Boos as House Adjourns Without Hurricane Sandy Relief

New York-area lawmakers wanted $60B aid package passed before new Congress.
2:10 | 01/02/13

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Transcript for Boos as House Adjourns Without Hurricane Sandy Relief
I can't remember a time we had a very serious. The storm. Tornado. Fire. Fly. Where we did not act. This congress is apparently leaving town without responding to that emergency. There are Republicans or deeply grieved by this action and there are Democrats on this floor deeply grieved by this action. This is not the right thing to do. To ignore the plight of millions of American citizens. Unprecedented. Disgusting. Unworthy of the leadership of this house. They should reconsider or they should hang their heads in shame mr. speaker -- -- Speaker please reconsider and bring this bill to -- the -- we -- this congress. Everybody played by the rules -- tonight. The -- -- pull out from under -- absolutely inexcusable absolutely indefensible with a moral obligation to -- was mole. The people what out of their homes the people -- hold the people who are left -- the people wanted jobs that have the time away. We cannot just walk away from our responsibilities as a -- -- -- This is supposed to be the -- We are the United States. House of represented. That the Americans. Suffering. Because of an act of -- It is our obligation. Not as Democrats not Republicans but as Americans. The make -- -- -- -- -- eight. -- American. I'm usually proud of this house and I -- a shame shame on you mr. speaker -- time has expired what I move that the house without your journey. Question is on the motion to -- those in favor say -- Those opposed no no. In the opinion to share guys haven't accordingly the house adjourned until 10 AM tomorrow morning our -- This particular.

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{"id":18112801,"title":"Boos as House Adjourns Without Hurricane Sandy Relief","duration":"2:10","description":"New York-area lawmakers wanted $60B aid package passed before new Congress.","url":"/Politics/video/boos-house-adjourns-hurricane-sandy-relief-18112801","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}