The Breakdown - COVID-19 cases surge nationwide forcing school closures

Plus, Boston’s warning for college students and an Oklahoma doctor shares his battle with coronavirus.
31:44 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown - COVID-19 cases surge nationwide forcing school closures
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diane missing out. And I'm cured Phillips in for Terry marais and we start off with that devastating number 250000. People that have now died from Kobe tonight teen in this country the US hit that grim milestone last night. And it counts for about 18% of Kobe nineteen deaths across the globe nearly 19100 people died yesterday. The highest number since may come and case is Diane and hospitalizations continued to rise just about everywhere. The CDC is now telling Americans not to travel for the holiday citing the exponential growth in cases and several top airlines engine including united. American and southwest are all reporting a spike in cancellations over the past week. But some continue to doubt the severity of the virus doctor Anthony fat she said in an interview today his frustration with this. Forward borders on Cayman adding we need to get rid of these ridiculous conspiracy theories and realize this is a public health crisis. Well the surging Kobe cases has now divorced and new York city schools to close its doors once again coursing. All those kids to go back on line it has been frustrating and creating a lot of uncertainty among many families take a listen. We're a little sad it's. Fast fast for the kids go ahead. 800 block stretch and in the day that we really don't have cooled down just yet and the threshold the number of professionals feel down. Still okay and this is. Pavement apparently. A lot you know. Four OK it's super unfortunate that these kids are going to be denied. No big dinner inside. Yeah cats and yeah. Very distant shot because after they school exists old thing. Now starting getting use who's laid school. Going to school waking up. And yet you're thirty get used to wearing masks. Actually I'm going to be home we'll he suggested the for the holidays. Actually my school have very good plan where we have to get a negative test result. Edmondson regarding coded and feeling good he's facing now I'm happy that I listened to get tested my family. And he its I want to get tested before I got onto that's my camera. I have never heard them are older and it is better for you taking the process that's what happened yeah relatives and I can today work outside the home. Keep them safe while thousands. Those were some college students talking about what it's like to have code in nineteen her ears accompanied nineteen on campus is they get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday now Boston mayor Marty moss is telling university student to college student there at if they go home for the holiday issue be prepared not to come back before the end of the semester in Austin mayor Marty moss joins us live now. A for more on this Merrill Los welcome back to the program you know Boston. Is a city full colleges and universities including my alma mater boxing college it's also a city. Full of restaurants and bars we heard one of the mothers and a video talking about. That balance between closing schools while keeping bars opened this is a debate that goes on a lot so how do you make that call as the mayor of the city. When deciding whether or not to close schools and whether or not to keep things like bars and restaurants open. Resolve that these are not staying equally not an Eagles well. Oh angels. Okay here in Boston that the Bosnian model yet pressure and so and I don't remember when you CD RE we also summer. Hundreds of restaurants and dining so. Many medications are worded very treaty they straight out of Irish Sea and Boston's. A fire set an average of about what you want he's aged a day. I'll hospitalization. Rates are still not within word. He'd probably back in March and April may here are so. And college campuses. See you go home for the holidays are being out of state press them not to combat they do the rest of the semester. Many of our colleges are federal and city. Already sewed it on the university of those who. What we're trying to do now is really shot it straight and there are great Oregon. Our schools and Ross most are not reopen sheer we do have a run a 180. I.'s needs in school. I'm closer reopens the articles are we opened a call Eric he's innocent it's possible by these numbers are going the wrong direction I wouldn't see shirts. Despite getting but I would raise concerns me. A does being a city that has so many colleges and universities in the area does that change your approach to the pandemic at all. Clinton colleges and universities most of you know Russell done a great job that she got storm in New York. We have very rigorous testing protocol would place us in San Diego student data and hybrid model some online auctions or in person from. You're not cry out all the students yet so he can match. It. CDC in the restaurant situated in an all shops eighties but right now in endemic you know he also mentioned 200 customer loyalty to earn iris. Iris is digging lines as Cyrus is serious and you know the CDC is recommending people this Thanksgiving holiday. Just after Thanksgiving you're media Jim Arnold visiting notre. Not sure what country. It's something that the more we news wires. Religion is Schoen on the world. And one of the big concerns a reference is an inning