The Breakdown: FBI director testifies in 1st public hearing since Capitol siege

Plus, calls are growing for the resignation of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after sexual harassment allegations, and more on the surge in border crossings this year.
29:16 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: FBI director testifies in 1st public hearing since Capitol siege
Everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out. Then I'm Terry Moran in com. Congress today key lawmakers questioned FBI director Chris. Parade for the first time in a public hearing since the January 6 assault on the capital where I was asked about specific report that warned of individuals plotting what. War and a potential attack on the capital here just some of the key moments from that hearing and. Moreover exports and you've been weeks business and Simpson or moved from story mirrors cast. Countless police officers staff journalists and members of congress remain haunted. By the sights and sounds that the problem of domestic terrorism has been pesticides and cross country for a long time now. It's not going away anytime soon. White supremacy movements may be considered the most dangerous every given her and we must called extremism. And we're really happy. Across the more left to right. Change miss this never happens again so he's kind of France and these type this type of information gets it right keep. Didn't hear any response. We did communicating that information. In a timely fashion. The capitol police and MTD. In not one not just three different ways you it's enough just to send an email puts more than just an email right yeah. ABC news political director Rick Klein joins us now for more on this rec director ray said the FBI shared intelligence to normal channels so where was a breakdown in communication. Yet Diane you heard right there director racing three different ways that it was shared including with the joint terrorism task force which would have included members of the the local DC police departments all the capitol police but he also conceded that he himself. Did not see the bulletins are prepared by one of the local field offices in Virginia. Until a couple of days after the attacks he acknowledges there was a breakdown in elevating this he says there really wasn't enough time developed all the information out obviously in retrospect it should have gone out wider should have been a more police viewed any record recognizes there communications backgrounds but. He doesn't want the blame to fall on the shoulders of the FBI by itself. I do a lot of missed warning signs but he's he is saying that on capitol police and the DC police should have been made aware Warren being made aware the Rivera and various different pieces of communication. About what was expected out of course they didn't know how bad I was gonna dean but that the information didn't get now. FBI director raise said that authorities have now arrested more than 270. Suspects involved in the violent capital Tug does is to Graham post in el ex girlfriends are. Helping accelerate this investigation is Jersey. What did we learn about this. Wide ranging really incredible investigation. I thought it was notable that Doug the FBI director just knocked out of the park a conspiracy theory that. I've been this was in teased or left wing agitators and some sort of says that wasn't the case. He is acknowledging though that this was a lot bigger than anyone. Could have realized and he connected to the broader threat. A violent extremism. White supremacy and saying that this is a something that he's been warning about I think he's now even more concerned about. I was also struck by by what he said about the potential for cell -- may metadata and records electronic records of people that were known to have been there in the crowd are at the capitol potentially be used he said he wouldn't be surprised if investigators are going there and it suggests that the investigation. Even though was already wide ranging could go and a lot more different directions we heard from the new and the new attorney general just last week about. How he wanted to follow the information upstream clearly FBI officials are doing the same and they're using. Sums electronic communications potentially to do sell that could lead in some really interesting places potentially. And Rick we had heard already from from other. Testimonies on capitol Hilton impeachment proceedings that. You know this wasn't just a bunch of anarchy is linked to anti. And that there you know were Alleman some white supremacy in the group but what how significant is it. Now here that confirmed by the head of the FBI. While significant because among those who continue to talk about that our allies of president trauma center the Ron Johnson who used it to hearing from Merrick Garland just last week to advance. The theory that it's obvious is mostly peaceful. Peace loving trump for trust supporters who. I had a couple of bad apples that were left wing agitators Chris raising theirs is no evidence that he just didn't happen they're not seen that in any way shape or form and I think that's an important marker. To keep in mind as that investigation continues to move forward a lot of people have short memories seemed a history of January 6 act. Actively rewritten even as we we continue to learn more about it but I think that's about as clear and direct statement as you're gonna get. And again keeping the eye on the ball about white supremacy in about domestic terrorism. To go out and label it as such as an act of white supremacy and domestic terrorism I think he's an important signal from the FBI director. And laying down the facts of that attack although people have demonstrated their very resistant to facto we're gonna turn discreetly the press pandemic H and president Biden's leadership he's he's announcing a major partnership which this afternoon between the pharmaceutical giant. Mark. And they will help produce Johnson & Johnson make their vaccine so how's that gonna impact Rolla. Well the White House says it's gonna have a dramatic impact on how quickly people get those vaccines because it helps production capacity the president will be using be it Korean War era law the defense production act you. It gives Merck the ability to upgrade its facilities into took power this is action to get to rival companies working together for the