The Breakdown: Heightened security in place for Inauguration Day

Plus, President Donald Trump is expected to pardon about 100 people before stepping down, and shortages of doses are stalling vaccinations.
26:20 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Heightened security in place for Inauguration Day
The youngest new phase in the US senate next year will be that I'm Democrat Joseph Biden of Delaware. In Washington today he was having trouble convincing some people he really as a senator. And having some doubts about the senate seniority system flow hoping older members won't hold his debut against him. I expect these fellas are going to. Eventually would judge me on my merit not on my age and I have established that married assuming there is anywhere I don't think it's going to be much the problem. I've beyond. Having others the senator's staff. Think I'm applying for a job glory of the page or something the indications are that you may be 100 in seniority the last man devoted all of the benefit that bodies. Well no it doesn't matter aggravated sort of amusing. That I've probably have released he argues that he would ever it center this just funny. Hi everybody welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out. And I'm Terry Moran that was the young Joseph Biden appearing on the ABC evening news 48 years ago when he first made it to Washington. As a senator elect from Delaware and now he's gearing up for the job yes sought for so long. Tomorrow at noon. Joseph Robinette Biden junior will become the 46 president of the United States unlike previous inaugurations the national law will be close to the public instead. When Biden takes the oath of office from the capitol steps he will be overlooking a field of nearly 200. Thousand US flags meant to represent the American people. Are you there because of the pandemic. Do we begin with inauguration security after two National Guard members assigned to the event were removed today. They're now being investigated for alleged ties to white ring extremist groups. Let's bring in former deputy assistant secretary of state and ABC news contributor colonel Steve Dan you're. For more on this Steve how serious. You think this investigation is in do you feel confident that DC is in good hands tomorrow. Dana I sure hope so it is quite disturbing for anyone who served in the military to think that there might be folks within the ranks who held such extreme views that they might do something to disrupt via. The inauguration so. You know I once had about marine girl inside a truck or tell me that sir we can only do as much. And with the people that the human the American governor of the American people give us and then so. Sometimes you get bad actor C involved in the military and I think we've seen today. Is that whatever the process the Justice Department and the National Guard bureau is doing to root out potential problem. People is is working hand I think that they've actually removed another ten. Just because they had suspicious background nothing to do was within eighty rough far right groups. But they had perhaps some felony in the background or some sort of gang related so they're going to to to move to any extra lengths to make sure that the people that are guarding. The whole inauguration tomorrow are quite who they should be in that they're not canoe will cause a problem. Then the Justice Department charged leaders of the far right group with conspiracy for planning and coordinating the breach of the capital. What does that tell you about the extent to which this attack was premeditated and how big of a concern. Our groups like these verses lone wolf factors ahead of tomorrow. Yeah I I think it I think that there was some success in this attack on the capital because people caught caught the capitol police and everybody else unaware. They didn't think that it's nobody thought that the BC any kind of an organized attack on the capital so. If anybody is trying to do that now to organize an attack on the capital did glossy element of surprise. So they have 25000. Guard they have all sorts of DC police. Lots of people going to be there you know in the military there's a sang that that quantity has its own quality. Meaning that if you have enough tenacity you have enough people that dad gives you something extra and I think as we've seen the pictures. Washington DC it looks reminds me of the Green Zone in Baghdad it is heavily fortified and I think that's gonna disrupt any sort of coordinated outside attack. This year is still with a lone wolf sort of attack that he or an insider attacks. Those are the two things that I think are still concerning somebody who would just on their own without telling anybody do something two to disrupt the the proceedings or some a small inside gang that would be supporting. Any kind of coordinated attack. That it would would facilitate its oak still concerned about not about the outside attack but concerned about a lone wolf or some sort of an insider attack. Tomorrow. After the inauguration what to expect in terms of security both in DC and across the country. Dan I think that this can depend on how tomorrow goes if it goes off without a hitch and we don't see anything at the state capitals if we see. Hopefully that it's been so it is his petered out and it sits who can only going. Simple thanks so much. Colonel Steve get there always a pleasure to have you thank you. Thanks and what does your Joseph Biden is a guy wears his heart on his sleeve of the president elect got emotional today as he headed to Washington reflecting on his long journey to the presidency and saying farewell to his hometown. And Janet Joyce James Joyce. Was said to have told a friend. That what is commonly comes it's time to pass. When you guys he said dubbed one. Double bird written on my hard. Well. Cheers emotion. But. When I die. Delaware grid in my heart. It's going to be very different presidency won't administering an ABC news political director Rick Klein and White House correspondent Kara Phillips for more cure. For so what are we expecting from tomorrow's inauguration. Well first voluntary as a fellow Irish. Man Irish woman how about James Joyce I mean during in the Irish