Brad Mielke Takes You Down the Most Crowded Streets in Cleveland

ABC News' Brad Mielke interviews characters outside the Republican National Convention.
27:03 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Brad Mielke Takes You Down the Most Crowded Streets in Cleveland
Hey guys I'm ABC's Brett milky here on east fourth street welcome to most crowded streets the most crowded block in Cleveland Ohio. This is just lock herself away from the Republican National Convention and this is where all the action is this week if you're not already in the arena. This could take got a some quarters like being in a city there are so many troubled lovers there's something trump haters off. That there's a problem right there and are so many members of the media here doesn't had his regular weekly news. Going about their day can sea. Security forces I wouldn't sell out. Full force here as this. Heating up his run date to the Republican national. With over Shelley let's good. You know I should tell you have people. Excited about this for the last. You are there so Iverson's think it's estimated to be here than those of volunteers that are just about anything to helping people out when becoming the airports they're saying can I please. Telling them where that you know everyone very excited here and has been going down yeah regular spots available. Slack so let's take a look over here Z line. This is what is on tap. You know I don't things. As business week good things are good nothing for the latest move. I'm not happy it's my licenses again. My ultimate 500 dollars and has this sense autumn started to shut down here along a street what you say it was the best selling item here. And still we will do. It undercuts the very much as an opponent as a follow yes along LaMont Obama moment. We're live right now its because you down yeah. Do you feel right now. Viewers perhaps coming to disguise is known for. And I'll tell us five dollars from five dollars and got his art with analysts handles power five dollars 83 it was actually have to yeah. Without revealing look yeah that's him that's all you are constantly on you know we got him. Five dollars it would. Good guys and deal here in east course through. Over the city. On the city. That's. Six or seven times the delegates will actually be on the board tonight obviously think denominations. MacDonald's colleagues in the official. Here's an employee. We'll inexcusable guys. You know really very nice catch your jacket your business this is something. He says trump an only child. And it's only child and make it happen to know when you wonder what did you get excited by Donald. Have you been at. Are you guys delegates are you just attending and watching. Like its well. What was it like last Thanksgiving on his own thing I was. Bring every. Being in the city this week if you count a lot of panties from people. Protesters. Your first time there's something that's my. As yeah tens of thousands if not easy. Somebody's name. So those are some of the people that are making their way. We're street today the most crowded blocking the city basically on this one of the biggest. In recent memory Ford. Monday's regular. And utilizing my nominees. Telling me son you're signing we're sure yeah. They're here every. I'm around will be. Myself and I'm assuming that you're not a Donald Trump support and now I'm. Actually I don't know I'm going to. Point eight and I wellness beekeeper code pink first bombing as innocent as the coach coach K fascinating. Did he belongs Zain now I'm probably don't know an island in the airline. On the ballot down parent intimate night yeah like right. It's actually very basic right happens you know I mean a lot of people don't like. Where you Williams was somebody you you were supporting and they got us I actually I don't seem very active in politics. After I retired from the federal government. I just I want to sit back lines of why come from North Carolina and I mean you want one of the sport coat. Started. Whenever he. At this stage in my life I feel like it's all about yeah I mean I'm an extra money is going to war now and how much he never let me. Hockey. Friends large Defense Department. Can bring a plane home our infrastructure energy. There. I mean. Okay. Wow man. So last night you know if you. It was kicked off the currency down from one he's from he saw Donald Jones for anyone what are your thoughts about Dalton what comes of presidency would. Great and I cannot speak for myself Chara I hate to see his brother Thomas matches to me when he talks about. Buying Muslim. And dreaming listen. Along. Protect them later. Most. We can't let that land on. He's a business anywhere appreciate. Embrace other countries and on the yeah. Concerned anything. Don't want stricter than it is now we're just talking to a Donald Trump's support he's yeah. I've been bumping into awful lot of. Highlights matters and sure yeah. I was underground groups. I don't sing yeah we aren't we are concerned about. And helping bring. Yeah. As we