'The Briefing Room': Bannon bombshell, Congress' 2018 to-do list and more

ABC News' political team analyzes today's White House press briefing.
3:00 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': Bannon bombshell, Congress' 2018 to-do list and more
Steamboat you the president called for critics to be fired from their jobs I don't think it's necessarily critics. Over the certainly happy for people it had different opinions here but there's a difference between different opinions and different facts. And people are entitled to an opinion but they're not entitled to their own facts. And we have a big problem with people putting out misleading information those are very different. Thanks so much. Happy Wednesday welcome to the briefing room coming Q for the Washington bureau of ABC news on Afghanistan TT alongside our deputy political director. Mary Alice parks and Justin has sought White House team. You know if you haven't. Up a copy of the book say that's because. But every week in his book and it's still not out and it's driving everybody the White House crazy. We're gonna talk about that and much more guys because this book coming out by Michael wall. It's gone bonkers it's not out at world giving bits and pieces. And is loaded and Steve ban for. It airs at Exxon action saying yeah. Ever have yeah. Getting back together at today's all about right the official Parikh of president throughout its DP and in these two men exchanging statement. Let's look officially through my house through hazardous stationery and by this reporter in this book. And you really just absolutely at odds out no longer working together once partnership now. Justin your take on this week announcing. Right this book basically breaks down the first year. The trump presidency and mostly told through. And in his words it seems in this interview with Mike wolf. If it's just startling that did the newsroom literally fell silent as we read through all these things. The details go on and on but it's it's it's is it talks about the general dysfunction. And he makes you wonder when band left and NASA used fire and it is going to war room and win something like this comes out you have to wonder who really is he going organs now he seems that you're saying he happened over the present himself and not fighting. For the for the president against the trump family I mean this book just eviscerate everybody. In the White House close to the White House close to the present for some time and you see so many people in this book what would it. An outcome here I think 1%. I wouldn't it president way. You eat a stunning book you know from the press briefing just wrapped. At the president is furious and disgusted. Bible the comments from the book and it Steve Bannon is former chief strategist the White House releases statement earlier today we have a clip of that. We're the president actually reacted on the record to the book said Dan and when he left the White House lost his mind. Among other things I want to go up to Capitol Hill where our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is now curled in Erie. Kind of fell silent over here as Justin said reading through this I know you were pouring through eight. You know to a couple members of congress happy and kindness order answer read it to you. I would imagine ever want in Washington and a lot of people around the country are reading this book released the excerpts that have come out so far what I thought was so. Astonished to camps are I don't have a Taylor swift's song to go ways like my comment here today. But that. In the briefing just now there seems to be had quite a bit of revisionist history here as to what really the relationship was between the president. And Steve band and the fact that the president came out with this statement suggesting that Steve Bannon was just a staffer. And as you mentioned when he left the White House they have claimed he was fired that he lost his. His job lost his mind. Court. Think critical role in the president's victory a critical role in the president's campaign introduced you know so very well and also. He wasn't. And wants his top strategist at the white house on park. In a position of power with his chief of staff that nothing to be something. They that there Huckabee Sanders is downplaying when asked by our own facility abate of one of the president. No regrets his relationship with Steve bandage sort of punted and pointed back to the president's. At statement previously but it is remarkable the way that they're now trying to just. Distanced the president from Steve Bannon an active that he hasn't been a critical player in the president's administration and whenever Steve man has been a critical player a lot of these races. The we've seen around the country in fact just today Democrat Doug Jones of Alabama was sworn in here on the senate floor that was a rate that Steve Bannon had quite. Heavy handed he would report backed Roy Moore the Republican ended up but. And you off day at even after he tried to get the president involved. In that reason backing Roy Moore as well so banning it plays a huge role not only in his administration. In the past but also in the Republican Party going forward he's an incredibly. Did this it figured out to see the White House Bryant say well wait a second the president he actually aren't that close pretty astounding. In the area let's have Siegel back down the block to the White House refine ABC's Jordan Phelps Jordan. I know you've been talking to people over the White House I have as well pretty stunned annoyed and very angry. Are some of their actions I've heard what have you been hearing today smoke air reaction to this book. Analysts that it directly there and that briefing if she didn't. Wanna go there but she sat that you know being discussed it. Ayman appalled by something like that this is it pretty normal and natural reaction snow. I we can presume that the president is fuming behind the scenes here at the White House. Look I think it's fair to say that the White House couldn't have seen this coming from ski banning new. Even after he left the White House meeting very close ally of the president we know. The president thinks he needs his stay in touch with hand. I so clearly I guess what a bombshell to say the least Abby talking about nuclear arsenals these day. Seeping and it clearly has one of his own. So shock and surprise here at the White House this is it devastating blow. It. Jordan which over some things that actually that has to get our viewers you know dancing and not all I'm not think it now