is flattening the curve so how are your hospitals holding up right now. She was doing pretty well immediate what are your boss and I asked why it was it was back in early in the year. Ensure broad street markers are an infection rate of about one. Sentence what that was about twenty cases are dead. And I were averaging Jordan dirty or data we would not seen. Reza right now huge increase in richer she Cassidy shall we're monitoring IC Cassidy will monitoring and ritual visits. We're monitoring shoot Cassidy not just like totally nineteen. Also munching SC by other other illnesses that people can't show as of right now. We're worried he's chief currency Bronson but as you know and everyone knows. The virus changes dated date so we don't know all. And New York City just closed schools again that's sparking a huge debate around here but also nationwide NO as you said Boston which has kept many schools closed what what drove that decision. And what do you say to critics who don't agree with that parents are struggling that kind of thing. I think there are good news talk gets CAE. News you know where it would be murder on their increased numbers cases are negative and B yeah. A lot of people say most of our cases now. They're happening in the works cited in my. Much of them when people engage now and it'll. If you if you three if your child gets or rather. The numbers all say that child will grow and deal. What happens is if you narrow the parents are. Also people who. Inducing conditions. That are very. Not the virus is sore. You do a lot of injuries also solar energy drinks all about eighteen cracks me different theories about X meals at restaurants and right now boxing but seeing spike in the wrestler needles used in the weeds when outdoor dining is no longer available seat. In the day you know these he needs you get it all. Millions and things are. Speedo that caused. 250000. Nationwide in this the doctors should tell us what that side effects were alarmed luncheon mr. XTX. Owns as many new message and that's I think it was still very early in the virus. Indeed exists a dockers and our determination. That it saves you borrow Gary big. We're when when the CDC and other experts saying. The best way to met the oh. Our growth station it's not overburden this moment. She's sexy hospitalization you don't burn shut our society each it is what happened. Will move you must show in our sources and so on only location prior occasions at other other illnesses will be in danger. And it really not keeping our systems is systems. Shares are people. And mayor quickly do you feel you're getting the resources you need at the state. And federal level right now. I mean I think you would consider that that concerns you right now be it ill bill if asked. In the console them you know I'm trying to encourage people Boston. He gets arrested once a week and our solution insurance. That good to see changed Aaron also concerned long term seats. Insurance companies don't the vaccine many Americans the ability usual getting a vaccine on the issues not get an idea that we medical. And social issues. Because it nor does it really understand when she your arsenal in countries. What we're dealing with Michigan or how and what arched numbers of attacks in east. We have a real good accurate testing and it will say that. The percentage rate and several. Decisions based on that it'll what is it will not be shortsighted out of Los. All right and Boston mayor Marty moss we appreciate your time again thank you. Yeah. And as you heard the mayor of Boston airing his concerns. About I eat his his state EU also are seeing a lot of curfews and shut downs happening across the country to try each and deal with the rising Kobe numbers she and it's also a concern for economies that are already struggling in this pandemic so Republicans in Ohio state legislature. Actually just passed a bill to keep businesses from closing even as case numbers throughout the state are surging. Joining me now are the bills to co sponsor state representatives John Cross. And Shane welk in gentlemen thanks so much for being with me. It you. All right John let's start with you what's what type and businesses were talking about the search and exactly what do you think that bill will do for those businesses. She ran. And while. Time ago shut down nonessential prisoners. Well present it will. Are sluggish. So the prairie. You know having not essential to insult is. Really all businesses are essential. Design house will sit. To make some. We had a Big Three were found. During a load your state. When you look crossed history and make sense. It. Is. A severe competition. To be old and that also. Lee. We sign this Bill. Hall is. You can go to your. Or. Higher. On the floor look jewelry shop. The tigers who were should stay open as long as all. Hell or group together to. What we're doing here represented will not. Who were fighting. More financial help fighting and nurses. Are rest. Of us. So why is he these numbers on the rise Shane what's your biggest spear here at these businesses don't stay open. It easy it is also and I think what we see it is is more volatile issues. I'll drug abuse is. They're there as a suicide as well thought out all. All of these businesses being or lows. Or its content and lead owners and specifically a small. You to mid may be stationary and wouldn't you know. Or that they don't care about Lee or they're not all. Armistice that he's generally viewed as the jeweler Michael now that you know I will only