The Briefing Room: Analysis with our Powerhouse Political Team

Trump meets with the Italian prime minister amid trade tensions with Europe.
49:33 | 07/30/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Analysis with our Powerhouse Political Team
Auburn law and accountable. Stretched all the way back. To ancient Rome. This proud parent sustains our civilization. And must be always. Defended. Today. Prime minister counting. And I are pleased to announce a new strategic data between Italy and the United States. That will enhance cooperation. On a range. Other issues. This includes joint security efforts. In the Mediterranean. Where we recognize Italy's leadership role in the stabilization of Libya and North Africa. Has been terrific. But the prime minister and I are focused on the urgent need to protect our nation's from terrorism. And on control. Migration. Our countries have learned through hard experience that border security is national security they are one and the same. Like the United States Italy is currently under enormous strain and as a result of illegal immigration. And they floated heart. And the prime minister frankly is with us today because of illegal immigration. It really got tired of it. They didn't want it any longer. The people literally have borne a great part of the burden for Europe. Through the course of the migration crisis. I applaud the prime minister for his bold leadership truly bowl. And I hope more leaders will follow this example including leaders in Europe. The prime minister and I are united in our conviction that strong nations. Must have strong orders. We have a solemn obligation to protect our citizens. And their quality of life. My administration. Is working hard to pass border security legislation. Improved adding. And establishing a marriage based immigration system. Which the United States needs very very importantly very badly. As far as the border is concerned and personally. If we don't get border security. After many many years of talk. Within the United States I would have no problem. Doing it shut down its time we had proper order security. With a laughing stock of the world we have the worst. Immigration laws anywhere in the world. In our meeting today the prime minister and I discuss ways to enhance our cooperation. In the fight against terrorists. Also has to do with borders secured. A want to thank the Italian people for Italy's contributions to counter terrorism. And operations. In the coalition to defeat prices. Where we've had a tremendous success as you know. And detonated his resolute support mission in Afghanistan. The prime minister and I also agree that the brutal regime in Iran must never be allowed to possessing nuclear weapon never. We encourage you all nations to pressure Iran to end the full range of it's my line activities United States. Welcomes the partnership. Of Italy and these vital efforts. Today. We are also addressing the crucial issue of trade and comers. Where working closely with our European partners including Italy. To ensure fair and reciprocal threat. A few days ago I met with president Jacques. Of the European Commission way to great meeting. Following that meeting we announced a breakthrough agreement to remove trade barriers and increase. United States exports. Of agriculture energy and other goods and services. To the European Union. Now is also the perfect time to expand commerce between the United States and Italy. America's booming economy setting records and so many categories. Creates enormous opportunities for investment. Likewise I recommend investment in Italy. Great place with great people. I look forward to working closely with the prime minister to open up new commercial opportunities that will reduce nitrate deficit substantially. An increase our mutual. Prosperity. Mr. prime minister. We just guessed our shared all of combating unfair foreign trade practices. From non market economies. They're brutal but. We're winning. These abuses include subsidies excess capacity intellectual property debt. Fool us technology to answer currency devaluation and distortion. Caused by state owned enterprise. In this area. Like so many others cooperation between Italy and the United States. Can make a tremendous difference not only over our country's. But all over the world and it's making a big difference and we're making a big differ. It's tremendous difference. On trade and aren't fairness. We also have to be fair to the people of the United States and the taxpayers of the United States. Mr. prime minister thank you again for joining me for these important discussions. We're both outsiders to politics and you believe we are outsiders. Look at all these wonderful politicians. And were both determined to protect their rights it needs and interest and dreams of our citizens. And we will do that I look forward to partnering with you. To build on the incredible friendship between our countries and to create. A brighter future. For both the people of Italy and the people of the United States and with that. I just want to again thank you very much for coming to the White House. Is my great honor thank you. Good afternoon. Operating get the English thank you present to around for this kind invitation. For these warm hospitality. Only two months. After that for my show on my code. I think it I think he did as a sign. Of a special the special attention to eat