Booker reflects on performance at ABC News debate

Sen. Cory Booker says he hopes the debate was a time for voters to "see who I am and learn what I'm about."
2:33 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Booker reflects on performance at ABC News debate
Senator Heidi I'd get the most popular panelists from the power house panel right now considered look at you know hugs before rookie. Ron Emmanuel Emmanuel know what's wrong bet that they had and I doubt no love either so I can't imagine that I guess I that was an oversight. Senator look at how much Teradata you have an. Without mayor if you does that satisfy all good senator but I just feel that the guy went for you really really well I think this was just another opportunity. For meat anomalies crucial my ideas but also the spirit of our party. Picked at speeds and all the difference is that people were trying to make amongst Democrats. To me that's important in our differences matter but what matters a lot more. Is who can unify our party in the disparate voices so that we can be Donald Trump of even more importantly than that. Who can help unify this country that has suffered really under president it's demeaning and degrading and dividing people so I think I got a chance to show my ability to. To pull people together. All the polls right now show it's a three way race I know which really early senator Booker but you have clear plans you've been out there on the campaign trail early. You know the issues why easy to campaign Hassey caught fire yet. Both personal thank god broker sham there were doing multilingual tonight. You don't say no in English and in Espanol and didn't know was perfectly accent was frankly very much to Tulsa yeah friendship and Portuguese this will help looked. Nobody from our party in my lifetime who's been leading this far out but this far out in the polls has ever gone on to be president and the people who win Carter or Bill Clinton Barack Obama all. Very much behind at this time so I'm not concerned about the polls but I am concerned about the measures that do matter. How are you doing in the early states you know in Iowa for example everybody from the do warn registered I was story lines has Beatles but worn by far endorsements have the grass stains or endorsements is even better ferocity we have more endorsements the top bipolar. Combined in Iowa more endorsements and any other candidate in New Hampshire from politicos who want to be with the winner wanna find the person the best represents the party. So I'm actually feeling really good about where we are work five plus months out. And it's nights like this to give people chance to see why am and learn what I'm about senator Booker thank you so much for your time appreciate it. He speaks Spanish man inside the ten run on I I I I appreciate this is rom bigamy insisting his but ultimately mobility here. While I have that she's think you're Yiddish was pretty good different I. I thought magic you don't give out into the synagogue or did you just an appetite for the high allies are now. I'm about ready for the Art Torres are getting married synagogues will be coming here straight men are not everybody senator Barbara thanks much response you think you retired heat oven to.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Sen. Cory Booker says he hopes the debate was a time for voters to \"see who I am and learn what I'm about.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65584734","title":"Booker reflects on performance at ABC News debate","url":"/Politics/video/booker-reflects-performance-abc-news-debate-65584734"}