Bloomberg faces sexism allegations

Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is accused by multiple women of fostering sexist behavior.
5:39 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Bloomberg faces sexism allegations
Actually another BA story that was just turn by ABC news enterprising reporting from our investigative team and our political team. Mayor Michael Bloomberg former mayor of New York City who's been running a new but that Welles finds its self funded presidential campaign. Has based on multiple occasions. Allegations that he made sexist comments to women in his office including a claim that in 1990s that he told a pregnant employee. To quote kill its. I want to bring in two of our reporters who are leading on this story. Luke rivermen with our investigative unit might think is there in New York I hope we have a look. Her hire him yeah. And is the hutch said as nick Sullivan you guys at big story out today I want to quote this line from your story that I think really get to the hard at it you wrote. Over the years a number of women alleged in legal filings the Bloomberg's use of lewd comments around coworkers fostered us rat like culture. At the company. Now there's a lot of documents and sort of court filings that you cite in this story I know you guys were piecing through all those court records. So tell us little bit more about what exactly you found in the court documents. It seems like he was actively involved in biting and back against Lebanese loss. And that's exactly right Mary Alice in these lawsuits go back decades as you said back to the ninety's. No most of them the allegations have to do pregnancy discrimination. And sexual harassment in the workplace but. One in particular and I think you referenced that in the open. It had several allegations against Michael Bloomberg. Himself of saying lewd crude sexual comments towards female employees. One notable one again as he said was when when a colleague of his approach him and told him she was pregnant. She allegedly told her particulate. Now he's repeatedly denied that specific comment but just litany. Remarks that are tribute to him or is really staggering income certainly something he's gonna have to deal on the can. Pedro but none of these cases made it to court. So where they all they were all settled some of them drops. Explain tests are what happened I think a few of them are still active. Yet there are three active cases and in the more recent ones don't say misconduct by Michael Bloomberg remember he was mayor of New York City from 2001 to 2014. And so for a long period of time he wasn't technically at the company but the most recent ones when he returned to the company's site. His inability to Foster change at the company and they called a top down culture that he's responsible for. And as he said many of these cases never admit none of them admitted to try many of them have been settled out of court. I'm we've spoken with several women who have signed nondisclosure agreements as part of those settlements. And so that's why I think in part you probably haven't heard many of these allegations. And Sasha you also sounds your team also found and gifts that the mayor received for his colleagues in 1990. A compilation of alleged quotes from Bloomberg is that right tell us a little bit about what was in that gift and and what he's saying about it. The that's right so this to get that came out in 1990 to honor his 48 birthday when he was sort of a rising star at this hour really you. Exciting company that was at the nexus of technology and news. It was there to celebrate sort of though the wit and witnesses and it's called actually the portable Bloomberg DeWitt and racism of Michael Bloomberg and it's allegedly. Direct. Quotes that he used to say in and around the office and a lot of them are. Are quite looting crude some of them. Off color humor. This does came to light in 2001 right when he was first making his foray into. Politics for the first time when he was running for mayor. And it got a little bit of pick up then backs that went away for along time and this really now we got our hands on one of the only original copies. The book that is still out there I have in my hands here and it's really something that. It's no person running for president of the United States wants. To be forwarded this kind of thing. The wherever reading from a here if women want to be appreciated for their brains they'd go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale's. Many other things that that you can't repeat on TV but it's and it speaks Qiyue in his own words allegedly a larger culture of harassment and derogatory comments about women. Wow yet. You hinted there are two of the potential impact on his presidential race obviously his opponents in the democratic primary and already had very little. Love laws for Michael Bloomberg they are not out there saying nice things about him already. Weaves insulated candid saying that. A billionaire shouldn't be able to buy his way into the rays that he got into laid. Are really seeing some blow back from other candidates and we expect we'll see more. I'd be very surprised if some of his fellow attorney twenty years weren't jumping on this up but you also have to be very careful how you approach this. You don't want to seem like you're jumping on some things what's happened is for the sake of attacking them we've seen. Can be attacked so far for his money rape and some really crucial time for him he's just getting into the race at an eleventh hour sort of thing he's port a lot of his own money into this but this is a time. When he needs to be introducing himself to the American people as he's asking for their vote. So well a lot of the experts political experts that we've spoken to say. This honestly could not have come at a worse time for him if this is the first thing that comes up on Google when you search Michael Bloomberg that's not going to be a great book for him especially if you're saying. I want to represent you. In the future. I think you're exactly right we've seen democratic primary voters have very little stomach for any allegations of sexism. Or wrongdoing in that space the two of you congratulations on a big story we appreciate ire according and we look forward to more according to come think you know.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is accused by multiple women of fostering sexist behavior.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67764578","title":"Bloomberg faces sexism allegations","url":"/Politics/video/bloomberg-faces-sexism-allegations-67764578"}