continue here on ABC digital. Taking down the most crowded long Cleveland. Making our way to end this long legacy how long it takes us here we go down. East fourth street on the and we'll let it almost if you write down of the head of the street there to continue seeing. Thriving political scene that is built. Horses this week. Cable hosts behind us get pretty dollars there afternoon show. Where security has been a major and this entire week. And it's me. KNC highway patrolman say hello. That's certainly not your actually that protesters Eden and possibly getting along relatively well this is make no mistake the city. On lockdown in certain parts there's a nearly two square mile stretch you cannot get it without Secret Service. I'm going through a magnetometer. Without showing your credentials. This. Is an open zone pretty much anyone can go and that's why as you see you see liberals and conservatives all mixing together on the streets. Reading this sort of driving the political environment. Also interestingly at one thing that had. Beat cops nervous here is an open Kerry's statements that wants to have they're registered gun on their holster here. That is allowed sickening human Pataki doesn't rely on ABC digital right now it easy digital that's right so what's your name Paul Paul and what do you do into the you have everything you live in Cleveland we have been like. It's been. They're making everything your chances of them say in the do you have any opinions on Donald Trump on Republicans. You. Early return. You don't want him gone for days being yeah but do you think this Republican Convention has been good for the city. So far it's going to be happening people in this. Read from Arkansas I'm from behind the arc to answer here will be here this week. Philadelphians. Davis did so we're live on And Wynonna TV out. Here's a check out east course this evening currently down next to make our way down east fourth street. Crowded walk in politics today. As exceeded the media make their way down here as well members of the media. Actually big easiest way to get here from the main drag you foot avenue which makes for a very very cut histories also probably. That terrorists lock heading. All the restaurants and bars around here it's plenty. All trying to get where they're going because of course not all these. In the arena of course accidents all over this city different groups holding events. Remember when look at how news. To see if where it can snag this gentleman right how many red of the BBC digital. A lot of life right now earnings Thank you have a convention floor my son last night I'm a delegate from Minnesota. Rubio bound Minnesota news. GE voting for for Marco Rubio went in the time it's a procedural question becomes. They have to decide the names are getting nominated him. But but you guys renowned selective about Billy. Secretary of good for a second straight credible as they had stolen vehicles what is your I think this isn't as good as straw hat yeah compliments as he walked out. To Cleveland on its network to get elected when I ran to get as million ethnic. So we're that's apartment. Works double speak and talking about the behind in the Republican Party and our life here. Voted for take. Your thoughts on Donald found right now I think it's Sunday environments. I think down from. Good job it's a better job running. It's gonna take if you Hillary Clinton Democrats and but I think at this point he's the only candidate we've got behind you when parents learned he. And die anytime you firearms or nominee. Some people talking about it is facing Iraqis today as easy as votes. Saves me the sale or movement on. You might be loud about it they do anything about delegates. Pesetas he'll vote for whomever they want regardless of the primary outcomes until recently telling they're definitely it was yesterday over them apology. How we go to. Rules on IA. That's their right you know I was it would it would. We're definitely decorum and eyewitness but. You know I think I think all in all of you guys and I think I was anti depressant in our state and and here. There's been a remarkable amount out. And you're flying. I don't think it'll be you but I think you're simply Helena notebooks that are that are really still. Invested in its. Grounds out. Now weary on your way to right now you had to wait that's how we are heading there is really cool events. That rock wrong maybe get reactions to. We don't kick off here until 530. The actual vaginal pots and this is going on so well yeah. And inventors whose sons gone there and I enjoy the ethics landing today and I guess. Great as we continue down a busy street politics is forcing. State troopers from South Carolina and that's 500. Thoughts on the jewel here in the streets of the senator from Cleveland and another 2500. Law enforcement. From around the country borrowed officers. Even departments around the country who used to run until we just a big events like this. Loans many other officers and a lot of their tactical