early. It to me as well. Go off for QB but I don't want toting announces a pretty let's. For speaking in my wonderful land which is now. Anybody to hello. Bloated egos are I would like to consider the Cuomo also some that it men. Two Peabody. To all via. The. Families. And all of the members of the families of food to the victims. The fires that took place recently in California. I'd also like to. Say a very. Very. Affectionate hello to all there the friends Kenya. So our relationship is a very long run it goes way back then today we had ended even more and I am extremely happy about this. At this very fruitful encounter here and in the at the White House. We have made another stance hand. In a watered to intensify. Our. Cooperation. Or worked together to make it even. Adequate. These he the geo political economic. Situation on the ground from June 1 if there's another element. That brings us even closer the United States and Italy my government and the trump administration. Are both governments that represent change they were chosen by citizens in order to change the status quo. And two prove that her life conditions. There's so many things that bring this together that unify us in Italy as in the United States. We are doing what we had promised during our electoral campaign and we are working in order to again. Answers to the expectations of our citizens. So that we won't disappoint them and we don't betray our men died. In Italy in the United States we are proving that change is possible. Donald and I have concentrated on a number of topics and we both have agreed upon and reached the following results. Which in part where. Already. Mention today. We all have made a great step ahead we will start. Working. In Italy it's paid directorship. At a Booth as it works in the Mediterranean between Italy and the United States I would say that there almost twin. Countries in which it'll Lee is becoming a reference point in Europe. And a privileged interlocutor for the United States for the main threats. And challenges that we have before us. Terrorism after all the crises that we see in the Mediterranean. And in particular in regards of India. Secondly. The American administration also recognizes that Italy has a leadership role. As a promoter country that will lead to the stabilization. Of the Libya. And of course does with. As great respect for him. The aggregate population with the United States we will be working in order to reach these results. And and we will decide what needs to be done aid view of this result. I am truly thankful to you Donald for your support. Thirdly. In terms of immigration. I also described president trump the innovative approach that Italy has put forth. And the European Union now has the responsibility. Did not leave that the weight of the management of immigration. On the shoulders. Of the country's affairs to rival like Italy is. And as you heard the president trumps state we appreciate this contribution which is provided by the Italian government. Which is providing throat good results. We are talking about an approach to multi level approach in order to try to resolve the phenomenon. Immigration not because of an emergency but because this is a structural. Approached I want to underline this is in line with the position of president trump. Which goes from the respect and dignity of people to make sure that fundamental rights are protected. And it wants to make sure that these rights are trampled. Over because these people are the hands of criminal bats I also want to underline that the world. A day for the news. Exchange of human beings is going to be celebrated I also told president talked I'm very satisfied forehead the understanding that we've reached very recently between ourselves and be president of the European Commission Joker. I believe at this understanding is that fundamental and that we start we have to work upon it immediately. Bringing our efforts together to make sure that European American and Italian citizens. Receive the benefits. A more equitable. Trade relationship which is completely reciprocal. And once again. As far as Russia. Is concerned you know that Italy is favorable to a dialogue with Russia but Italy also. Considers that the dialogue between the United States and Russia is fundamental. So that we could have. Positive results in a more global perspective for stability and security. Purposes. In terms of energy security president trump at nine. Also found ourselves in agreement with the need. To make sure that there is any greater diapers a vacation for these sources. That energy and to make sure that the roots yeah energy routes are diversified. As well. And finally I personally am sure that we can increase and improve the relationship with the United States at all levels. And in particular in that in the space an aerospace. Feels we also already have a great. Partnership between the Italian space agency and Gaza so we hope that aero space. Roll up. Bring together at American technology Italians technology. So that week and launched new aircraft out. Cross the atmosphere and will be able to bring the United States and Italy and together in a an hour and a half this as a project that I'd like to speak indeed tale with the American administration I. Thank you for your attention. Here please state committee thank you. Daily caller thank you Mr. President. To follow what you were