health of the American people it is significant now the time lines to a little unclear but. This is just at least on paper would would mean a dramatic increase in the ability get vaccines are produced and now I'm into people's arms. Ryan ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you. Thanks reg let's turn now to news. Thanks let's turn to the US border. Where the other Border Patrol is planning to send more agents to the southern border with Mexico as the number of migrants crossing in the United States continues to rise. Border Patrol reports that its agents are now apprehending an average of 200 children crossing into the United States without their parents every day. Chief national correspondent mad gunman is after border he and his team just came upon a large Border Patrol operation there so Matt what he's saying. Hey Jerry guy and you can hear meet at a Border Patrol van backing up right now I'm. Syria helicopter above so what we came upon by accident. Was an operation apparently to apprehend. What appear to be. Migrants asylum seekers. One of whom it is a minor seventeen years old. I'm you're going to see them being loaded into this van here to be ticketed for processing. What you're seeing is not a one off here along the border today un officials tell us they are seeing what they call a significant. Spike. In crossings by asylum seekers this is something that we're seeing so much of right now. We'll cross the border area something that is of growing concern because they don't have a place to house a lot of these people. Which is one of the reasons that were being when they're seeing them being released. I'm into the community on their own recognizance as long as it promised to show up at a court date at some point in the future. We're the major problems with that with these 9000 miners. Children and teens that we've been told crossed in the month of February. Is housing them I'm told by DHS officials there are twelve to thirteen thousand miners. In Border Patrol and US custody right now and because of coal bed housing them as an issue which is why there establishing those ten cities again that. Drew so much controversy during the trump administration. But because of Kobe they say they have the distance people they don't have enough housing for trying to do it better the administration says it has been trying to find a solution but this is. A problem it is so broken it is not fixable in the immediate future. The one thing we do know is that we're going to be seeing a lot more of these kinds of apprehensions. Over the coming months one of the reasons is that officials tell us. That migrants are telling them they believe that there will get better treatment and then we'll be let out more easily. Once if they cross touring the Biden administration. Rather then the trump administration. Guys. American politics playing such a big role to Matt Gutman at the Mexico border thanks very much. And for more on how the Biden administration is handling the influx of immigrants at the border we're joined now by our chief White House correspondent Sissy in Vegas is it we just heard. From Mac gotten and there and yet despite what we see the new Homeland Security secretary Allen Hunt America's insists that this is not a crisis so what is it. Yeah. And we're looking. To weakness here is administration is saying in reality. On the ground and into administration and seat numbers. I have the potential to be overwhelming and I mean we're here from the Warner who says. Can be you know 10200. Or harmony. Every single day and a nap in the city. We're Wednesday. And and in eighty if they are. Almost every bad we're just in poor edit her there and ran out on every bet he and then just as just your. Poor ritual I changed her said he. How my ring and an angry that is more in January we've seen in in in a more than eat czar. This is definitely on Bryan Muir not your very. Being and her quarter. And Cecilia president Biden. Given to office promising a very different approach from the trumpet ministers as Matt just said that is partly two accounted for the increased flow of migrants to the border but there are critics in Biden's own Democratic Party who point out that thousand children are being detained some in the very tense cities. The president trump was criticized for using so how is the Biden administration responding. To that criticism at this moment of crisis as you say. Looking ahead in. Our relations. Are now people in Arab party. Paying out here. Doesn't matter which are you doing pretty. Is wrong. How the administration funny well there's. An what we're seeing you over her and rebuild let and he known as an immoral immigration. Heightened administration and he's. We're Britain's Euro. Honey they're not me and are on city. Daryn they're temporarily while artist human services. Looks for owner clay Listerine humans the only impediment. Here reality is. They are in Erie is. Back Edinburgh or the administration. Know. Kansas City and then there's the issue of those some 500 children separated from their parents under the -- administration which. That still have not been reunited with their families where does that stand. We are. Actually Cindy ministers. Or do you. Are you. Need on our. Job is being able Greene and I. Am a little more. When their Amazon doesn't mean we are a busy day 500 original and I'm still not being beaten reuniting their roles in government. And there are that they all immigration. And administration. Is race is the order and you'll remember the ads are. Would be. And when they are. Both easy why. In. The risk or who her home. I'm Joseph yeah all of the theory. Our and our poor urban. And gas line under her. He really is. Our eyes to say in Vegas thanks for that. And a third woman has now come forward accusing you governor Andrew Cuomo of unwanted advances. And Iraq told the New York Times that at a wedding 2019 pummeled put his hand on her lower back then when she removed did he called her aggressive put his hands on her face. And asked if he could kisser she says this is a photo of the moment to former aides are also accusing Cuomo sexual harassment at work. Now the New York attorney general is investigating and some New York lawmakers are. Are calling on the governor to resign in New York senator Alice Sondra Biaggi is one of those lawmakers and she joins us live now for more on why she thinks the governor. Should step down congressman