Bolton pushes back on Trump saying he was fired

The former national security adviser says he offered the president his resignation from the White House post.
1:54 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Bolton pushes back on Trump saying he was fired
There's also a some turmoil in the White House we know yesterday that John Bolton resigned. This is that it does to quite as surreal sequence of events Kimberly in the White House announced a briefing with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Secretary of the treasury seed in the nation and the national security advisor John Bolton. 62 minutes later that's all it was the president announced in a tweak. City and told John Bolton the night before that his services were no longer needed here in the administration. Holding very very striking pushed back publicly saying he fired he resigned that he offered his resignation to the president Monday night. And then offered it again yesterday morning and the president accepted so now the president of an acting national security advisor. And Bolton with a third person to serve in that position in less than three years. Yet the in you just said that so the third at national security advisor what does this mean. Going forward and who do we know is. Going to be the replacement. The president says he'll name a permanent replacement next week that they'd take away from all of this is that. John Bolton and the president disagreed on several critical foreign policy issues Iran North Korea. And most recently that imitation the president is extending to the Taliban. To come to Camp David and negotiate a peace agreement in Afghanistan baldness said to be on a disagreeing with the president's push to do that. And the coverage of that in the last couple of days certainly not something the president like to see but that was one thing. The White House is there wasn't one thing that tipped the scales here but certainly the president made it clear there were a lot of disagreements. Who ever he puts into this role in the permitting capacity it's going to be interesting to see if they. Flex their muscle muscles on security issues are foreign policy right now Mike Pompeo is certainly the leading voice in the president's inner circle on all of these issues. I right Karen Travers at the white house with the updates thank you so much we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"The former national security adviser says he offered the president his resignation from the White House post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65540995","title":"Bolton pushes back on Trump saying he was fired","url":"/Politics/video/bolton-pushes-back-trump-fired-65540995"}