saying about the checked announcer. Are you saying that you would be willing to shut the government down in September if it does not fully fund 25 billion dollars worth of your Porter wall. And also delivered all of the immigration priorities that you listed in your tweet. Or are you leaving some room for negotiation there. Always leave room for negotiation. But there's been many years loses injures trump administration. We're new has been many years even decades we have. Immigration laws we have border security we have all sorts of things going on that are. It's disgraceful we are doing a phenomenal job was setting records but we have laws that don't work. So were working around those laws and it's unfortunate I have to take me at my hat off to the border patrols would the law enforcement ice. Which really has been maligned by the Democrats a job they do. They go into these MS thirteen guests. And yes as bad bad people killers in many cases. And they go in there fearless and they do an incredible job and they get him out. They go to jail or they get out of the countries are when it just take my hat. Off to ice and the brave people that have really been maligned by the Democrats. We need border security. Without a border that is this gentleman can tell you also as the prime minister really was it was a very big factor in his win. And other people's went in Italy but it was a big factor in my way we need border security border security includes the wall. But includes many other things we have to end. The lottery raft and the chain the chain is it like a disaster you bring one person and end up with 32 people. We have to end these horrible catch. And release release principles what you catch somebody. You take that naming you release them you know even though they are and then this supposed to come back to a court case was that want us to hire thousands of judges. The whole thing is ridiculous. And we have to change our laws we do that through congress so I would certainly be willing to close it down. To get it done as you know we are already improving things in various bills including we're going to be taking care of the military railways. Put the military and law enforcement very high. But I would be certainly willing to consider shut down if we don't get proper border security thank you please. Sir just a follow up on my quickly as the 2.5 billion dollars a red line for you. I have no red line and like President Obama I just want great borders secured. An. Mr. prime minister. Here in the United States amongst our commentary it there was a consensus that the president's appearance at the G-7 and NATO damaged our relationship. With those institutions as a member of both of those institutions. What is your assessment of the president's appearance at. CIA live. You sit there and. Both at the G-7 and that night at night. We had that very fruitful exchange of views and opinions. And positions. I think. To all of these positions and balances which are expressed with Scott AT and provide a good regional outlook took to the view. Well established positions are more than welcome there is a twelve X trying to we had a Cotuit change both that the G-7 summit and that make us comment. In different frameworks. We put in stands in the framework on days seven. Some eight to we agreed on the need to for re forming that WTO. System that TO. It's. Year old addresses them which hinted that China as and the mud and country. You can't understand that applying that same little yeah that we've apparently did the Condit and imagine country. Clearly means that having a system which is not a was functioning and stop whether irrational. And they took that once IPS that's vacant by president Tom we tied personally share. Badly. He expressed an association and the need to to read patents. The expenditure. Which is that bull and a tradition of and that the states we chased any disproportionate. These absent the reasonable positions and and I president say that integrated talent and that would be. That's made big carrier. The passage about try and make gather us understand these decisions as let me not negotiate United States to find that the I in just OP tide and tickets at a concedes that the Europeans. Also like. Is it that but I do think you use it because it's been very unfair it's we had a very good G-7 meeting. That's where Giuseppe and I became friends. I think we were probably more closely aligned than anybody else in the room. But it was a great meeting. In every respect I would say it was very good and NATO in particular. I went to NATO. And NATO is essentially going out of business because people weren't paying and it was going down down down you just have to look at Illini came along last year. And in a fairly nice stone I said you gotta pay. And it paid 44 billion dollars more. And this year rice edited a little bit stronger town and they're paying hundreds of billions of dollars more over the years. And NATO will be strong again. And if you speak to. And Secretary General Stoltenberg. I think he's the biggest fan of trump. Because he said we couldn't collect money until president trump came along. And he said last year we collected 44 billion dollars and this year the money is pouring in. But it's like to prime ministers and we really. Talk about imbalance we were treated very unfairly the United States was treated very very unfairly. Because where