be imminent and how. Early usual. And it would be ready didn't comment. I think there's there's a whole wide array of issues could be you know we you don't recruit. New movie I. Idling in Yuma com and so. Denied it and rotavirus is very much. At least these people needed some time these businesses where they. Have it then in their family her years. It is a limit loads order or B I am not be needed. I just simply not here is Biden 01. You know it was little. So let me ask you both as a year in your governor might join called this bill. Quote I directed tacked on public health that the attacks on the safety of the people of Ohio now you're Republicans. Hold the view the governors are Republicans so why battle with the governor on this John I'll start you. Well we just don't work the legislature. This is not about the owner. More. How are worse and you know who were publish. Governor she'll be forced all the west crater you're out. Running rampant. Executive orders and worst. Why. We're were to. Send a message. Is she yeah. Our content and we are all it all. Are so. We don't need. An answer. All we don't do you. Say. We go are. Working with president. Of Max. I. I artists it's with. Now are. Getting. Governor. We the leaders. Are. Send a message shouldn't do curfew was wrong and it's again it's at our public health. Safety and GRR. Ohio. And producers. In the high and job. Why. Job. So Shane at the governor says this is a direct attack on public health why do you think he's saying that do you think he's putting politics above your people. You know that she will some of the administration staff and I think maybe you way to lose him in regards to how we want as little computing. And I think you'll see Schuettler age now where. In the end he main order to learn real as usual to meet changing. Or are truly to CEO Lee individual community and your business. There should be no Cuba's. But we are deathly going to follow in Ohio represented John cross and chinook and gentlemen thank you so much. Yeah. Eight. And out of Oklahoma where rising cases are raising concerns that hospitals may not be able to keep up today the state reported nearly three showers in new cases in eighteen debts hospitalizations. Also reached a four month peak this week so for more on how this crisis is affecting the heartland doctor Daley Russia not only has seen this firsthand but also is experiencing it. First hand right now recently diagnosed with cup cove in nineteen. Himself doctor Russia thank you so much for being here I know you just got this positive test so firsts of off how are you feeling. Well today and I agree it is collateral guru Ingrid midi. Nagging disease or did you last year and why. Lot of action blow and a lot of psychological. Baggage and all would have been written and eat your brain. Tricks review today. IBA Seaver. Some car or not grant as the day. Or course of the disease. Somebody's in recent days are back in the direction will be toward resolution. You wrote an op Ed yesterday that so many of us shared because it was so poignant but among other things you said that you spent the last few months sharing these statistics and now you find yourself. As one what was that like for you when you got that positive results. National international local results are our Lisa. Base. And looking at numbers there. Are easy to. Relate in numbers of uninsured in Murray breeders'. There's always is an order. On why this is sure. Want. And you also Rodin and we just have that quote on the screen I hope we can bring him back up you wrote this pandemic is not an uncontrollable raging ocean we still have the power. To flatten the curb why did you feel the need. To write that you get a sense that people are getting out. Yes and ran and people are we. As Sudanese are you. Were lucky enough hardware. And flooding occur in America and order especially on all around your house you used the question. Of the hospitals being to share your orientation. Of the disease waiting horse of the year. And also the regular order. This severe disease heart and your. You're Asian you're CU's NER are all of Asia. We shoot bees. Or. And saw. Aided. Are reasonable. It's interesting very dangerous and look at it and you. Also lady will recover soon and you couldn't go back to seeing patients that crash. End your daughter is our colleague aerial Russia who works here in New York I know that you'll be away from her and many other family members. For this holiday what's your message is so many other families out there will have to make this difficult decision. Are you can use medium. Based on why. To get together every we've done in a row and damage. This is not a horror as it should or should show a lot of our next year 2000 news. It would vaccines but our lives easier. Course. Let's say it seriously go. All our arsenal. People actually did not or you are instigating a huge cheers. Of let's see patients. Patience. And you know. I I asked very well before the show if she had any message that she bought a meter relating you on air and Jack she's had me three issues said I love him so much I miss him terribly. And he's my hero so doctor rush thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with and thank you for sharing your time with us we're all wishing you watched a cedar recovery lots of prayer this year you today. Thank you. If. Straight ahead pres elect Biden met with governors from across the country today that is planned for the pandemic. What they discussed in what they. Say they need to fight