here. This evening and actually got fifteen million dollar ransom for security news they had been here for some of their police. I've been her right here and things like that. Lot of law enforcement officials taking. All of the events that are going on and off the protest and sanctioned and otherwise. KCB round to a stop right here is how long it takes. Down in the west this walked just one block. Let's. He's forced three. Yeah yeah. Okay. And if I ask your questions that. Okay. Yeah. I'm front right looking for ABC news and live uneasy with. I'm a man and a he can't wait. In late in the union and its. Fonality. On all Americans care about the timing issue. We want to hear President Clinton is talking about him permanently. Something anything like lovingly embracing he's not candidly that we really let me. Our broken food system and working to fix it. Just only causes in the city street right I mean so do you think we're where you located yeah I'm confidence. Is no plans. But and that you personally based in Oakland he see that the odds he's happening you have to be here I see you're going to Philadelphia next. And so this sort of this political climate that you trusted you have decided this standouts. We'll all these different positive. Code pink blush as neither approach he let me what do you guys do to surrogate humans. I mean everything that night there's a lot of different isn't that are every. Everybody eats so we think that's important is we're all candidates talking that we haven't got to tell voters how we've seen 81%. Actually care about. Trying to get them to hear about it. I'm already having an event rehear the wings the thing I'm able. Coming here. And. And this is your. That it. Atlantic. Coast and excited that it the highly touted area immediately hired all right thank your eminence you're. Brad milky with ABC news. All right guys as we head down. He's pushed through right now is probably crowded most prized or as good as you get on with you now about fifteen minutes herself and and that's analysts say president of walk. We still got to go that far you guys to get one block in this city right now that is what is going on in. It. You talk to anyone else here. As we make our way down the street. So even if that's your question with ABC news digital right now we're live on ABC news. And I and so alive. First off your excellent here. Thank you and can you tell me you got your McDonald's. Network analyst for glory in better to recognize just ask you don't want. Why Donald Trump and why so early what was he immediately your. God bring America into this community needs somebody that can bring his. Next. It's a regressive. There's a lot of people in this country and America is has only gotten better and better for what he's like America has gotten worse for you. Closer yes socialism is not sustainable. Okay they Kearns the that's sustainable. We want to be. Do you want to Walton. The people working can't keep supporting. We got going overseas. That they could have. They're exposing all the we do in the convention home. I would love to then died in active active bill and I would love to be and so it felt so. Call me just sort of coming. Using into an environment. I would take it. I mean sort of getting it yet wanted to do was. Sort of your political Woodstock was placed where he gets it that people come. I'm thank you very much which come from violent Missouri's Saint Louis is there he's right here. Unfortunately it was an accident and construction. Within hours to get here to Cleveland in the middle and long but. And I grew up big. According to years. Most of this asbestos he Atlantis. And thank you very much. Just one more Donald Trump fan on the streets here of Cleveland we've met a lot of them this week we've also met a lot of delegates. People who. People who are. Voting for Donald Trump actually don't like Donald Trump all that much and right here I've actually seen this man. This is Rautins that verdict that brought labor is known in some parts as the flower guides and a lot of presidential events throughout the campaign season. All the way back to his. Great privilege there's a real place I was through my mind test. Explain why flowers we get into what was happening. At the moment I'm just given out to anyone who wants one on the campaign trail we know that a given all the candidates who would it. I'm gave typical issue gay ones. You know all its debt or. Clinton in front. It's tough to get to yet it made the statement about. It's like I tell them it's symbolic. Gesture for peace of their term. You may put you will what that means about their thinking but if you're not willing to have these of their term. When you put it together we'll certainly going around the country and getting positive and passionate advocate. With a bit like some. Getting to know all of his. I think you get a real idea of the real America and the vast differences. The disparate mind stents. Ideas and ideology is. You see. The left seems to be breaking and a few parties