children anywhere from seven 1090% of the cost of NATO that's not fair. It's not fair especially when you take Germany. And Germany's paying 1% the little more than 1%. And there are buying and paying tremendous amounts of money to Russia. So where is supposed to protect countries from Russia but they are paying Russia. Billions and billions of dollars for the energy. Not good not a good situation. And I let it be in so the bottom line is the NATO countries are now paying a lot more money. And it has become a lot stronger because it and I appreciate your answer thank you please. Mosul. A Zhu visited schools and you go. Sorry Donna may I add something on say that. As a and has a great huge expedient at that Laurie air traffic accident to a strong get. Support. And I advocate of the image the inches of the American people land get medic in county is a great negotiator. I'm told them. Eighties and the idea is that policy walking from a deceptive who wants to ask a question. It. Potentially tying an economy under performs red. Given your stellar success in the US economy. What do you think would reignite the Italian economy and what role do you think the EU should play on it and president contact do you think president Strom form it would work and Italy as well. I can answer the biggest thing Italy needs is great leadership and they haven't right now I really honestly believe the prime minister. Is going to do a tremendous job and economic development in addition to borders. You know for economic development you need borders also but. You have a man that's going to do a terrific job I have no doubt about it at all. He knows how to sell he knows how to promote really a great product because they make among the greatest products one and mention their names but they are great. I have some of them. And Italy makes great product and I think it's gonna do very well economically and where they are to help we have had record. Numbers. I've been here for little more than a year and a half and we've had record numbers we've had record we've had numbers it nobody believed possible especially if you look at. One particular fact that it was not reported very much a trade deficits 52 billion dollar reduction. In the trade deficit for the quarter and I think probably. Stephen ancient treasures here and Mike Pompeo I think nobody would've thought that would be possible so quickly 52 billion dollar reduction in the trade deficit for the what works. I think that Italy's gonna be able to do the same thing slightly different numbers but the same thing. You they European Union playing on the matter sir. And your admission of the what role do you think the European Union should play in their readmission. Accepted that I don't. That would the year be huge on two fantastic meeting last week. We're having a hard time in and I did mention tariffs on cars. And we got along very well. Very well I think bigotry is very fair. And wouldn't treat them fairly but as you know it's been a one way street the European Union has totally taken advantage of the United States we can't let that happen. Not fair to the United States. And by the way Italy. Has a 31 billion dollar surplus with the United States meeting. We have a 31 billion dollar trade deficit. With Italy and we discuss that and we'll work something. Within which something had thank you. Told me. Pool. Prodded. I'm Betty and yes that Betty and is. The EU records. And that growth figures are thematic and economy we discussed that people with dark note that. I'm these are systems which cannot become head because GAAP acne Jude's. Autism marked as which are Betty different about this segment I'm and is pat and teaches at the same time as the government leader. I'm ambitious where my economy to do. I locked much more than what was done in the past the epic adding misuse of structural reforms which we we'd be subjecting. To the attention of WP and partners to news. I do not one to the tax reform to be set to site. It was a leverage in this country for economic growth that. And deadly pre sentence if so whether it comes tactic giving Piacenza average economic growth that male working all it's on. Streamlining. And simply buying at Wright tape administration. Regulations that we're tying to. And they Mina a tent collapse and pockets of trying to speed up at this six try you wrote that. The procedures. Proceedings or sectors to get eyewitness it is hip income. Which was aboard those people who lose that job two's fine and you won. With these are all of the reforms that we considered to be positive adamant to present an economic average of four hours. Country which can and try and meet Cha the grows back. This one of the biggest things that we've done obviously the massive tax cuts but. May be equal to. Would be tremendous cuts in regulation and I know Italy well and they have a lot of regulation. And I have no doubt that the prime minister Giuseppe will be working very hard of that but I think she's a picket safe from our simple and one of the most important things we did was cutting massively. These horrible regulations and I believe so strongly in the environment I want that cleanest air the cleanest water the cleanest everything the best everything. But you had ten regulations for every point in some cases it was ridiculous. It would take many years to get a highway or road approved we have that weighed down we have a