this deadly virus when we come back. A pres elect Biden is speaking virtually with several bipartisan governors today about federal and state responses to the pandemic. They the bullies in Wilmington Delaware with more faith in has emphasized the importance of working with cities and states is pandemic so how important do you think this first step is warned that effort. Well hike here at a bipartisan group that the president elect is speaking to the staff to an English and so they're abiding transition team is really hoping that the for the first step in showing them that no -- where they stand on the political spectrum that a president Biden would be willing to listen to them she in what challenges they face when it comes to fighting the pandemic you want to hear about the challenges they're facing and what resource is they need on the ground and also collaborate with them to fight in this pandemic the president elect said yesterday that the stall a transition could potentially. Of the administration behind may be weeks or even months so cooperating with the governors is really really critical especially when it comes to finding a way to distribute the vaccine once it's approved under Biden administration or even it reinforcing. A federal mandate on the on the ground perhaps that there is a math command H these governors will be really critical and make change shore that is followed on the ground. And as we know it trump has not yet conceded to president elect Biden and and Biden said yesterday that the trump administration's delay in sharing information and it is causing this transition. To fall behind. What do you think the status is of the transition and and you know what's the talk there they feel at this could be dangerous effective Biden isn't getting access to the type of briefings in conversations he should be having about this pandemic. Well the German General Services Administration which basically holds the key to the official transition process is still stonewalling the biting team so right now the president elect's still has no official access to Amy briefing whatsoever Natalie national security not of the pandemic or even operation works speed in general in terms of distributing a vaccine and we heard the president elect shall lamenting about that does not do in these growing increasingly frustrated as we hear more and more Americans are dying from the buyer -- and so what he's been doing right now it's working around it would seem and talked to outside experts people who recently left the federal government she and lived I was scene and talked to groups about national security about the mid nineteen. About the economy and talking to these governors this afternoon is just another example of action. And so are we most senior and expanded cabinet it begs mix half announcement on who who will be in his administration. And in the next few weeks we're expecting more announcements accomplish it may not have. A rollicking giving holiday we're expecting him to announce heads of defense treasury justice and maybe State Department. And as well so the transition is still moving ahead despite the stonewalling from that trump administration. At the boom in Wellington Delaware bay thanks so much. Meanwhile president trump is digging in and for a fight trying to change the results of the election in Wisconsin the trauma team is now asking for a recount in two counties a move unlikely to change Joseph Biden's. 20000. Plus vote lead there in Georgia staffers worked right up to the midnight deadline to finish tallying. Re tallying that is the boats there are those results are expected to come back and again this in Biden's favor. And in Michigan Republicans initially refused to certify the out of the election in the State's largest county and then reimbursed course amid a flood of criticism now. They're flipping again. Signing affidavits claiming they were enticed into certifying those results and ABC news has now confirmed that president trumps spoke with both of those board members before they signed those affidavits. The president's attorney Rudy Giuliani also just held a press conference making more accusations. Of widespread voter fraud. ABC news political director recline. Joins us now for more Rick there's. So much to one tax year. Let's start with this Rudy Giuliani oppressors and that just happen the president's team in general what did you make of what they had to say. It was wild. Who was side it was not based on fact he was a whole string. Loves conspiracy theories are wrapped in news truths half truths and outright lies frankly it was. Among the strangest things you'll ever see from any lawyer much less lawyers for the president appearing in any an official capacity and and frankly I'll be strong together so many different mistress and it's hard to even make a top ten list on bottom line is if they had accusations they would be making them. And are making and to some extent in court IDs was in some ways I think trying to just recapture what they can all the legal effort that has been scaling it just about every local. Ports. So Rick I want to ask you about Michigan president trump is expected to meet with state lawmakers amid all this drama that's taking place in Wayne county right now coach members of the president's legal team have openly said that the last recourse might be the legislature intervening and it choosing their own slate approach from electors to vote for the president how likely is that and what do you think that would mean