how would jury how fantastic was that they're the best. Breaking gal a lot of Irish powered treated quote from here on out probably in the next four years kotsay is that the one thing Terry and you covered. Obama is inauguration I know we're going back the board trump but. Think about that inauguration and how historic that was and remember the streets Terry. You could not you could not get a cab you could not get on a subway you walk for miles and miles and miles in the cold. Among just the throngs of people that showed up just just. Bombarded. Washington DC an outside areas to see that inauguration it was historic. Well Terry at the same thing here it's historic but the complete opposite the streets are desolate we've got 20000 troops on the ground to make sure that there is no violence and this'll be a peaceful transition. So I found that how I noticed that immediately what a stark difference right that was that that's the biggest difference that that I have seen when I thought about the four inaugurations that I have covered. But there is. A similarity appeared to that inauguration that I remembered during Al Obama's time. And that is this theme of unity you'll remember his speech it was all about unity and that's what we're gonna see tomorrow. With Joseph Biden I'm I'm told that the theme of his speech is America the united and that's exactly what is gonna focus on. He Ari started. Today by doing that dad tonight he's going to have this memorial service at the Lincoln Memorial there at the reflecting pool honoring. The hundreds of thousands of people that have died thus far during this pandemic he's asking cities across the country to light up their buildings to ring the church bells and is speaking at church as you know tomorrow. That's what he'll be doing be the good Catholic man that he is will be heading to church and he's asked leaders on both sides both. A democratic and Republican sides to joining him. And as we found out today and that's exactly what's going to happen admit you concede Kevin McCarthy Mitch McConnell along with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. They will be going to saint Matthew's together and then comes the swearing in 1201 he becomes president United States. And there then we will have the historic speech regarding America united and then after that hopefully deep clans Kobe cleaning of the White House and he'll move into his new digs Terry. Well as get a job Adam on uniting the country and at Providence can be a lot of help to let's go to Rick. President he still leaves the White House tomorrow and leave town without even seeing Joseph Biden it's going to be staying right across the street in Blair house instead of the traditional passing of the torch. From one president and other trips arranged a military send off for himself tomorrow morning skipping the inauguration altogether he's. Also expect to release the final list of pardons and commutations of his presidency Rick. After considering pardons for himself and his children in the face criminal investigation we're now hearing that's unlikely. So how big reveal this going to be who expect to see on that list. But we're told upwards of 400 pardons can be part of that list are expected sometime a later tonight on the the very last evening of his presidency some of them are kind of curiosity some celebrities were told the rapper Lil Wayne is a consideration. Sheldon Silver of former New York City assemblyman and kind of they attacked tabloid favorite over the years also on the list does a lot of lobbying behind the scenes stop and and actually in front of the scenes for the tiger king. I Joyce ought to we're told that we're not expecting a lot of names with with close political connections the talk of people like Rudy Giuliani. A maybe pardons preemptively but the trump children or for trump himself are are off the table. Alba that is a large number of the soft in the dead of outgoing president does this and I think this is president will apple stretch the boundaries in different ways by by by virtue of us some of the people he's spending his time thinking about and the closing hours of his presidency. Not his family or himself as we here although you never know with Donald Trump so cure. In his gold toe unite the country as an ambitious plan first first few days in office but he says that razor thin margin. Really in both the house and the senate to what's first on his agenda. Absolutely well I'm told it's going to be immigration and here's what's interesting Terry. Two longtime friends one even a childhood friend Ali back from elementary school. Both of them up for deputy secretary. Positions so although they're not buried yet they have been good sources for me full disclosure telling me what is on the president elect's mind what he will be working on what's important to him so two things yes immigration the obvious we have been talking about that in depth and what they told me specifically. Is that pres elect Biden plans to move quickly. To undo one of trumps most cherished agenda items and that's introducing an immigration bill that would allow millions of immigrants without legal status to become permanent US citizens and give them the right to pursue citizenship. After an eight year wait they made it clear to me that. This administration. Wants. Immigrants to know that they are welcome in this country and he's going to do everything he can. Did to push that theme forward in addition they told me a number one priority stopping the construction of president trumps fifteen billion dollar. Are border wall. Well he has to get that done through congress both of those issues are Rick. Look ahead of the political train form. Including the president trump and his family what kind of role do you think president trump from the outside it's gonna happen Heidi think it's gonna be impact. The impact Biden's presidency. Well Terry if he continues to have the just widespread popularity inside the Republican Party are pull out with the Washington Post just last week showed 60% of Republicans can think that it trump pap is the one that should be continued. And now that's different once he's an ex president and end of the bully pulpit in the platform