Boehner Calls Obama Impeachment Talk a 'Scam'

Speaker of the House denies plans to oust President Obama.
7:16 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Boehner Calls Obama Impeachment Talk a 'Scam'
Isn't good we're talking about this rather. Impeachment of president. Are suing the president. But in the papers today American people are totally opposed to this. It just. We shouldn't be off on those tracks of impeachment suing the president we should be legislated. Senate majority leader Harry Reid they're pleased he said to be talking about veterans' care and not the prospect -- Republicans suing or impeaching President Obama. Look what I'm Dan -- in New York show you've heard from the Senate's top Democrat and now here's speaker John Boehner the top house Republican shoot back a little. While later. Let's that this won't talk about -- don't know. Small talk about impeachment is coming from the president's own staff. And -- -- coming from Democrats on Capitol Hill -- Because they're trying to rally their people to give money. -- -- -- -- -- We have no plans to impeach the president we have -- -- report. Listen it's all. A scale. Of startled by Democrats of the way. So we're joined now by the managers saw just to gently prodding speaker -- there. ABC's senior Washington correspondent jets on me in Washington isn't -- let me ask is evidence that suggests that there is a bit of truth in both senator Reid and speaker -- comments will. Then among Republicans is talking impeachment. You're right stand there is a bit of truth -- -- but in fact there are some Republicans who are using that -- word the impeachment word actually started with Republicans outside of Capitol Hill Sarah Palin was one of the most prominent Republicans who said it is time to start impeachment proceedings of course -- again a -- a trickle down -- -- other Republicans here in the House of Representatives -- following along. But it really is a minority of people there are some. On the far right who are suggesting it and even some of -- speaker raiders -- leadership. Rank and file are not. Dismissing it out of hand one is the incoming majority whip Steve's -- in Louisiana he was on Fox News on Sunday he did not rule it out. Because -- sort of an unpopular thing to rule out some constituents still want this but. By and large all of the talk of impeachment is happening outside. -- -- capital not inside speaker Boehner touched on it but how exactly are Democrats looking to profit from all of us. Will they are. Fundraising -- this rather directly and blatantly anti Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which is the the -- group that is so. I'm in charge of a re electing -- electing a democratic house members they are. Are sending out to. Try and raise money to stop the impeachment. Over the weekend over a four day period last Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday the committee says it raised two point one million dollars over this alone it's not. Now possible for us to verify that but they say that -- they've. Are raising so much money over this so it definitely is firing up both sides. The basis so let's kind of bring us all back to the what was the Genesis. Stay legitimate challenges by some news and the way in which the president's. Has used or according to critics abused his power what is the case that's -- -- Won't be it. The case it's being made by Republicans the focus is on all these executive actions that he -- taken. Certainly every president every White House it takes executive actions -- this president has come under fire for taking them specifically on immigration matters signing. Signing some executive actions into a -- specifically allowing some of the children of immigrants to a state here. It's created a -- a situation at the border and also most specifically and this is the subject at a house Republican lawsuit against the president. It is. All the executive actions taken on health -- the house Republicans and members of congress believe that the president usurped his authority. -- What was essentially changing laws without. Having members of congress to vote on them on the health care law specifically remember all those changes a year ago employer mandates and other things were sort of wheeled back. When the health Carlisle is being. -- assists. And having a hard time being implemented so. All these executive actions from immigration to health care -- the things are really at the center of this but tomorrow actually the House of Representatives is going to vote. On a lawsuit against suing the president. And in fact that was supposed to be an effort to. Quiet talk of impeachment but it actually. Has a -- talk of impeachment because some people think a lawsuit isn't enough so a lawsuit against. The possibility of filing a lawsuit is that correct -- or understand -- of vote. To proceed with the lawsuit against the president. So tomorrow we're going to -- an actual it it's actually fairly unprecedented. The House of Representatives is going to vote. In a partisan fashion with Republicans voting for it Democrats -- certain to vote against -- against suing the president of the United States and -- will sue him for executive overreach so once the house approves that tomorrow. They -- I'm move forward with this and actually. File suit in a quarter -- now it's a big open question if the judge -- Allow this to go forward does -- House of Representatives have standing to sue the White House it's unprecedented. Has not happened before but tomorrow the political side of this will begin when the house votes to sue the president. Again -- -- kinda confusing but all this was sort of viewed as an attempt to. You know have an outlet for all this Republican frustration. But it actually has raised -- of impeachment but that does not. It's not something that speaker Boehner wants to pursue because they know that that. Is a going to be expensive -- is never going to happen. And seeing is just going to make the Republican Party seem unreasonable to those independent voters in the middle Jeff lesson before -- you don't -- -- ask with the timing about all of this because obviously congress will be heading out -- its August recess correct. That's -- to the house is going to vote on Wednesday to move forward with this lawsuit and then if this is a legal matter from then. And -- lawmakers will go home back to there -- districts said. You know have something to stand on basically we are suing the president and the Democrats will still be talking about impeachment but you know. All of this simply is really a bit of a theater here -- not going to see anything really come -- it but that's -- this year. Seems to be to and it's a midterm election year and that's. -- -- -- It is one of the few things it's actually happening here a lot of political theater. A very very -- -- described as some called it theater some -- -- complicated machines some call it some other words we can't exactly use on air but regardless -- felony always breaking it down and making it easily digest what Jeff thank you so much appreciate it. In things of course you can give up of the -- in real time by downloading ABC news -- started -- -- was updates go for now. I'm Dan -- New York.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Speaker of the House denies plans to oust President Obama.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"24763413","title":"Boehner Calls Obama Impeachment Talk a 'Scam'","url":"/Politics/video/boehner-calls-obama-impeachment-talk-scam-24763413"}