think there were people who backed Hillary made it love Hillary Clinton but we're supporting policies. There were people who backed trump because they they cared about deeply about these issues but they don't like his character and I think the two sides. Didn't meet and and there was a lot of pointing fingers and I think before when you talked about. The divisive this account you view some of this stuff related to some Muslims are however he's been asked him ice there are other people that say you know why. I agree Nady with the way he approached it but I care about this wall for this reason an eye care about these countries that don't have proper vetting for this reason. Yet but a little longer enjoy it and show what he said and that's the problem India corneal potty they little witty very eyes are independent sounded you can support policies. That. Have created. More. Separation in this country that aren't out to destroy cultural ideas. Because maybe they're too liberal like any I'm sorry you now look. You don't have to love President Obama but he never talked about two as a white cars. Send more people back. Details than any president apps are. So to say he's soft on that means it's you that that not view that. Folks haven't done our homework you know I was watching this guy who is going back admitting his children he air. Because they stopped him on the GUY. Even heard anybody but now they stopped up. I think that these cases need to be dealt with on an individual basis and what did I. This is a family that huge part they're breaking apart families but you know what's what's also interesting if it's gonna cost 26 billion dollars you know why not put back kind of money into our. Infrastructure our airports. About a quarter while out of this budget because the fact that it is so divisive we cannot afford is. As poorly as we think some but some of us think he's doing we cannot afford a government shutdown while everything that's why is Syria North Korea yeah we can't be looking like we're operating at haven't. You can even doing in a better way because if you look at India India hats. Pakistan right there are very typical border situation you know what they just did rather than build a 26 billion dollar wall. They're using a laser while they're using technology so that when anyone tries to cross it. The laser beat so they're putting their money into infrastructure and technologies. Why don't have somebody who is now called. Whose whole thing is about Twitter and what's on television optic he's not you know. He's not thinking about okay. How to live really put money back in people's pockets walk as you know I'm a big fan you know. Take away that student debts next. For us instead up hinder people. It suited to the nth degree and stopped same people who can appoint and and what taxes milk class. You don't have Saturdays and people have lowered taxes debt taxes as it isn't middle class and the lower classes not there it's a ritual gonna get the really good tax break up what why I. I don't understand whether what the people who actually support the maize and aren't getting the same amount of tax cuts as the mayor Barrett wealthy the fact that some very very wealthy high. They're all favorite tactic as we found out from our president hit out can't understand an economic true also that the no money you have. The more you spend which keeps the economy going back. Doesn't get fat from.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what will happen if a budget deal isn't reached by Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46987830","title":"Who will be blamed for the possible government shutdown?","url":"/Politics/video/blamed-government-shutdown-46987830"}