that he enjoys now is going to be diminished not just because he doesn't have a Twitter or FaceBook or YouTube to communicate but because he will be a former president and he won't have the same opportunity to communicate but he still will be a major figure as well it has children and his ex his extended family and many of the celebrities that have been pouring by virtue of their connections that transport there will be many trumps out there. Some of them without lessening shop will continue to potentially dominate Republican politics but the Republican party's gonna have a series of decisions to make about how it goes forward and beat the prospect of this impeachment trial. Is another potential. Kind of breaking point for Republicans I expect that the party is going to come up got a -- to further apart before they can come together there is talk about media a third party movement growing out of the embers of trumpets a medium back a party or Freedom Party arbitrage is going to be a major figure I think though the events of the capital two weeks ago have diminished talk about his political prospects in 20/20 four he could be eliminated from consideration entirely buy it by punishment if he's convicted of impeachment in the senate. It's also it is possible that Republican voters. Terrible conduct. And I think that it. Has to mean that he is vote is at least in play for any conviction of the present in an impeachment. They were partners in doing so much. Through these years and I want to touch on something you written. Today we make the argument that. Donald Trump turn Republicans into losers and trump himself is a reason Democrats. Are back in power we're looking at the quote from right now it cost his party control the senate let distort historic disgrace the capitol right. Never stood a chance of keeping Joseph Biden from office. How so how did he do that and what impact does have a Republicans going full. We'll keep in my land. And that if 43000. Votes in different states had gone in three states and gone differently. On because of his own personality teeth back at one of them was being totally unable. She do the bare minimum that the public wanted out of its leader during the krona virus. Pandemic which was she who shall we resolved and steadiness and seriousness of touch he just signaling failed to do that so. Even the locks and political leaders got a boost to the polls. Shrum this crisis regardless of their policies. Trumped didn't release his was bearish news was very short lives. And overall people didn't approve of his handling. A of the Christ another. Unforced error on his part. Discouraging Republican voters from using mail in ballots as Georgia secretary of state. Rapids burger had pointed out search. There were a lot there was there were a lot of Republican voters. Who voted absentee in the primary. Didn't show up to vote in the general election. Bigger drop off from their votes than Biden's barging over truck. That was trumped stewing. Losing to Georgia senate races that was because trump. Hatch Republican turnout depress cash he is I think single handedly responsible. Republicans losing both the White House and senate. They say the Republicans should pick their next leader using different criteria for their own sake. If not for the country's why do you think so many supported her in some cases even fell in love with trump. And where do those supporters go now. Well different people supported trump for different reasons but I do think a large large part of it. Was simple partisanship. That president trump agreed wish. Republican voters on the issues that Republican voters care about. And democratic politicians don't so they're a lot of Republican voters who care about gun right or the right to life or tax. Entrant was pretty. Kinney in figuring out which issues Republican voters cared about and making sure but he never got on the wrong side of those. Course there were a lot of other issues where. It turned out Republicans didn't have strong views and one of them was on whether officials should have high character. He's so Mitch McConnell. As also boarded the democrats' slim majority he's called for more bipartisan agreement say this isn't it time for great ideological change but. Democrats might do what's good for the goose is good for the gander he hardly was a bipartisan figure in the majority or in the minority. So what's his role going forward with Biden and with this but trumping Republican Party. The fact is that the Democrats have majority in the house a majority in the senate. And they had the White House but those majorities in congress are very slim. And I think practically speaking it's going to be very very difficult to get much enacted so if the left wing of the Democratic Party. Allows itself to be full by these majorities and thinking that. They can just sort of how. Can take it should roll over the opposition. I think they are whenever and awake. Sir mash where is a Republican Party go from here and what do you think it means to be a Republican in 20/20 one. I think it is up for grabs I think that Republicans need to. Have a real debates over what they're gonna stand for and what president trumps. Place in the party is going to be once he's an ex president. Anna and I hope that the breach of Capitol Hill was a wake up call to a lot of Republicans about the dangers. Encouraging good the dishonesty. Conspiracy theorizing. Hands the indifference to norms and restraint. That have been part of the package with prison truck. From mass pyro it's great to have you we appreciate your time and your analysis thank you. You're welcome. And vice president elect Pamela Harris look at plays every section in Washington tomorrow in addition to the star studded ceremony at the capitol. Should be escorted by some friends faces I line column mater Howard university and coming up we'll have more on what to expect from the future vice president and this historic moment. Stay with us. I hate just registered to get my first at the club scene. Teresa stock and I sang Yang and store this Friday. January 15 two. I stated I'm excited I'm nervous you know there is no longer terms that means there's a lot of news health workers and first