thanks for being here you know you have caller senate on site. You have called on Governor Cuomo to resign and you even called him a monster on Twitter. But these allegations are now being investigated so why not weak or that investigation to be complete before calling for his resignation. Thank you me and asked and so I want to be remembered where. I am a writer. And legislator and her final year and unity and one of Brittany reason why does he. Also one of the main ambiance in Albany is eating they are. Sexual harassment. And not only in Albany but all. I'm is being Brinkley good thing that I had neatly you're. I 00. Tolerance policy or and so. I'm looking at about looking at Catalonia in Asia and changed not only. The names when of course. Even in Charlotte and and I. Or Sharon Angel. RE in my yard and eat work environment and the governor has not only in his past but he and so. The nation how you and actually what Charlotte machinery about. House or. A 100% slain and older men pass in Shenzhen. These. Very clearly. Costello and certainly. In the heater someone. Pulled our highest. As an a B idea is chairman and you're already a veteran in state politics there in state government wants worked in the governor's office. And did you witness any inappropriate behavior there. No. Idea how. Experiences and I went immediately went in Charlotte had. Items near your engine and you want to center. Around such as survivors with of course is what. They are describing he's just ten. What I did and near me and I. Watch. It was a long rare Cheadle were Brady. Bill Walsh they were all behind me like Imran less Spanish. And he. Italy governor and rounding managed only read worst as he you're seeing right. Unfortunately. All of show hosts. Did you work mostly in. Or simply. And we are. He. I asked is it. Criminal. And Governor Cuomo was already under fire for it is his administration under accounting Kobe deaths. In nursing homes so what do you think needs to happen next in investigating those allegations and ensuring that nursing homes or space. Well Cindy. And cursing at. Nursing home or and is and it you're. Really an act sure that our nursing homes are not seeing our deny. It is our. Number one number you wish I mean yeah. Yeah are you investigation on 100 arts actual rats you know of course one and going on nursing and I mean what is really. And I. RM EOs. Loved ones who deserve an answer is on cancer in just heard their government and parents and comfortable and a half year and not only the federal and on her. And what are you I don't eat and why you also be an Asian be. What are your decision me. And I. Shoot down in the nerd in harm's and the public her. And and one more word hearing rumblings maybe you are two that you could make a run for governor in 20/20 two in New York Cuomo stays if he goes can you see yourself running against him in a primary running on your own. On your own god platform for governor. He does not what I centered in about. All. Are beyond his U what I would love and it is or. East handles her for every day eighty do not only eating all go away is so much -- in the home is about he her and your mom and you are reading this you are sorry I don't own an aging and virtually golden rule and so is it in my mind. And -- -- and brought many people know artists only in the whole country I owe her my book still in its. And yeah and you're never does not out. Nine near senator Alexander BID we appreciate your time today thank you. To. And a new prime time series looking at the black experience in America premieres tonight and when we come back a closer look at the first American city to fund reparations. And why activists are holding it can be a blueprint for other cities from. Back tonight. ABC is launching a major project called soul of a nation. And it's a new prime time series there will be dedicated telling stories about black life in America. I can Evanston Illinois. Now the first American city to fund reparations eligible residents will be paid up to 25000 dollars each used for housing. Now activists hope Evanston. Can be a blueprint for other cities one of the host of this groundbreaking series ABC's Byron Pitts will join us in just a moment but first. Here's a preview of tonight's special take a look. I. Was looking at data I was looking at what we had done. What more can we do and reparations was the only answer the the only eighteen only the end only he's only it any more the same. Was gonna only at best help us sustain the oppressed eight and the disparity that we have. And then we have had for years. A national reparations policy is a moral. Democratic. And economic and Paris as house resolution authority boat named as a nod to forty acres and a mule. Has the latest national step towards reparations off its supporters including actor and activist Danny Glover what is. Child forty includes an opportunity. To have a commission to study reparations but also lived for the context in which we look at slavery and the impacted. So you think ever seen to be an example from an I think you can quit it wouldn't use that as a platform. Maybe other cities might adopt the whole idea of this. An island co anchor and correspondent for his groundbreaking series Byron Pitts joins us now. Live Larry and thanks for being here and no ears of the busy man and we appreciate it doesn't matter and this series it really is incredible. And it takes us into the black experience in America what should we expect to see tonight I think. One I think reviewers of CA hi Hollywood production anyways just a slocum movie venture Washington for an hour I think you'll be taken and that is why arranging and we will look at some serious issues is music. Now John Legend will perform at the end they'll be a performance at the end every every every show. And our our friend and colleague Eric Johnson is who's the co executive producer I think framed it really well we begin work in this project months ago he said he wanted us all nations should be Eli. A black family reunions there will invite our white friends are Asian Latino friends gay street is welcome please come into the reunion. It's our reunion that means the ribs and chicken and we'll cook and our way this week c.'s will be made our way it and that the potato Sally our way. The music our sky like all of us have never been so thinner reunion you know there have certainly reunion hard truths are spoken. Com Lawson