The Breakdown: Florida governor signs controversial election law

Plus, President Joe Biden touts his infrastructure plan, and families separated at the border under the Trump administration are reunited.
26:47 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Florida governor signs controversial election law
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diane Tatum. And I'm Terry Moran Florida governor rod Desantis has signed a sweeping election security bill into law among other changes this bill. Restricts the use of ballot drop boxes requiring that they be supervised and only used at certain times it's the latest. In a wave of similar election laws the Republicans are pushing across the country. Citing what they say it concerns about election integrity. But critics are calling the lost voter suppression and activists have already filed lawsuits against the Florida law coming up. What are your mistake lawmaker who says it's unconscionable and unconstitutional. The. Meanwhile president Biden is on the road to drum up support for his infrastructure plans he's also touting of restaurant revitalization. Fund saying it could provide help to about 100000. Eligible businesses around the country. Struggling from the pandemic. By the benefits worth their massive price tags. We have the latest from Washington. And another family has been reunited by the Biden administration after being deported under former president from zero tolerance immigration policy but more migrants are crossing into the United States every day. Many of them unaccompanied minors our team is live on the border ahead of the Homeland Security secretary's visit there. But we begin with president Biden in Louisiana picking his infrastructure plan to the American people. But with a 2.3 trillion dollar price tagged can the planned get congressional approval. ABC's White House correspondent Karen Travers. Is here with more on that I Karen thanks for being here what White House is. Calculus here on having the president talk infrastructure in this deeply red stayed in designing just get ripped. The White House thinks that by going down and pointing to a very specific stay and that they need a seventy year old bridge Diane. At the White House says is twenty years past its designed lifespan president's as a dangerous and a project like that. Means a lot of money and would get fixed it congress approved the 2.3 trillion dollar American jobs plant. We seen the president in the White House doing over the past couple of weeks you know not just talking about. That big price tag because we know Republicans don't like it and they would like to see a much more narrowly focused infrastructure plan. But the White House is saying we can fakes and that highway in the Olympics that bridge and we need money to do it. But also appealing to what Republicans would like to see done which is more of that traditional infrastructure. Going down a Louisiana of course a very Republicans eight. Is by design and the Pratt president today was talking to the Republican mayor of Lake Charles that the city where he was speaking from in front of that bridge today. And that mayor republic and join together with a democratic mayor of another Louisiana city. To issue an op Ed that says that congress should pass this cute don't point three trillion dollar plan. At the nation's infrastructure needs it so part of that effort to get local Republicans not just lawmakers but also OO local Republican Americans. Who say we should get this done to try and put some pressure on the Republicans up on Capitol Hill. And that goes to president Biden's definition of bipartisanship Republicans outside of Washington the of the many friends here so are part of his push it is also to raise. Corporate taxes to pay for this plan to raising taxes can be a tough sell also what's the pitch he's trying to make on that. Yeah I mean it's been pretty much a non starter for Republicans on Capitol Hill at this point we permit McConnell say several times now that he is 100%. Working to stop. These efforts by the Biden administration on dare broad agenda but especially on this infrastructure plan. The president says that raising taxes on corporations for infrastructure. Raising taxes on wealthy Americans to pay for the American families plan. Is the right way to do this he again today was saying he's not gonna do deficit spending if they want to get something done he wants to see how it would be paid for. Terry Diane the president said he will sit down with Republicans want to hear what they would be needy in favor for. And how they would pay for it. But the president says he's not going to wait around and do nothing that he's willing to compromise but not willing to wait too long. He estimated joke about the joke about infrastructure week during the trump administration which only started on a Monday and then never went anywhere says he doesn't want to see in the structure month. Playing out and then not see a damn thing done that's of these. And we know some Republicans have already suggested maybe a compromise bill so they'll have to sit at the table for that one but Karen Nelson I talked about this restaurant. Relief fund which launched on Monday that it's as part of the Kobe relief bill that already passed. And more than 186000. Restaurants already applied in just the first two days so how does the fund work. And what kind of a practical impact could this have. Dad this is an incredible amount of money it's in one point nine trillion dollar coded planet president actually signed two months ago but. The restaurant revitalization funding not open up until this Monday and yesterday the president went to a top Korea here in Washington to. Get a little bit of the tinker to my CEO lunch for himself but also to highlight a company. And restaurant that was in the pilot program this restaurant got some money through this fund and says that they were able to give their employees the raises they were you able to complete some project that they had put on hold. During a pandemic and that they're gonna use this to get the business back up and running. So a 186000. Restaurants are eateries applied in the first two days to get some of this 28 point