Boehner Asks Hillary Clinton to Hand Over Emails to 3rd Party

House Speaker stops short of starting another investigation over former Secretary of State's use of a personal email account and server while in office.
5:16 | 03/17/15

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Transcript for Boehner Asks Hillary Clinton to Hand Over Emails to 3rd Party
Following reformers who was murdered to her over. All. Over emails. Virgin pulse but some of the reporters after the makes a decision about what documents. Or quote perfect. And which ones are public. Pounds of us origin. Good. House speaker John Boehner weighing in on a Hillary Clinton email controversy. Telling the former secretary of state had over the emails butts falling short of starting another investigation. Program Dan Butler in New York not in this press conference GOP leadership was asked if there would have been this much scrutiny. If Hillary Clinton was not presumably running in the 2016 election. Here's that exchange. The multiple work. We'll call. She. Think humanity. All. Of his personal. View. That is photos are gift. Oh with regard America. Government reform communities. Worked on control over school. Gentlemen there will. There's nothing. Noting that made it turns out were provision. Give him movies about. So right now wanna go to the White House for ABC's neighbors are standing by outside their mayor the GOP telling the former secretary of state. And over the either house but not exactly demanding an investigation though right. That's right speaker Boehner wants to know once and for all which emails Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department and which ones. She deleted so he's calling for her to turn over that private server that was. Based in her home in New York turn that over to debt to a third party to be able to investigate this but he's not calling for a new. Formal investigation because as you just heard him him say there are already two separate committees that are looking into this. But certainly can't miss and it's ends an issue that is not going anywhere any time soon. Republicans very eager to get to the bottom of this. It's an eyebrow season questions in the fact that you know that the whole private email was conducted on a server that the clintons had in their home there is there a possibility in fact that that. Could be subpoenaed by congress. And then there is still a possibility although it seems like for now that's not the route that they are going to take. And in that now that the chairman of that special committee on Ben Ghazi trade dowdy said over the weekend that it is possible that they may be forced to get the courts involved at Friday gain access he hopes. But that is not the route that they have to take but for now it doesn't seem that they're going to that length but it it is something that that is is still a possibility. Now let's talk with a response action from Hillary Clinton because she is needed at the fact that she deleted the emails she did not turn over the State Department Bryant. Yes she has fully admitted that she deleted some 31000. Emails from her time as secretary of statements about. Half of her emails but she says that they're the ones that works can't Wear only the ones. Related to personal matter she said they were about yoga routines trying to plan her daughter's wedding thing. Things that she said she felt were not necessary to hold onto it but remember the issue here is that. You basically have to trust Hillary Clinton and her team at their word that they went through all of her pro correspondence with a fine tooth comb. Determine which one more related to official business which ones were personal and then turned over all of the necessary correspondent they continue to insist that that's exactly what they did. And that they played by all of the rules that they followed all of the guidelines the warm place at the time. But again the on a consistent here just have to trust her team and that is where Republicans are taking a lot of issue. Into the details the explanation exactly what she did it was explained last week at a press conference the United Nations with the first time and within any usual setting. To have those kind of deet tails put out there as well she hasn't held a news conference since then so what's next then. Well it is possible that we could hear from her again on this particular topic because trade Goudie is imagine the chairman of that the act committee on bank obvious said that he would like Hillary Clinton to come up and testify. And I can record testified twice once on bank Gaza related questions once just all on on the emails until it is possible you could see. Hillary Clinton up on the hill having to face questions from lawmakers keep in mind though the timing would be particularly interesting because it is possible that if this plays out. Then Hillary Clinton could be facing those questions up on the hill just about the same time everyone thinks she may be announcing her candidacy. Which certainly means that it is an issue that will continue to play out on the 2016 camp Ingraham. Government calendars collide in Washington DC ABC's neighbors the White House Merritt thanks so much appreciated. You give over the store in real time dollar and ABC is out and sign the story for updates on the go. I'm damn learn more.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"House Speaker stops short of starting another investigation over former Secretary of State's use of a personal email account and server while in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"29696782","title":"Boehner Asks Hillary Clinton to Hand Over Emails to 3rd Party","url":"/Politics/video/boehner-asks-hillary-clinton-hand-emails-3rd-party-29696782"}