Breaking Down the Latest Poll Numbers After the Vice Presidential Debate

ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Ryan Struyk break down the latest poll numbers.
17:12 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Breaking Down the Latest Poll Numbers After the Vice Presidential Debate
He's he's Kaplan fox thanks for an And are easiest politics. Here are price struck at. Our polling group and we talked about last night stories we have a threatens big faceoff between Tim Cain and Mike Pence the only time that those two vice presidential candidates are gonna pay thought. Before the election in November. And what what we saw yesterday as an accident first time and it is actually the first time ever met. Orman in the same person and police. Why was he defensive. Kinds since. Com or cool collected now being. Truthful and McCain honestly isn't a statement that stretched into the Atlantic group talks he. About what you are counting until the early morning that we out of the morning he's process. That's where all week we were here till 3 o'clock in the morning. Diving into all of these eruptions these times that Tim Kaine jumped into the conversation. Might have something to Tim Cain the answer. Yeah now we thought Tim Kaine. Interrupting Mike hands. Fat in these times over the course of the night but that's almost why that's almost twice a minute. Management and those talking with a lot of obvious if you present and before you talk about being. Let's bring you guys who are you name for the it went that Sony sound. How don't change. As you can see we need to bring our our honorary guest here Battenfeld. Half of sedition act what are we can't. We're gonna break up the line here Catherine. It's really complicated so I do is a moment and then there will be here okay okay I'm going to take it like this we've written. Ma yeah we'll definitely get recycled bags and other cars hit the only dirty war yeah how. It is easy an open mind to be here. Well yeah and I'm high pressure here. If you really notable a day. Aaron yes. Chain enforcement person needed can't hear there not because we haven't you. Department are hoping here and I think you. Ari it. That I'm involved one of our problems digital editors and the bureau was a big part of our. Digital back to check fact checked not seen chat news and exactly. I a little more about the debates you actually have a couple of honorary guest in the bureau wreck while. Birth always should point out that Halloween is right around more believe the night. Are so. We had a full fat check teens here last night. I'm company for the fact that 1517. Of lots right but you're covered are hard at work is. Spaces and he's obviously for the presidential debate is that as you mentioned the parts time. I'm and the only time that these vice presidential candidates in face the first time they met so let's talk a little bit about these fact checks. I'm a couple of the ones that stood out and as. Right people will one of the major one of the night was I'm Tim Kaine continued to bring up over and over again the fact that Donald Trump has not released his tax returns. At one point tin cans that you know in 2014 before Donald Trump even really started running for president at all. Trump promised to release his tax returns if he ever ran for president right thing it's important for any candidate to do that and naturally happens. Right and that is something that you've been diving in to over the last week or so since news broke over the weekend. That in 1995. You can count. Again thank you tell your Defense Department apparently started in 1995. For McCain happens every page is up. Charles 95 tax return next. He was almost a billion dollars. Under act and and that's when in India did was up a student assistance look it's an interview. But the fact of the matter is that he didn't have to address these claims and really proof. I'm to the American people an immigrant businessman considering he's spent. His whole campaign talking about the fact that the incident. So he put on the defensive. A lot of times and came as you mentioned was. At dot com and it wasn't right and we gave that a great way to regain regain it. True Donald Trump says batting point fourteen he would release his taxes he says it was important for any candidate to release his taxes and he has not. I mean any thunder on it. And whether he's still under on it we don't know he says the F a however is not futile to release your tax returns and that's it and by Kane. Clinton Patrick Ryan. Kamal and one of the lingering kind of questions from this New York Times report is whether Donald Trump has really paid anything and personal federal income tax might write the last several years. Exactly and we still. It averaged anything that speed it couldn't have possibly a link and it is fun and Kelly comment on CNN last night make that. You think federal taxes cleared their arguments company or trunk. That you are separate incident the Plano was that. Loss of a billion. He is not illegal it's a loophole it's something. It thousands of Americans