down to two years and it'll hopefully be down to one anime get rejected. But at least it's going to go quickly. So we want regulation but it's gotta be cut to a minimum and do the trick. And I think that Italy will follow suit and they've looked at it very strongly that if Alice's. Thank you thank you very much. Roberta wrapped in of writers please repair. Oh. Thank you Mr. President. He spoke a bit about Iran today you and your discussions and I'm wondering if you could tell us. What you think are on the institute of reduce some of the tensions. And you've met with them the leaders of North Korea and Russia are you prepared also where are you willing to meet with president can Lonnie. And under what conditions and have there been any preliminary discussions about something like that. Anybody I believe in meeting. The prime ministers and it better than anybody can say it speaking to other people especially when you're talking about potentials of war and death. And famine and lots of other things you me there's nothing wrong with meeting we met. As you know with chairman Kim and it you haven't had a missile fired off and nine months we got our prisoners back. So many things have happened so positive. But meeting with people I had a great meeting in my opinion of course if they used to govern that way but had a great meeting with. President Putin of Russia that was a great meeting. In terms of the future. In terms of safety and economic development and protecting Israel and protecting. Everybody at that it was a great meaning great meeting with NATO I just explained it hundreds of billions of dollars more money. We'll be paid into NATO the coffers of man. And majority has so I believe in mating I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet I don't know that they are ready yet to have a hard time right now. But I ended the year and it was a ridiculous deal. I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to me and I'm ready to meet anytime they want to on I don't of that from. Strength or from weakness I think it's an appropriate thing to do if we could work something out that's meaningful. Not the waste of paper. That the other deal was I would certainly be willing to me. Do you have preconditions for that meeting no preconditions that want to meet only anytime they want. Anytime they were good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world. No preconditions they want to meet army. Prime minister. When it's it to ask if you and the president does you talked boats stated the need to stabilize Libya. I wanted to ask if you in the president discussed. Working together on energy production in Libya in some way. Did you discuss oil production in Libya DC a way for the United States to become involved there. Perhaps with Italy's how. We. This cost of the problem out fast agonizingly idea. And obviously the security team to be guaranteed for the whole over the Iranian area. You see. It's not only a problem all the migration routes of Manny of the migration routes from topic and countries that. Concentrate in the elite be an area but it's also problem all the security in general. Because what incidents as fidelity migration routes and a foreign Titus might reach as utopia in the Terry tardy. So agents which could who could carry these batteries to expect we didn't discuss Indy today is at the problem this. Sadly. It is our intention to respected they get population we have not to even buy a economic interests we have not to even by the problem of vanity supply. Out went inches that Adam is find view I can. And the house about oddities that that I am going to organize in agreement to waive that president Tom. I'm going to organize a conference on Libya. We would like to Diaw and this costs all of the issues that relate into the empty when he boldly or the state code as actors are dark and is sent. In that home of the admitted Iranians that we agreed to discuss economic house as adults of social aspects. The detection of sit at writes that. The. Drop them. Constitution a process op. Get to democratic elections in condition of the app missed a stability. Equally. I'm told that the united it'll not the from stomped past I'm wants to ask a question. Thank you. I have a question to rested then prime minister Claude van that question to president took top. Asked city spending issues. On the tape but we give credit administration of one of that month. D.'s. Functions. To Russia. Since aid to leave that to Maine and government properties. In Aiken is sad that they want to leave this operations on rushed out what's your present position. Attic apartment government that scenes that you make a decision is asking for these actions to be kept it yet I don't clients ETA eight. Gas pipeline that the a medic got department cost to continue with that lack of why that asked some ambiguous positions in nature you mentioned this project and at. The expected five program out what is it any going to do with atypical the program pang. I'm going to it's in relation to the sanctions now on rush I'm going to repeat what I said dec. Before because I've read it taken as found in order of the international atomic I'm going to be boarding this. The Italian government. Is not changing and is respected. We open to dialogue with the brush. We do beauty that rush she. Plays a fundamental role in order. International geopolitical crisis is so thinking