and the DNC they don't yet they don't get that so many people are jumping. And again I know that people don't like 8% but hey that's one thing in the middle America we have a lot of people they. They have a different lines and on the people I guess it's becoming like ours that he's done and I wanted to revival as we start talking about it and these days. Oh well Hillary's best she's gonna bring the police today and I think. Haven't you been to a truck rally at they had no idea it easy in the bubble in middle. And ends and so. I I do my best tell the you know they can't get my C. Getting to know them is not good enough it's what's important is getting the message out here and hopefully a couple of them we'll see this. What we don't understand who we're voting for then we're gonna get the wrong people and off. I had accidentally interrupted you that is that is that a flower in your beer and indeed. Flower in his view this blog I applaud whoever. If you've been here if you ignore us the city only does it Elliott. Albeit the DNC in and his promoting peace love and flowers. These are some of the people that we've nets at heat a lot of different causes a lot of different backgrounds. Going around the country to presidential campaigns and two. Exit at both conventions as they make the case to both political parties some of them. Don't assume that you know I would like about me very much red note is famous everywhere while ago as we continue to take you down. East fourth street right now to try to block in politics you guys. It on here think we're all you guys were getting so close to the end we're almost there. Have been almost Hudson. Just hit the corner. Of the of the advocate loans arena of the Q that is. That is where we're heading to right now. The off season bubble. This is like to see what trump bubble and it's. Now every week. Watches over reliant on ABC news right now monument and he's out. Fire. 8:10 PM studio and freed arcade has. Here in some Republican here inside their house business spends. Big smile everybody happy fact they're not coming in this regard it's an issue. Homeland goodness they have babies I did you meet these yourself I'm a mom look at us tonight bracelet. There is Marxist. This is my aunt and we'll bring it here. It was my necklace there you go and I make a mom and lots of elephants here you have had to become definitive don't. While I'm Bob Allen. Oh is that right see you say you do like oh that's right you are aren't right demands of in my shop as well they've got to be like this week seeing. Ed he's seen a lot of sort of arguments play out between people will be seen a lot of debates. I'm in the RT. The half a block away and it's. Every once in. To be outside got you on this busy stretch my wares and came out tonight yeah. Thank you very much and right behind you here we got some. Donald Trump Bobble heads this is what is on tap into walking on east fourth street here. And selling. We are hey guys so how has business that's really great and awesome whereabouts. Yeah that's trapped right next. Senator upset of fourth street which one of these kids sold more suitable standalone. Seeking sun and I think this is don't want them. The wall and that's awful loss. So a drama is saying only that the sign is ubiquitous these days even let me remind you yeah ordinarily thought street. She sold very well. We have something that every parent. Killing one. Good girl. Are you guys selling on Hillary bubble that's in Philadelphia as well we will have some people it. And flew low over the give us a preview of the Hillary Owens-Illinois its. She in my mind. And Hillary did her best to make Hillary look. Better than Hillary. I think you're mr. nice good luck next you can. And the last stretches. Of horses you guys we've made it. Thank you for sticking it. I feel for what Cleveland. Like right now not a silly it's kind of. Of marches on as they ton of police operations right now is everyone today at least keep her government. It's. Closer to the security barrier though and what went to city does not place that is on lockdown. Public law enforcement. 3000. Local police from all over the country here keeping us. Right now just a little government and let's see what we got. The very end of the law. And is of course the code pink group. We talked about earlier. Early in the week I was at a demonstration actually went zero lot of cops lined up code pink protesters sitting right in front of him. Advocating peace and advocating peace and nonviolence. That is the message that some people there's a lot of different messages. Street this week we'll be there with you every step of the way I don't go inside the convention hall now you guys and we will have a live streaming coverage right here on As the convention is gaveled to order again and as Donald Trump becomes the nominee tonight and accept that nomination on Thursday and be with you every step of the way. So much time at least I'm ABC's Brett milking.

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