responders. They trusted and I believe in the science I trust them end up until it's something I'm ready to do. Actors who all agree that attention seeking an accident so. The fresh paint. Thursday. Around 530 and I think cutting himself. From mount Sinai telling you they're. Three men have been canceled for. Do you Tuesday's seventy pieces in the amount of taxes that they receive. Pretty physically fit especially because I got a confirmation call earlier today and honest I don't know it's going on foot it's. Very different from mine and try to get an appointment comes where. We'll that they have to supply and get. You can't control estates attorney for the free. Everything is done. And he hinted it says there's an agreement a considerable profits this helium inhalation and there aren't. Hey it's. It's. A shipments. It's really get her name. As a pre school administrator from here in New York City just one of the many voices of people trying so hard to get. They're covad nineteen vaccination only to be disappointed New York mayor buildup Lazio's as a city wolf. Run out of vaccine doses by Friday and we'll have to cancel appointments until more can be delivered. More than 400000 people have now died in the US from covad nineteen and the incoming CDC directors morning. The US could reach 500000. Deaths by this time next month. President elect. Joseph Biden drops that elect from his title tomorrow when he takes the oath of office as vice president com Bret the vice president elect come harassed. So finally step into a role. As only the first woman vice president Ross is the first black American and South Asian American to hold the office tuned for more on how we can expect. Connell urged to handle this role let's bring in. Saves lives are in shock she covered harris' run for president before she joined. Our team on the Biden campaigns of based on what you saw our candidate commonly airs during on the campaign try expected to approach his role as vice president of the United States. Hi Terry that's right I covered her very closely for many months until the very end. This phrase as she always likes to say I maybe the first but I will not be the last every single one of those roles that she's had she's trying to open up opportunities to make people who hold those political world people who work underneath her look like the demographics of this country I remembered the right she had in making her presidential campaign of one of the most diaper she predators often adding one of the most of idiom the most number of women that most of our Decker staffers. She's likely you can tee open those doors for people because that is something that's really important to her. Every vice president has a specific policy role so wore what kind of role do you foresee. For calm while Harris on that score in the Biden administration. Decision. Any big ones yet but I usually do everything she can't to support Joseph Biden's agenda. You know member she is that tie breaking vote in the senate and pat is a huge role in its self. Don't tell policy positions I remember that were important to her when she was running for president of course this was a pivotal like China that was over a year ago. But her first policy proposal back then it was he about the does not increasing teacher pay she wanted the average teacher in the US to giddy thirteen point 5000 dollar raise. And then her second pirates there were policy proposals when she was running for president for about tightening gun lies. I think she's again I think she's gonna closely support whoever Joseph Biden is icy dale. But just gonna gives you ninety up for what she really cares deeply about. For sure and certain she had such an up and down candidacy she was so hot for a moment then kidnapped moment with Joseph Biden and then kind of faded so you've watched your rise to that low point. Back when she and their own presidential campaign to becoming vice president so what do you think that turns taught her over the past few. Upping. Downey is a perfect way to describe it I felt like I was on a roller coaster when I covered her. I'm like I was covering history to hold high you know from the very beginning even when her poll numbers were so low. You just you really felt it but you grab inching moment it would be Tagamet when her campaign and it knows December 3. And I want to bring you back to that moment actually know her campaign had run out of cash she'd lost all support in the polls gives reading the low single digits I remember standing in the whenever island bands in the house party with a few dozen people meanwhile British jet jewelry that. You know huge Dow closing at their island ends she's really rock bottom that moment she dropped out of people were wondering if Tom Steiner was gonna primary her if she was done politically. Remember this was not want to dial. It isn't she signal for other women you can beat rock bottom in your career and then have the easiest bounced back. You so many women get discouraged many have been setbacks she's just a reminder of what happens when you just brush that stuff I'm just keep moving on. Great point great points or independent comes that was not going to be accused of. Now we. Carry out a book she thanks very much. And before we go it's been almost two weeks since rioters attacked the capital and one little girl wants to make sure the crews that clean up the aftermath. Are not forgotten. Charlotte baker sent them homemade thank you notes writing in part. Thank you for cleaning the capital. I'm sorry you had to clean it when you did not make the mess no Charlotte's mom Elizabeth says she hopes that acts like this help her kids become good. And grateful citizens Charlotte by the way turns eight to morrow. On inauguration day. Happy birthday wish I we've all learned from good kids like you. That's right and a programming note be sure to tune into ABC news live for a look ahead at tomorrow's inauguration. That's tonight at 8 PM. And tomorrow we'll have complete coverage in operations starting at 7 AM eastern what George Stephanopoulos and our whole political team that's all right here on ABC news line until then. Have a great game for. I.

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