that. Rush act can be kept out I don't expect that topped arms that people who want to solve problems that. We cannot choose the counter products immediately is that we must accept NC at that table and acres eight Avant I don't. With those who are. And we got our counterparts as far as these actions system. Specifically it's got its I wet wet sat back to that that system Stein mean from the Minsk agreements. At the outcome. And it's connected to the implementation of the means tag Lehman's. So it is good at that date is unthinkable today to lead to all but night at those sanctions that how wet out. Exactly that goes out open to data with Russia. That position up by governor Ed has been state did today. Stay that way is tune. Make sure that he says that amounts aren't just hasn't affected the civilized that the fix society. Hasn't affected the economy does what a medium sized enterprises. In Russia Italy from this part of your hatchet tradition of intense economic relations with Russia in that respect now. In order to test once again with the final. Statement sanctions against ross' sap. I knocked and can not read this and and then. Second issue. John said to addict pipeline I discussed this president Tom. I. Reported during game that might government this would aware of the fact that it's a strategic whack and tans and ages apply. To it's really add to the south of Europe and giving an area. We have to get way out the fact that this can bite at contribution all its in Italy new world. All of that the and energy system and it of additional coal which is part of our program. At the same time I have equity. Informed president come from that asked some. Uncertainties that I'd Oca communities. That it is at the pipeline that would Latin debt. Since problems past BE. Pay east directly and not trying to bite that no one's backed AT&T as soon as possible I. This casts the issue whidbey competent ministers and that would go and meet all current mayors and local communities trying to find. I solution which it will take into account the concerns of the company that's. Is act that as you know. Jeanne this is a program which was that is cited in Thailand 2002. That agreement was signed it happened to it's. Feet big. BO time in two. Talking about attack needs for defense and security as that government. We. Police armed CP. Evaluating this surprise you as you know. It's an idea. Or have been issued which is in place and these artists are. Issues. Because there where it is pretty complex will what continue to pound August ire and make all would be necessary. Choices. In it Cox's great view that means different security being put it to us product with our pop the top stories. And thank you very much sanctions on Russia will remain. Asses. As far as a pipeline is concerned I'd like to see a competing. Pipeline so mr. prime minister I hope you're going to be able to do that competing. Pipeline. And we are already talking to the European Union about building anywhere from nine to eleven ports which they will pay for. So that we can ship. Our LNG over to various parts of Europe and that will be more competition. But these sanctions on Russia will remain as is OK thank you very much everybody thank you thank you. He. And that was president alpha taking a couple of questions along time the prime minister of Italy some news to get to hear on Monday on ABC this little director recline during your by just official. Serena Marshall we got terror pulmonary joining us. As well from the White House. And a bunch of headlines from over the weekend into today the president talking knew about a government shutdown thinking a lot about Robert Mueller with the palm out of work trial. About to begin some new rings around the Supreme Court nomination of a Kavanagh as well. But the news added this brief Q&A that we just heard is the president expressing interest in meeting with the the president of Iran Bonnie without preconditions just. Yet that that would be new on. And really 180 from what we saw it yet out last week just of the game last week don't forget he was basically threatening that huge all caps sweater. Threat about you know you. Only with yeah. So so yet that it's a better reversal on its sword to fit a pattern you like create this hysteria. Q a meeting and then claim like everything's fine now wouldn't it remains missing what a meeting what looked like. Exact same pattern for weeks on fire and fury and the caps locks tweets and then suddenly they sat down together and came to some kind of an agreement the question here though is if he meets with her money. Does that actually mean anything because in Iran unlike in North Korea the president doesn't hold a whole lot of power Lawrence when he met with Kim Jon and he actually had the power to negotiate for the country. An ironic how the Ayatollah Khomeni actually be the one to make those final decisions and so the idea the question of who the president when it meaningless and other even want. And tariff on our we know that the president is only a couple of weeks away from some key decision points after having ripped up the Iranian. Nuclear deal is this coming is a bit of a surprise this openness or do you feel like it's just up a piece for the president. Kind of the generic oral planet he would anybody. I think it is sort of generic I I meet with anybody would I was really surprised to hear him you know he calls