Breaking Down the 2nd Day of the Republican National Convention

ABC News' Josh Haskell and John Santucci break down the second day of the RNC.
15:26 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Breaking Down the 2nd Day of the Republican National Convention
It's a big night nights he would yards the other ABC's Josh asked joined by ABC's dancing to keep it allows. It has not allow those were V. We're not emitted from the vet right now but I doubt it all we get from. Trying to visit trouble Benedict to headline speakers tonight all our upwards panel from Jr. who put his father over the mountains. On number not too long. Swear that you freeze. The birth of his child and this is the coolest thing he's ever done I'm also going to be here from. But we haven't seen much in the dead on the one of those rare moment we'll see her talk to the podium. Moment for every member of the. At a truck its audience from last night John activity tonight Eric trump tomorrow night the big negative jobs. Donald. Now going to be the nominee the Republican Party would have gone back in Iowa. He is officially clinched its official I don't judge didn't think. That would applicants for the assignment but now we did crazy wild year and here we are where we are exuberant Cleveland into the theme that tonight is. Make a miracle work again. Ed and saw melodious speech last night at the that he must that was made America stadium again. Her speech was not so much about security. I don't think we expect Tiffany. Or dodging your speaks clearly be about. Work again they're here to humanize their phone I mean there. Their whole thing here's advantage of their father passed aren't you on that's really hard to do their talking about the operations of the Indian trail. About me America's feet begin talking about reacting some of these terrorist attacks but really the he is being here children need to do for trump east to try to hold back. That bother you hate talk off chaos about the relationship they've had their father. Construction site immediately call put him if they see it happen. During the baseball disappear Saturday's we're going to receive concrete gently at different so. That's what they ET. Stoic guy. Suing me here a little bit about building projects are sure especially from college you hear him play such a big role in the company could talk about. Playing baseball right now it's an appropriate time to let our viewers. Yes Progressive Field Wisconsin. That movie on trumpet. Mention it was going to be held here in Cleveland this is actually where trump. Certainly company. They would like to hear this is where he would like actually use. Big moment for him and I important automatic Invesco Field. When President Obama accepted democratic happening here. First night 2000 and security and annals of some concerns with the fact that. Baseball season now and would you some problems sealed indictment they imports kept him. Here that president field. Or something security concerns obviously. We're not here it's beautiful out here take little fresh air along with everybody here in Cleveland mobile all across the street in the Quicken Loans Arena which is already in the history Josh were booked for the convention. First we're donating just beaten. And that was the debate I think nothing will ever stop. I'm sure every now and still here is that Rosie O'Donnell line up over and over again a very. Well known sound bite from trump that there have been Hillary Clinton now was using significantly. And all of her in all her ads against about. Trump's words of the game hitless in using trumped weren't. Also that first to be right now from was the only one. To stand up memories. His hand he would not sign off pledge war. Whoever the nominee would be to support teachers think we're back here we're that was the moment everyone courtroom would destroy the party. And now he's the nominee of their party it's kind of an easy out this year is Justin felt so great. And it's you know something that people wanted to deny it is this actually gonna half error even when truck was waiting. States in huge numbers ahead in the polls people were still not really ready to accept it now the fact that he is pledged to expect to change you know I think at this. What you're seeing more people company. The party is we are seeing. Or elected officials that were again strong now speaking on the tape crews will be speaking tomorrow night of course that was. We'll biggest competitor. Seventeen. Votes in the pop they're actually speeding and strong long as. He's going to be speaking tomorrow night speaker Ryan who of course I held his endorsement for so long. Now saying he supports Donald Trump made at a really everything he says it does support the now presumptive Republican nominee. Com and of course Mitch McConnell. Senate majority leader spoke earlier. That's team also that we this image workshops and it had promised that the that hasn't happened what we have seen as a lot Donald Trump. Me a rare appearance last night pitchers his wife short remarks really incredible for trump 84 lines at all. He's on the teleprompter broke here for a second he didn't wanna steal Maloney now Peter Russ or thunder tonight of course coming up another video thing. His son for putting them over the top at 1237. All the delegates getting that number we'll see trump again tomorrow here in Cleveland to an event. Be at the convention Thursday night that they could not. And all those 125000. I'm crashing now. So was Jon says not as much as sad as we may have thought. Then again trump. Everywhere at this convention in Cleveland his family. That's not that surprising on this particular note though. Hence yeah we don't know that much about him him in Trump's relationship at this point. He has not necessarily those ads. Candidate I would say being on the ground here in Cleveland. People are talking about trump they're not really talking about Mike Pence. What do you expect. Mike Pence to bring to this ticket and which we expect here. We know I Shiite I think for Mike Pence things. Ever think about the states where trump did not do to write it was the midwest. Now when Wisconsin didn't win Iowa Indiana was the first one really put him through over that edge until pens can deliver. More of those that feeling and also the big thing for him is to calm nerves within the Republican Party to pull people it. Adkins brings to a very important things that table obviously executive experience leading Indiana board here is an obviously beaten down in Washington. Understanding the minutia Capitol Hill. Didn't stay in leadership long two years but still twelve years of service down