six billion dollars in funding. These are grants these aren't low this is money that these restaurants can use right away. And to do the administration the president shop yesterday was saying that this is a critical part of the recovery of the nascent economic recovery. Is interesting to hear him talk about. The fabric of communities recovering that you know these restaurants and pizza shop a copy shop on main street are such a big part of small town America or neighborhoods in big cities. They are doing well if they're getting back on their feet then Americans are gonna feel good that the country as a whole is getting back on its the. And those restaurants obviously all over the country have been shut of the mom and pop ones and meanwhile the changed it did all right let's talk about the paycheck protection program and how millions of dollars out of that program what the places like that TGI Friday's and and PF Chang's so. Do we know how this is going to be different if at all. Yet there was a big criticism of the paycheck protection program that the big guys can swoop and and start scooping up all of that money and and think about you know your local pizza shop or your ice cream shop a finance department they don't want somebody that can do all this paperwork said they were shot out. One thing that the Biden administration did earlier this year which set aside a special window for PPP loans just for those small businesses. Now they are very cognizant of not having that happen again. With this restaurant fine so what are doing over the next couple of weeks. Is giving priority to the smallest of the small businesses 61000. Of those 186000. Applicants just on Monday and Tuesday. The thousand of them are restaurants are eateries that make less than 500000 dollars a year so of the smaller ones. And they want to get better in the door first try and focus on them give them money. And then get to everybody else so really big big effort by the administration at least they're saying they are to try and focus on those mom and pop shops. All right Karen Travers who took does mom and pop shops do well under this we need him thanks very much for that is on Wednesday. And now we're gonna turn to that sweeping new election law signed by Florida governor Ron Desantis this morning on FOX & Friends live it was an exclusive for that network that bill signing. Among other things this puts new limits on mail in voting. And on Dropbox is that it's already being challenged in court by groups including the NAACP who say this law. Violates. The voting rights acts are joining us now one of the law's critics who had a front row seat to this fight Florida Democrat state represented Michelle random show. Thanks very much for being with us. He's happy he. And the first question from a district. Critic of these of these voting meshes so what are you in voting rights advocates. Doing now now that they that this bill is law do you make sure that everyone who wants to vote. Will be able to vote and get to the ballot box necked election. I mean that's a great question. You know first saw we fob valiantly Dahlia lately in. On the house floor with church CU with regard to that bill and so now we have to used to power the Orix UD's this too porch and got sweet scene has been done and you'd have. I organization and I'm in. Ash to come together. And final Osce because. D.'s lot of their time. Unconstitutional. An unconscionable. And really push it is sheriff's I'm more red meat for. The governor's base. Yeah I'm Michelle an outsider. Arc to Florida or to the United States might looking at these laws the one in Florida and elsewhere. Doing so much changing that to the election system to the rest a lot of evidence. People voting with false identification people voting more than once dead people voting or. In a ballot boxes disappearing in the middle of the night or or appearing so wouldn't. What was there evidence presented by the Republicans. Of the kind of fraud that would make this kind of. Law necessary what do they offer in that regard. Your gasoline ray you see that there will be widespread fraud with all of the changes that were made in fact you know governor his chances and the bill's sponsor. This legislation's and this with this agent is as secure election. Is seen how. Hatch since the year 2000 and is back T been set up Florida's should be an example it should be be in to the rest of the country. Well we're finding is the only voter I data current in the 20/20 election is by former disgraced GOT. Senator state senator Craig cart's Ellis who injured who patty Sheehan unity inter HD Sydney raised in order Stew I make shorts down the Republicans would have. A majority or keep a majority in this seat so the only brought Irish the only election brought. She acts in the last election was done by the GOP. So why they do and a why they Julie is really it is that our governor has other aspirations. Stony creek being the governor students. And that this is Britney for their public duties in for the former presidents meet and unfortunately you would expect it X blocking routes so it's like working she normally is it FX people watch how. Hatch act says to the Alley and that I sat in my speech what type of democracy. Would restrain its people's right to vote to on the federal level we have worked ID or did shop who was voting right. Which I believe would cast it wasn't for that the masters who worked idea that other federal level and here on the state level throughout the country we're fine. Fighting against these unconstitutional. Voter suppression costs. The majority said that they election in Florida judge to be among the most secure and accurate history that's true cross country president Trump's own Department of Homeland Security official and attorney general. And all those courts never guess it. This election was fair. Nevertheless. This is now become an article of faith a loyalty test in the Republican Party that you must believe the last election was rigged undermining confidence new elections you believe most Republican voters in your state. Believe. Trump's assertions about the last election. You know. I believe that there are moral minded people I believe they're they're