that. Then a run DL a way waste of paper but you know he said. Many people might say the same thing about the deal he did in Singapore with Kim Jong own and that. It's just really. It's it's really a piece of new right now and it would just mean that we are continuing that the dictator tour we end up in Iran. Of course that was only one sheet of paper that a North Korea deal right. And a large area Cutler countries sign on news. Period. All right let some of the of the president's act greeted at the political environment yesterday with a bit of a bit of a shock for a hundred days out from the mid terms in the president. We did that that he was up for good shut down shut down quotes today he pretty pizza on camera fearless and when he said as part of his opening statement few minutes ago. As far as the border is concerned and personally. If we don't get border security. After many many years of Paul. Within the United States I would have no problem. Doing it shut down. Do it don't shut down that over immigration rhetoric the president laid out these priorities for immigration include changing to merit based system. Getting rid out the lottery system chain migration. That isn't simply just here's some money for your border while that is comprehensive. Immigration reform. And that's something that they try to do in 2013 the most recently passed in the senate it would have included almost. Thirty billion dollars for border security it past 68 to 32 it never went anywhere in the house. And now suddenly we're gonna try comprehensive immigration reform as part of a budget deal in the next. Month or so it's just seems unrealistic but it's drying. And Atlantic isn't erupt. He says that he had no problems right now in this state the obvious many in his party huge problem. Mom it appears to be a political strategy I mean. If he thinks that this is does that mean most wrote in a word that that'll just hurt the numbers in the mid terms. But if he thinks that this is a rallying cry this it this juices that kind of energy that the Democrats have now and that's a strategy I mean. You know he is an unconventional politician and this would be truly un match. Republicans like the fight over port security with the don't like is a fight over hopefuls were shocked yeah and it shut down remember neither habit either party excuse me neither house this house or senate. Have give and that full 25 billion dollar eyes closed night and close. Five billion in the house it's one point six in the senate and the fact that he's now saying it wants all these other things included and think back to you. Earlier this year when they check on the government for three days over the drinkers. And I think we've got Jon Karl joining us from that room the president just wrapped up and John what's your take on the likelihood of a government shutdown I know you're talking about is have been on DNA we've heard it before from the president any reason I think this more seriously. I don't think so if you're asking whether or not there'll be a government shutdown before the election I thought it was. Notable that the president in his tweet and also again here today I did not put a time frame on that government shutdown that the congressional leadership. Met with the president last week they had an agreements among themselves a strategy agreement essentially. Two. Two. Pushed off the flight over hopeful wall funding until after the election. I don't see any indication from what the president said here today or from what he said and it's tweet that that necessarily is changed. I mean we'll have to see he was asked directly. If you were saying that he would shut the government down before the election and he did not answer that. And John before you go I want your take on another topic that's popping in the president's Twitter feed in the last a couple of days he is fired up on the rob Robert Mueller front. A whole series of tweets about the witch hunts of the illegal he calls it in illegal in a legal scam of witch hunt. The Mueller pro Rudy Giuliani the president's attorney was out this morning and I want to play this and get your reaction to John. Because both a lot of people confused about the timeline and sequence of events that take a look at Rudy Giuliani. Instead of model after Rudy Giuliani president Trump's attorney former New York City me I've been sitting here looking in the federal coach trying to fight collusion. As a crime its not collusion is not a crime everything it's been really self Marshall the president to be absolutely Anderson joining wrong. So Jon Karl did do a bit of a bit of a shift in not explanation for Rudy Giuliani on this whole collusion front he's also suggesting that there may have been another meeting. To discuss that that that the trump tower meeting discuss what the information that they thought they get from the Russians it seems like he keeps thickening the plot that they're trying to simplify. Yet he sure does and and I I don't think you're the president's talking points I think. Rick you'd agree it's been perfectly consistent on the bottom of a part of say this there is no collusion. That is that is that is the position of the president not conclusions on a crime there's no collusion. What's not I obviously there were a lot of questions here to ask you had a you know a joint press conference the president has not answered questions and some