hardy. Are recognized. Victories are celebrating as I think every Tuesday night. We hope to do that's a look at the black experience not not to give us a kiss to Black America but to say this is a segment if if you if you see America. As this beautiful quilts. Among the fabrics one of the pieces of cloth of that quilt. Is the black American experience and we hope to show people that very specific experience is very much a part of the American XP or. And a piece of the quell that hasn't gotten much attention in history and and needs it now and led by an unknown I know that this project was very close your hard I'm sure same goes for everyone else who worked on it. What I like to put this series together. All. I said I'm on the network on a conference call this morning muluzi answers prayer people who know me I'm a person of faith and and initiatives a lot of my life. I'll look you know. This well what about this project is that we apply all the great standards. Of the best of professional journalists. Who we apply you know ABC news Walt Disney we are a company of storytellers. And we believe in the power of the narrative and as you know ABC news and at Walt Disney that this diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our cultural. And so it is a senate a couple of meetings you know I then a professional journalists for forty years so hopefully I know a couple things about journalist. I'm black for sixty years and hopefully I know a few things about my particular experience as a man of color. And so my colleagues we had people all across ABC news men and women. The best at what they do corps also people of color prove brain. Their professional experience and their life experiences too this work. So Barnwell lol we understand differently. After watching this series especially those of us who haven't lived the black experience in America. I wanna believe that in some ways a high production all the way that that this project against the sort of connect the dots. In this great American experiment that we're all part up. I think about one mr. isn't working on is about reparations and me go to Evans in Illinois a suburb of Chicago. And that is still will be the first city in America whispering to paying reparations. Two African Americans are beginning us bring about 25000 dollars per person for house. In here's how they got there they they did research and looked up from 1919 to 1969 and Aniston. Illinois home of Northwestern University is probably liberals city. There from 1919 in 1969. On the books the laws specifically. Design. To discriminate specifically. Against black people to deny them housing opportunities. And there were economic consequences they came out of that. Those laws intended to discrimination there there there's a ability in this case to measure the impact of racism Lincoln housing. So Edison decided in this racial reckoning that that that the country is in right now. Let's look at reparations and has explained it's me. Reparations in many ways as they see it is like restitution. Anywhere in America if someone breaks into your home and they're caught in many Britain to your house they still your TV they still your computer. Well. They can never to restore the sense of safety you may have had before your home was violate. But I can payback for the TV in the computer. And so that's why are Edmondson is attempting to do reparations is something we connect so we will help the nation connect that I wasn't I'll say about that. You I know as parents and and I know Terry knows this as well as as a father that one of the many things we teach our children. Is wheat she stands who become comfortable with the uncomfortable that's part of learning. And so we will have the uncomfortable conversation about a variety topics. On that support and will also celery things that are unique and special about the African American experience. And I'm Byron we learned today about the deaths of Vernon Jordan talked to can. About his legacy and how will be remembered all Bernard Jordan was a giant and it sure how tall it was but he was at least six foot four. And just as a personality she was twice is always that means she. You know Vernon Jordan just as bio he was the head of the Urban League in his early thirties. On this major significant organization was in trusted in the hands of a young man in his early thirties. You know he's a graduate of of of howry university law school knew that the same school that produced our vice president undergrad. Produced a man like Vernon Jordan. An accomplished lawyer and he was their friend of the powerful as is well known he was good friends with with are former President Bill Clinton in fact he was chairman of the Clinton transition team a first for men of color in this country to lead the transition of power. At the White House. You know and as I thought about him today. Continue to follow a couple times he was also one as he wasn't simply a mandatory. So the number of people for generations. He'll also sponsor he would put Cohen in the game two assists. The next generation of young people in particular young people of color to advance their careers at if you had the goods. Vernon Jordan was someone who could support an open the door is decisive in many ways. Vernon Jordan was a tailored suit version of John Lewis that he too was a civil rights activists teaching believed. In getting into good trouble. By hitting it big big trouble unnecessarily. And demonstrations. In Selma. And in jail houses she got in good trouble in corporate boardrooms. In creating opportunities war. Often times people of color to be successful. In corporate America so I I think you know when you. I know this year there there are two. Two. Women of color names CEOs of fort about a hundred companies I bet you a dollar both of them have a story about how in some way along the way they either Vernon Jordan helped them or made a phone call and make some things are possible for them. He was an elegant man. And he will be missed. Byron Pitts friend it's great to have you I cannot wait to watch tonight thank you. And you at home to watch the premiere of soul of the nation tonight at 10 o'clock eastern 9 central on ABC. And that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Diane Macedo. And voluntary more analysts you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern immigrant.

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