people that I've seen what I this would be a lot for waiting is an absolute lie. Action but unfortunately. It is there republic chain to trump probably can't ask people call bench I'm base that is lives should be the artist we shouldn't every so it's turning out all of those moral mighty people they're saying hey listen I'm not a direct you know Michelle Lee and MER I agree but we see what it's weeks and see what's happening on the federal apple Sheila congresswoman Jeanie we see how I. Yeah we are Ito that the Republicans are doing whatever they came in on a federal and state level to try to restore access to their ballot box. It's all fifty. You don't over public intra Republican base the big latch because they don't believe that they can win outlets they have to play dirty words and. It is a battle that is raging across the country in many many states Florida State representative Michelle Rayner thanks for being with us EU. And a second families separated at the southern border due to former president trump zero tolerance immigration policy has been reunited. The mother from Honduras cried tears of joy hugging her son's for the first time in more than three years. Surprising that a family gathering. She was held an ice custody for nearly two years before being deported ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman joins us live now from mountain border facility in Donna Texas. With more on the Biden administration's efforts to reunite these families and tackle. The current border crisis Matt an agent Scott there's a thanks for jumping on with us you know there there's still. We're hearing at least 400 children whose parents have yet to be located what's the status of that effort to find their families right now. Right so Diane up and the separation no longer exists as a as a policy. The but administration says there are many hundreds that remain separated and their first. Task is to find out who they are so they're going through the process of identifying all of these people. And then they will assess whether or not these people want to be reunited and if so how they can go about doing that just this week we saw those. Incredibly. Moving images just down just this week for families reunited in you can imagine. That joy that these families are feeling. From these reunification but all that joy is offset by their peak years of torment and misery that these people suffered when they were forced. To separate unwillingly. So. By administration is trying its best to rectify that -- it's slow going right now again just four out of many many hundreds but at least the process has begun. Diane and me mom out there are thousands more migrants in US custody now many of them also unaccompanied minors so. I know you're going inside one of the holding facilities today. What's the latest on tackling that part of this crisis and what do you expectancy. Still the last summer I was at this facility I've never been inside very few reporters have ever been inside that the lies that we we're here we actually flew over it. In a helicopter there were at several thousand kids being held in this facility right now there are just a couple of hundred so. It's Border Patrol has managed to reduce the number of children in Border Patrol facilities which are pretty much jail like facilities. Only intended to hold. Migraines and unaccompanied migrant children for a matter of hours or days but that has not always been the case here. In children have been held here four ten days even two weeks. That's what they're trying to change we are also seeing though any other side that when these kids are moved to more. To shelters that are better equipped to handle children. For the long term a couple of weeks or a couple of months. The number of those children has soared to over 22000. Doubling the number that it was in late march so. That number is grown they're still dealing with that try to ensure that these kids can be reunited with family members were sponsors here in the United States so. The administration is not quite out of the woods yet in terms of making sure that these kids are fully and adequately treated as they go through the process of migration in the United States. But it is trying and it is showing us for the first time. This particular facility today at which it is proud of at least the progress right here in this one. Diane. Ryan Mack Batman at the border Forrest thanks that. And more protests are taking place in Colombia today after days of clashes there. Police backward to have a closer look at the growing anger and violence in the streets across Colombia. And why it's happening. And welcome back more protests are taking place in Colombia today. After days of violent clashes over issues related to the pandemic and a proposed tax overhaul as well. Colombian police have been accused of committing multiple atrocities against protesters including allegations. Of rape and murder and Victor of Canada has a closer look. Protesting Colombia's major cities to boldly into chaos and bloodshed. At least nineteen people killed 87 are still reported missing. Columbia's Wylie police blamed for much of the violence. Some of it con on camera. A government agency is now investigating the death of seventeen year old Monsanto a little seen kicking the policeman sitting on a motorbike. Video of the incident was shared on social media the police came in response shoots are here though as he runs away. Colombians took to the streets last week to protest a new proposed tax hike meant to undue burden the government look endemic financial sting. The Colombian economy shrank by 7% last year causing the poverty level to jumped to 43%. From 36%. But the loan was met with outcry from working class Colombians. Fearing that the proposed tax increase would plunge them into poverty. Not but in this march is the biggest display of outreach against this government. Against the tax reform. At against the labor and pension reform law the government has gone against the country and the country's responding more than five largest cities. On the streets tensions between demonstrators and riot police quickly escalated. Police using harsh measures to disperse protesters. Some of them