do want it turns however it usually doesn't total one. Billion dollars or nearly so so that is kind of shocking time McCain's statement on that was true. Now Brian you we're checking some of these last night where Cain said that the front pence ticket opposes the federal minimum wage you read to him that it. Right well as part now because without empathetic and all over the map on the federal minimum wage. Not like several other issues where he's flip flop throughout the course of this campaign so inmate Donald Trump. Was asked whether he yet. Wanted to raise the federal minimum minimum wage. And and that kind of thing you know he opposed the federal minimum wage and that's left of the State's defense and mag. But the and in an interview in July he was asked whether he thought he should raise the minimum wage and he thinks yes. So it's not exactly clear where about from stands on that issue. Mike patents we also don't have clear. And it clear indication on that question but when he was in congress who didn't vote against the federal minimum wage increase. And another one Lola time to one mark are technically sat out last night that. A little complicated I think Mike Pence carefully chose his words here I don't know youth group Rihanna back. He says Kane said that Tencent. Prudent is a stronger leaders. Rick Down for me. Right solace though it during the debate Tim Kaine sad. That Mike Pence said that proving you know better every following her in a better leader. And Obama. He's parsing words a little bit here pants and and interviews. That's absolutely me stronger leader. Pens tonight using the word leader so. Anyway you can see how obvious fact sex really become kind of injury case. Exercise in semantics here. And we gave Bradley worse kind of matters Graham gave Kansas State I don't know honestly true view in the back and forth. Bryant now. And you're the expert on space obviously. Face off last night tell me an eight is exactly pulls up front view that you've been going through these guys talking to last night. Are we going to see in the polls and the defending their running me. What are these all of your holes are telling you. Well well what that kind of misconceptions. About the day that about trying to convince people from the other side to come over to your side. It's really not about I don't know it's about motivating your pain and trying to keep your supporters who may be attempting to go to a third party. I kind of in line with your team. So that's where in the back half of the debate for example you saw Mike Pence talking a lot about abortion might have to really important issue to him. That's aimed at kind of the trump patent fees and trying to you kind of rallied air support and get them to turnout November. So one of the things we've theme. Over the last couple weeks has been that kind of in an erosion of Gary Johnson reports. Where people are starting to kind of split back off exits from and Clinton camps. It's and I would hammer that point on Gary Johnson because at the end of today he is taking anything. It's a look you see 10% of the food and others fine but yeah any conduct that that's significant number of people off. Especially when you have a race so close we are you seeing it. Gary Johnson is going is split more towards more towards Clinton it seems to add to. A little bit fort trump but it depends on who the yard so. White men without a college degree corker for trump. Does that part of that group that had been voting for Johnston started to return home front. Meanwhile. Women are tending to go back to Clinton might want to read one formal item that I think is really interesting. A month ago we had almost even split between. Among Ohio independence okay trump had 34%. Clinton at 29 shots and had 24. That's a really high well I'll return for Johnson. In the last month Johnson before it drops to just 8%. And almost all of them have gone to trial. Some out front with yeah. It's it's math and it's a huge shift trump now sitting at 52%. Of Ohio independent and that's why. Clinton kept getting a little nervous about the state of Ohio she doesn't need to win. But it it's looking more and more let me follow on that front. And so. Culpable for a second and looked into special guests. We have in DC bureau of what you think he or any other who's covering Hillary Clinton Campaign is trying. Well let doesn't like every day trip. Here today for. And a she looks. Up. And. And in your your. Hillary Clinton everyday you know this better than anyone in that business. What campaign. Saying about him please debate performance is there anything striking I think that you about it. First Hillary Clinton millions and so. I think what's most interesting music art that you expects the running and persons arrested him. You come mountains today he did a great job so and that we haven't seen. Are usually are campaigns and tweeting on Hillary's probably haven't seen one single tweeted signs. She actually I think than usual I would expect him to do that we also know that. She is now which came last night but she didn't