Breaking Down Roll Call at the RNC

ABC News' Candace Smith talks to delegates who participated in the roll call at the Republican National Convention.
6:59 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Breaking Down Roll Call at the RNC
I can't Candace Smith Brinkley Leno and I outside of the Republican. Convention visit with loans arena right here we just got done with its usual pomp and MXC standing here at the delegate from Ohio the hosting state. This racy dance and outright that can't do anything about what happened that was. Now. Has Clinton up to be the nominee and being an elegant girl I don't like us Miami Heat sink three. Bouncing facing illegals adding to our our nominee but now he's not the president of the nothing that you're not hired him. Wouldn't you think about all that I need at one point there. By listening the whole area. The republic yesterday on the whole. Appropriate. Wherever our democratic process oddly enough that's what's great about democracy and those kind of things that happens isn't ancient. It is what it isn't and some of them like they work. Did you say now your faithful Republicans. Going for I support him personally had no I think about it. Absolutely. Because we need you to find work if that's what's most important right now on the have come together we have to be in line on the yeah Hillary Clinton. On the mountain we have to toys we have not done yet. Not so we have that's on the ground county now count yeah absolutely. And one last question sending. His partner and lots of them threatening. That happens and when you think that it's yeah that's as arsenal's Lee song and everybody has choices and their rights and human illness when it is in the best Cleveland are hypocrites and I'll. Now that's still his and we we stand by now like I tell us. Britain's governor on in the United States and he's having now islands and they'll love you. In so I'll importantly. It's going to miss important. Happily looking here actually not. On Thursday on Thursday to close ranks yeah absolutely I rightly have a good time an area believed it thank you have that eight hour right. So I'm gonna show you where we are right now like that here is. Not. Serena. Why they're. And right there yeah. On the brink right now. All of they'd there has. I'm sorry yeah and I. Pack on the every. The thing. He certainly brings him eating lunch here. I'm hearing today. An interesting thing about it. We are thinking I'm. We hear. Telling me. Yeah. Yeah okay. Like accidentally or on a break right now we just acting very exciting world at all. We didn't I have. The decision had been drinking a conviction but this time insisting yesterday with a little contingent there are used to think that we are monitoring it and if they blew it. I'll go against the grain and I think he's got and this up Colombia where you're right here came through right there as the chairman. Decided to news they went easy it actually voted for it's a little bit complicated. But essentially the District of Columbia they believe quirky fit in rubio and that's what they announced the state guidelines require that this. One person in the race all of those delegate votes go to that one person. I've seen that one person with Donald Trump. And and that's the secretary of the convention. Recorded their votes as but the EC delegation about half of them. We're really happy with that and certainly look instead of calling for roll call vote. And they receive it right at the Colorado another state that has been prominently. Never shrunk in Philly dot delegates and there are green with the DC delegation. Decisions you. Announce their boat as the delegation ability we talked to DC division of want to share afterwards he said. Listen I pledged to the citizens of the District of Columbia to the delegation that I would it counts each boat. But Kate and rubio and that's what I did he told us that it would appeal of conscience that he felt like he can't think they can't even though it really didn't change anything. Like that announcement is now decently. Clinched the number of delegate votes needed to win the Republican nomination. But we can't call him the Republican nominee yet. Basically it's almost like the marriage went back at the opera the others not at that. And once Donald Trump when he speaks in front engine on Thursday. That the nomination. That's when this. It's not presumptive McDonald's month will be the nominee of the Republican aren't. Like that that that. It carrying around something healthy. I think it's sort of where rearm. Don't like McCain takes place at a this right here is on earth yeah. You can meet Ellen. Me I'm. He returned to. We can get all eager and alienation. Aren't. All the American flag you. My. Now. Okay okay. It's. There. Yeah. Yeah. Using powerful. In his right. In listening. For you where we are. So guys I eat I hope you keep tuning into ABC news there's a lot more coming up we have a lot of speakers. Figure any from Donna times children fifty truck was very rarely heard Ron. And also the eldest son John junior whose boat actually put him over the top today he's the delegate out of New York. We're getting here from. In other children AirTran tomorrow and then on Thursday. On the track. And introduced her father had he accepts the nomination makes you staging an ABC news thank you got to hang and live as we'll see Stan.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC News' Candace Smith talks to delegates who participated in the roll call at the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40717107","title":"Breaking Down Roll Call at the RNC ","url":"/Politics/video/breaking-roll-call-rnc-40717107"}