on Capitol Hill that is something for the New York Billy had just built skyscrapers. Test New Year's congress more than Donald Trump the two seconds or. Exactly well let's leave the baseball diamond although I have to say I've never been able to get to a baseball park this easy job we pretty good it is tax free. Free we could really just walk you'll that we wanted to what an ivory you guys in just a little closer. Medicine you can hear. Looks like. Because of everything over here here right now it's all different merchant. Or there. My PR NC and trump can't. Things people are. Media there here's American flags carved out of wood over there there is signs and posters. Come on to the convention floor Josh have a hot button that they collected over the years it's a lot of memorabilia from. History for them it's really exciting. The legacy because Paul Ryan's a thing is the 41. Republican. We don't want our team alone Sony we'll talk about the American adventure for us some pretty sure it's mind I think it's yours did my second Woodson aren't just your shelf off. And I'm also going to Philly so you be seeing a lot of me but you'll also be seeing a lot of John because. From clinching the nomination also means that. We have a couple very hectic months of campaigning ahead of us you and we also have to eat sweet parts stated one. The locations of the first to be changed my album on go hoster very excited about that time their tactic. Here is access to be very proud pepper shadow but that's going to be exciting to you that's the thing. This is not going to be. Boring election analyst Mike Pence in happy the most exciting person right now we know that stars Hillary Clinton's concern I I don't think job security expert here Clinton. It doesn't seem like the secretary is really going to work. You know a flashy. Similar to what tends to do so we're kind of fits with the. Yet that the Clinton camp feels that there running against don't throw. That key aides. Brings so much the table in terms of personality. And unpredictability. Pet and they don't need to pick someone as VP who would stir the pot let Hillary do that. Let Hillary Clinton. Tate are on Donald Trump. You don't want someone to kind of you know she may not be that close where there may not get along with salt lot of people are thinking it will be a safe pick. Especially after Mike Pence again. Who doesn't really stir the pot culture campaign a when he. You've been out it was Clinton's announcement. Yeah I know what you. Going to be the Wall Street. Obviously the emails. Tends to damage. When he does he tax. For Clinton is that that the campaign likes to say as I said earlier it's about growing trumps words backpack. So. And all of her recent events whether it's on the economy or foreign policy Hillary Clinton is actually quoting Donald Trump and using the term. Donald Trump said. Quotes. I just reading because she almost wants to in a way. Scared Democrats motivate Bernie Sanders progressives. Into this feeling that Donald Trump is just that dangerous. That you need to go to the polls as she told Charlie Rose yesterday right but. I'm curious though occasionally trump was on the trail the primaries he's very that it moraine. Talking about how we at lying to head a little Marco. Good memories deal with those of the week that he had successfully not crooked Hillary but that's my question three crooked Hillary is not something. Used for six months he's only use it over here and not too much. Trail you talk to voters. That's actually on the way when you would be around any Republicans they would immediately associate Ted Cruz has a lot. And Hillary's. Wool Hillary's game obviously. Is not to you. Didn't respond directly she says to a lot of his accusations and his nickname so we're never gonna hear her really talk about that we're not gonna hear her supporters really talk about that I think did he feel like. She is the best option. Not just for Democrats but right now it this time and I think that Hillary pressing in. Dangerous. The threats. And Donald Trump with our nuclear codes it's her way out if she likes to say using. Policy positions or real situations. To kind of let the American public know that. This is a quote unquote dire situation and we need to do something about it worst trump. You don't he I think does talk about what a Hillary presidency would look like had he says. It'll look a lot like. Obama's. SARS surprise my friend John there yeah. It's I don't know networks. It's a good point I Obama's very popular right now via time. Work its way. It will be interest thing. We're here. It still Bob on the dvd is tying her to do when. More of NAFTA would it be another Clinton presidency. You know a couple different ways to be honest that's really what else comes down to an and I don't think we're gonna know just. It is frankly every. It's got to be one and you know you may ask why doesn't mean there are only a few months from the election. Well Hillary Clinton has been running for president. It's meant as some people say since 2008. And she has a theory. 2007. She's a very large network of friends confidant donor lawyers Joseph owners and so when she decided to run this time around for 2016. That campaign was set up early. Had money early and had staff early and so that was a little bit of a head start that she has and that's where they've been coming up with so much rapid response and hasn't. Truth is catching yeah but I also think that is well as Hillary may be prepared in my arm is. Is tired you want to hold a job very saying you what it nice guy and a hands free for the first time all week. Anyway so it is John was saying. Is Hillary can only prepare Hillary what they can only prepare. So much. For Donald Trump then you can have all the stuff in the world you can have all the rapid response but. He defeated. What was it sixty. Other Republicans in the primary. So. You know I think we just have to wait and see he'll have many morning days I have to ask. We're not gonna stop it from Hillary. And I think that the Clinton Campaign is taking him and treating him as of theory serious candidate. And on that note I want to let our buddy John. I run inside the runs and cover speeches. Josh see you later girl yeah and brewers tonight just reminder tunnel from junior's speech. Sources over the number. And for this moment under the sign off but I'm catch up with some delicate shortly because I want to watch. These remarks with daddy here outside get live baited by the minute reactions on the big screen so. Don't go anywhere we're staying with you all night here and ABC digital.

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