for the democratic process here. Well there's no question the president is going to attempt that is legal team has been very explicit on an end is really no other good reasons. To have state legislative leaders at the White House of these Republican leaders have no role in the certification process that is ongoing search the only thing they could do would be to subvert dare will for the will of the voters of their city in it would be an extraordinary development with no precedent in American history and would be essentially overturning the election and it's notable that. The truck legal strategy right now is not really aimed at proving. That they got more votes the president got more votes he places and Joseph Biden be of essentially given up on that claim instead they're trying this kind of constitutional under ground where lawmakers would use in almost obscure a constitutional provision to say. Never mind what happened we don't trust those results were gonna name our own electors sent directly onto the Electoral College you wouldn't be all wild development and again it would it would contravene the democratic process at its very core. And Rick what about in Wisconsin you know the president trails thereby 20000 plus votes and they make that up with a two county recount. Very unlikely and it's notable that they've chosen the two most populous and most democratic heavy county so was not even that they're looking to find Republican votes in Republican areas of the state. Much more likely than they're looking to meet political point out of Wisconsin they could have gone ahead with a apple statewide recount would have cost. Ronnie million dollars of the three million a drop these two counties. He's counties though heavy African American counties I and it's very likely that they'll they'll they'll be able to find some kind of irregularities it happens almost every election some kind of inconsistencies. To create a shrouded in doubt just the whispers of the possibility of things that likely things of Rudy Giuliani was talking about today frankly that would in that would inject some question marks in the final tally they're not gonna turn around 120000 vote margins and as you see. The it and it to collapse of these legal efforts you seen a difference scattershot strategies and throwing different darts at the wall hoping to something sixth. While the near the results of Georgia's audit and that's expected to show Biden is still in the lead as well do you think that can be the last Delmon coffin for the president's hope of changing the election's outcome might mean at what point as he jabs concede and move on Rick. Yeah specifically in Georgia a leader not a campaign anger or request a recount of machine recount after the hand recount. And I imagine issuing anything differently campaign at first said there had to be hand recount than Rudy Giuliani again said today it doesn't matter what it shows as the process is so flawed look the president can drag out the bottom line is that most states have not certify the results with banality yet. That begins to change in the coming days state like Georgia Pennsylvania. Wisconsin Michigan all have deadlines for certification in the coming gays. Alternately things point toward December any as the deadline congress has said. Four Allstate's to have their that their their results certified ended December 14 that's when the Electoral College meets in the in individual states. And that really is it's time that does Joseph Biden will be elected as the next president. He is the president elect now by virtue of having won enough seats enough electoral votes but the casting the votes does bring a measure of finality whether that means president concedes or not he's laying the ground were acting take to keep casting suspicion on this election even without evidence that that in fact he wouldn't want to. I'm Rick is there any sense at this is affecting how the US is viewed by the rest of the world is this all just seen as the process working itself out are there concerns abroad. I've got any capacity concerns I mean you in the United States government is pretty good about lecturing other countries about democracy is not a good reason we've got a got a grand history of that in this country when you seem to nastiness here is scenes the messaging. Of many Americans Marriott America's geo political enemies and it makes it look like. We are no better than a banana republic guy and I think that that is a growing concern in some circles about what this does to the image of the world in addition to the concerns around the transition in addition to the concerns about whether. BMI the American people at the end of the day are gonna trust the results so much of what the president. Has been saying is legal in the same. Serve to undermine that trust and we've seen it in polling out well more than a majority of Republicans telling pollsters and recent days that they think that there was widespread voter fraud that would lead Biden to win that's just not the case. Right recliner ABC news political director Rick always great getting a break down from me thank you. I thank you yes. But does oppressor and the great denture Phyllis Diane thanks so much for letting me join you today gear our pleasure thank you all for joining us as well again a big thank you. To doctor Amy ratchet and Boston mayor Marty laughs we'll be back here again tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great day.

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