waiting back there when Brooks and Molotov cocktails. The chaos and violence halting Colombia's president to her bonus for Sunday. This Sony seed don't like on British saw an article you can. Isn't it he don't did predict a breakout bottoming he's steady US agenda. The move calls Colombia's finance minister to say he would resign with the protests still continues. Demonstrators in human rights groups are pulling up Colombia's play police. Woman accused of human rights abuses most recently for the protesters deaths. This police station involved with dump reportedly burned down with the words you were killing us repeated and one of the walls. The pandemic has also highlighted the disparities between the haves and have nots. In the protesters are now calling for real economic reform that will be and to close the gap between the rich and poor in their country. There and got gets his deficit problem. A change in the social economic system is needed is a simple as that we have to talk about redistribution of goods and services as soon as possible. They throw can do for ABC news. Thanks to Viktor komando for that report and people are also protesting here in the US trying to show solidarity with the Colombian people. There were demonstrations in Queens New York on Tuesday and in Manhattan today people are set to mark from the UN. The Times Square. Let's bring in America's director at the Amnesty International Erica Lavar grosses from one this Erica thanks so much for being here accused I just. Just put into words Forrest how bad is this situation in Colombia right now. A this is an. Ex I'm international 'cause their men are human right I agree on how credible. On to a police repression against the raiders. In a blue. We have right there we look human right or my niece. Houston who are being healed and he's repression. Children. Are right and I'm sure I don't be oh against people who are we Enron's rating. Unfortunately these hardline. Up from there are no precedent I'm eating. Your pension and all incidents like. These are. We have been. Heard from up high and authority. That. I come and human right eye donation beauty admit that. You or. And tweedle you human right Irish. And Erica they these are remarkable seems they're very disturbing in many ways let's start about the causes this all started. All of a this proposal to tax things like everyday food items so. It is this the K a case of the straw breaking the camel's back or is this law in particular. Going to be so detrimental that brought people out in the streets. I mean and these were not. A class of ultra sound human rights aren't legally colonel happy face bringing. On day kind of looking quality to the kind of item we need to remind ourselves. And devastating are. Some video like many rule is our current or Tories are indigenous people. Not communities Lehman are rarely a little community Hebrew or eat. Unending some rain east Asian and Beatty. They want an. The body weight and you are identical and are you I don't I creating these. Tensions. Are. Social unrest and of course acts or was all he did last. Year. And are. And Erica there has also been Internet destruction in the city of Colleen there and mid these protests summer voicing concern about censorship so. How do we make sure that the reality of what's happening in Colombia. Is being translated and being broadcast to the world. I mean a lot of information that he's going you know Ronald are not being should mean yeah. I'm international has been trying to ban firearms the media are wrapped up we'd be happy now we haven't every Haitian art and of course. And she'll let you all I'm not relayed Columbia out late at Columbia and written years writing. A leading important being cremation. And art and they are EE on that we got it all week fourteen under Colombian. Is all right finally happening crouched many human right organizations like any. The violations. And he no big around. As well we're not Alice. In Ireland under these summer rain independent Jordan screens and also. I don't urban elite. I'm unwilling or not he's an independent eight ocean. On fees and they you know we're all these are not be on O'Neill human and human rights on. This. Trying to document creation and 9% or better Cher oh what happened. And Erika out for Americans who are watching this in concern about a what can people here in the US do to help. Close up there isn't a liberal the US many can play it right there may 898. In art deletion that happening. Columbia the US administration. Ascent and in and I are lighting. The night. And on the menu. And being bitty case it was rent and at least. Eighty and that he unite as they sure we'll move on that all men and they don't you. They are Mia intervention the try to mediate I opened. John idol between Olbermann and he is and it is important under the Columbia. All. The international community. From Goldman and I think we're an in and. How hard it is an important story and America's director at Amnesty International. Erica go of our Ross us thanks very much for companies now. And finally today is national nurse appreciation day nurses cross country event on the front lines is pandemic for more than a year as we all know. Take a look at this. Caitlin pension a nurse at UP MC Magee women's hospital in Pittsburgh knit blue crow -- scrubs for newborns to honor nurses who have given so much to others. Here's a little bit of what they had to say. In my 36 year career never had a year like this year or so many things happened. Knowing that sometimes you were there when a family member couldn't be. Our hot connect family members. Nurses are truly heroes I decided to get into their scene because I really enjoy helping others. I just was really intrusive and being able to help people and actually. Be on the for the do something about it. Along what a great thing and our thanks to all of the nurses across our country safe and that doesn't errant. They sure do and cute little ones do in those blue cliche. I love that trip and does it for us have a breakdown today thanks for joining us on Terry grant. And I'm Diane assail us evacuate 3 PM eastern tomorrow. Have a great day about it.

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