Bodies, Explosives Found Near Sochi 2016 Olympics Site

Russian authorities launch security crackdown months before Opening Ceremonies begin.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for Bodies, Explosives Found Near Sochi 2016 Olympics Site
This is a special room. I'm -- and is in New York with his ABC news digital special report new concerns. Over the safety of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games police are investigating six suspicious deaths. And the discovery of explosives in areas not far from where the games will be held. Starting less than a month from today I'm joined by ABC's -- -- and who's monitoring these developments from Afghans -- what do we know at this point. Good afternoon high and as you said there and authorities in Russia have -- -- -- calling eight anti terrorism sweet go through and try to find three suspects thinks they're responsible for six suspicious deaths and putting several bombs inside several cards and supper all the city is just a few hundred miles away. -- -- -- this is certainly scary to hear before the games -- right around the corner on February 7 but. Violence and terrorism in this region is nothing new we have that train station bombing in Volgograd killing nearly twenty people just a few weeks ago. Is it possible. That these instances these incidents have nothing to do with -- It's entirely possible at this point nobody has claimed responsibility for those bombings that you mentioned last week and at this time and nobody seeing the look at these killings but -- -- -- that everybody is on alert right now. Now now just three weeks away from the Olympics. -- what about the aspect of organized crime as their belief that any of these may be linked to that. I spoke to one security analysts earlier in the day who said that when he looks at -- type of killings that we're going on there -- more criminal than Ben Ben terrorism but the same time and have several cars that were trapped in one -- that explode when police tried to project so that. That does certainly look like some sort of link to terrorism but at this time again nobody is making that -- specifically because nobody gets sound or responsible. Of course that suicide bombing that we spoke about near -- -- back in October actually. A separate one. What can you tell us about that and and that -- certainly more like the potential link to terrorism and -- like organized crime. Sure just last October there was a -- a woman who blew herself up on a bus. In Volgograd actually. So not very far away from -- -- -- all these killings took place again there have been a number of these incidents over the past couple months. But you should keep in mind that it's in keeping with the type of -- -- that they've seen in this region and caucuses this other or Russia not far from where Suu Kyi is. Is no stranger to violence in one region just across the now -- nearly daily bombings and attacks. Which begs the question why on earth acted -- to get chosen given its. Geography there is so close to these areas and and what is the thinking now what is the Russian government doing to step up security and confidence at this point. Well the Russians and pulled within -- A ring of steel around so -- -- putting these concentric circles of security around the city around the region creating. -- -- bubbles of safety BAC that they are confident that they'll be able to prevent a terrorist attack from happening but if you talk some people some people are little more -- -- that these terrorists six years. To prepare for an attack and they could very -- sleeper cell somewhere sites. You know whenever we have an Olympic gathering there's lots of security and -- the Olympics are always going to be at target in and -- themselves but given. This specific problems this region seems to have had going on already. There are a lot of preparations under way the United States planning. Evacuations. For the Olympic team out what are the different countries what do we know of a different countries are doing in order to. -- of their own plans in place -- something happens. Right well it would just be prudent planning for any -- to have some contingencies in place than we do know that the US ski and snowboard team has contracted as they have in the past. With a private company for evacuations and on -- on stand by that are ready to go in and accurate and -- All right well -- scary prospect and certainly not good news as we are heading into those -- -- -- games -- on every seventh -- thank you so much for joining us. This has been an ABC news digital special report new concerns over the safety of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games -- Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":21480404,"title":"Bodies, Explosives Found Near Sochi 2016 Olympics Site","duration":"3:00","description":"Russian authorities launch security crackdown months before Opening Ceremonies begin.","url":"/Politics/video/bodies-explosives-found-sochi-2016-olympics-site-21480404","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}