time. Do you have been precious few White House briefings by the Press Secretary and you had all these developments related to the special counsel the president's argument. This is a re do witch hunt escalated an argument saying that Mueller himself as conflicted. Lots of questions about that what is the evidence what is he talking about lots of questions about Michael calling. And yet not a single one of those questions faster the sprout. Indeed all right Jon Karl let's get back to it and he'll have a full report on world news tonight and a little bit of time thank you John. Obviously the president's preoccupied by all of this it does seem like this is a very peak week with Paul map for on trial that you see you call illegal witch hunt scam whatever you want. The president's former campaign manager is going to be on trial this week. But not. Or anything related to Russia in fact the judge that they don't even hear that word collusion during this hearing a but it will be really interesting because look at fully out of its finances will have. More than 35 witnesses demolished and a call five of those getting immunity so we'll definitely get some kinda inside look at this man who. Was chosen as the president's campaign manager who did run the committee. McCain campaign Q and so it'll be a really interesting in the president's obviously. An illusion that trump tower meeting on June 9 through sixteen which has gotten so much sense now that Colin says that trump knew. About that meeting ahead of which is its latest acquisition which is obviously. When things I got trump so irritated this weekend and we saw just that that him unleash those sweet. And terra pulmonary and you talked Rudy Giuliani over the weekend on this Michael Cohen affair that are quite fired up over over Cohen we've seen the White House. Aides and including Rudy Giuliani go to war with Michael cone once one of the president's closest confidant. That's right at one time they were saying you at an honorable man and lawyer those are the words. From Rudy Giuliani you George Stephanopoulos and now he's calling him a liar and suggesting that the tapes. And he handed over to prosecutors those twelve states where doctors he said that it comes legal team actually hired experts. To examining the tapes to see why it appears that certain portions were taken out of that I mean if you listen that dates it's very clear that it cuts off. Right at the and a right in the middle of when they're talking about how to pay off they sat Playboy bunny who alleged affair with with president trump. But you know it's really incredible he told me that they have ended their joint defense agreement. And they're not sharing information and that means that calling no longer has that financial support of the trump campaign. When dealing with his legal bills and you know he can only imagine how their mounting right now considering the southern district in the New York is is investigating him for fraud in financial. It's even without any charges being filed are tariff on Larry. Thanks for being here thanks for joining us up from from the White House and guys one other note to gay some news on the Supreme Court front that we do have a confirmation. Battle that is looming that Democrats have a hard time getting traction they lost wanted to pop possible avenues from. Blocking Brett Cavanaugh earlier today some of the Rand Paul Quinn announced some concerns he at some concerns over. Judge Kavanagh is positions on some privacy issues now Rand Paul says that that he is on board. Rand Paul's on boards that helps the Republicans because they can't afford to lose any of them they still only have fifty votes though if they get every single Republican on board and that's still. A big questions and they are going to see. Brett Cavanaugh was some Democrats and back. That's happening today evening with Joseph mansion important meeting and I'm boring meeting he voted to confirm the president's last Supreme Court peck and this'll probably come down to. Cabot on skis on obamacare that's really or Tennessee. This issue come up between whether mansion can get behind it or not he did have a vote on an obamacare ruling and its. Two to one to actually that Obama cares favor when he was on the federal bench. They kind of also kept himself away from making a distinction on if he supported obamacare and not ruling. Now there's a lawsuit it's currently being had in Texas against the United States against the call for preexisting conditions they're saying. Now they don't have the me and date that everybody has to have health care. There should be no means they have to cover preexisting conditions. And they US attorney general Jeff Sessions has said we're not going to defend this law silly. Attorney generals from democratic seats have stepped up to defend the obamacare law which means that is likely going to be in front of the Supreme Court. You can see another AC eight by up there on Capitol Hill and he is a vote could be the deciding factor which is what really is going to be the determining factor of mansion can get. And that that meeting that matches having right now so perhaps a command says them afterwards all right look forward to all of that thanks for being here just officials read a Marshall I'm Rick Klein thanks for watching we're back here next time here at ABC news like.

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