actually call them night and it's you know and Martin in this morning. If anything the Indians have they anything about it the yes. A second and honest and I know Hillary Clinton's personal opinion but now and it's where she gave she gave 2 thumbs up this morning she ordered her plane passed about it. The campaign they heated. A great job that he did exactly what they want it which is what incidents heat up yesterday. To any. Hillary Clinton said. During practice that has spent a portion. Mike Pence gonna happen the birth of trying to defend his position and his record and up front and their point was that. Watch Mike Pence is knocking people actually sent. Don't trying to because they don't necessarily agree with his own. We're right and what we saw inside that is actually what you're seeing coming out is peoples who came my pentium line on that. When it comes to style. If you actually used checks if you actually look and he refused saying what's necessary. Agree with everything. He stands for back. That said Kane actually talked about me it was a little bit too eatery that point moments at an interim rate. You know he liked Nokia's strategy with a long track. But you know interest at night and even called mountain news. Through her clients that scary from Tony and only Hillary Clinton canceled pain. Have their lines these remember where. The parts you. In doing it hurts it wouldn't be getting desperate fear is now everybody and to track record. Scott and let let's say 34 games left green head neck. Oh. It's actually it's not crazy until the next of the six days DC fundraisers and its New York was his findings tomorrow and into C eight. Friday and Saturday reported to be on Sunday so a little bit quiet time in next week. Battleground states media for reasons. Three woman think she began intentionally leaked prior. Well everything how these debates can kind of you know start to change the trajectory of the race a little bit. What's really we what should we be watching for Monday and how is Hillary Clinton. And so as the agency right now hands she always has a home mortgage. Fees that you student evening. Who study hair and they're going to be not to be eaten from the Ukraine has her he explains I think there is the first thing we try. Yeah into the I think that it's time probably unique parent for a car partly to pay I think trumpets we county. Tuesday he odd things. You know restrains him but anything to chance he's going to explain their current national tanker contract. Here time but I think that they're still gonna go with your strategy shift within the first debate just being Paris again. Obviously intends to work. They're trying. Eventually it could have you here Sunday from our Hillary Clinton Campaign reporters here now. Political desk editor with a knotted based in New York Chris. On a random times you know here in DC is rapidly. Just talked about we don't talk I don't know much about that yeah. And that if you are so tell tell under the little bit about unity urinating. You to keep track. You know not only. A vigorous schedule on and let up in New York he never these candidates are all of them much more here in the primaries even. But it hasn't all time. Every time they haven't. So tell me there and they're all out today Hillary as the homeless here in DC Bill Clinton's what is on postwar Iraq and Ohio. And making about solves all over the place. Might hurt some of us we're as well in Virginia he decided he just wanted to stop for barbecue in between who have this copy so. Turkey tap some of us a little fun. And that's let actress yet on any can't have a schedule. Let you know and every day and implements. As it might have something. Yes I wouldn't let the logistics behind it and you know and prop department is would that mean for the does that like. Kind of payment awoken and if you did. That's why I didn't look like an analyst who do the math. Here's one your and other how do we get between the two where our resources. How do we get for this is an easy one but sometimes. One event will be here another will be here in the next over here how do we get our team event to event to event in between choate. Suddenly a hard Gladys my best friends and how do you make sure you have a camera I'm the candidate when it operative propped. Practice and will look for what happens once he is of course he's guns weapons of mass that follows them. I stop and luggage tags. That's exactly but it. That's a little easier now we Europe covering Carson in militant press bus. Net service and Iowa and answer. Those little tougher because you can really know. Sometimes did commitment to stop somewhere else or where he was in the sometimes you know. We're I have. You guys think you. For tuning in. Agassi's capped her daughter's Bryant struck breaking down last night's debate in the poll numbers. On Sunday we have the next presidential debate moderated by ABC's Marianne Martha Raddatz T shirts you tune in. We'll have full coverage of bat on and of course he sees FaceBook thanks much.

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