that's attributable. To. And it was good I couldn't Donna it. And it is now interview but here's one thing that and it's. See if they were having a conversation we he was having cars and Roger Ailes and Fox News. Roger knows what he's gotten himself into with the Russians Roger asked and businesses he went to Russia anybody's going to be gluten but he couldn't give a blank about him so he kept trying. He said that. There was. Certain that melodic ride on election night which the first lady's officer it's viewed adversely. Crying on election because. Not yours Jules. It what I think that there was little personal stuff. Reversals of Lanka you're here. The box and we hear the meeting her hog. All of these anecdotes game act. Rumors that have been swirling about this White House and its president since day one workers at dysfunction and of ignorance and incompetence easy. We hear that trip through in front lines went on some. All the records or certain names or us or our member of congress is over their for a meeting and then something comes out of its leader. There's incredible sensitivity. From this president is White House about the calls. Incompetent dysfunctional unorganized and here we had anecdote after anecdote after anecdote outlining. I think the point that it you know these are all we know right now this really care who want it. Quite interesting. Problems White House. Network Russia. The fact that he. Is quoted as saying it would not surprise. That mr. trump tower. From Jr. Garret Kush purple were met with Russians see you're Hillary Clinton. Yet perhaps from Jr. took his father. Jimmy in this in this. And that's an act and that it involved in Iraq War and that headline again headline from all that is that calls that front army. Treasonous and unpatriotic. To G. Political strategist. Or the trump presidency. That meeting which is like that big thing that's got from worked up with Russia and its message calling that meeting. Treat. Me out of the brits teams are going after this yeah. It definitely to our work on it keep following this we'll have the latest on this topic. Tonight on world news you want us which uses another hot button issue if you will that's causing a stir that were played very much you're really. The tweet that we everywhere and everywhere about last night. I know we have just let's get up on the screen. Because it's just it's a whopper when you haven't seen it good but. The president last night we actually can Jones in North Korean leader. Kim Jong I just did nuclear button is on his desk at all times. Will someone from is depleted and we'll start breaking police inform him two of the nuclear button. But ease much bigger and more powerful one is and the best part. My button works. Are a lot of names on this morning about this and I think it was interesting there obviously serves as was asked about this repeatedly asked if the American you'll should be concerned. That the president is essentially threatening nuclear war via tweet or should be interpreted that way all. She countered instantly knew it was should be concerned about North Korea. But the detectives did not just markets are ready should be or not whether the White House has tended to make them or not people are concerned it read this it freaks them out. It is terrifying to have a president talked about war which sort of cavalier terms and I think at some point my guess is gonna recognize after acknowledged that people under some. Threatening injury that both these men leaders agree that trigger. When yours and you have a button on his desk which he does is sitting right happening itchy trigger finger that you could just hit. Now the truth of the matter is known but news desk. Actually what trump has is more can be in some ways but he's got. A military aides around him no matter where he is whether it's at his desk or not with what's called the nuclear football. And he could essentially launch from wherever is using this device. But I think it's important to remember. In November the head of strategic cop your street some command told the press that basically. There are other layers it's not just a button pressing and that he deemed a strike illegal he wouldn't it. A panel hearings on Capitol Hill yeah sharks are such as CD it's it's of various. Jerry topic we're going to be watching that as well I'm before we go. Couple things. Happening on Capitol Hill Mary Bruce I don't think you've left us yet I'm not sure though. The heat to have a packed agenda happening we saw. Two democratic senators get sworn in today one filled the seat another Democrat. Another well that was a race that Steve that was heavily involved in sort happen there. Date problem now for Republicans on Capitol Hill area only have a one seat advantage in the sat. Yeah and this changes everything going forward the fact that senate Republicans only have this narrow ones seat margin means that there eaten in effect going to have to work with Democrats that they want to get anything done up here they simply. May not have that choice and the to do list. Is daunting to say the least let's start with some of the must do items which is that they have to fund the government to keep the lights on. And that this is something that they punted at the end of last year they have until January 19. For those math whizzes out there that is what. Sixteen games that you don't test our area I I I. I'm struggling struggling I would I'm. But with the fact that they have such a short amount of time to get down and me. Over any kind of spending dealer these huge questions about immigration and dock and how to protect dreams look right now just down the hallway for me. The top White House officials meeting in speaker Ryan's office with with leaders of both parties trying to hammer out. The path forward on a spending deal but Democrats want to use this deal as leverage this must path. Legislation to get something done to protect dreamers those undocumented immigrants brought to the country. As children and that Republicans are digging in the president of course has his own list. Demands he wants about wall built he wants to and what's called chain migration of those things the Democrats simply don't want to do but he's the kind of fight. They were going to see. Throughout this next year's especially as we head into the mid terms they are risky political battles. Whether lawmakers compromise to get something down their big questions about what that would backfire with their voters. Going forward and look spending deal that immigration is the beginning of this list they also want to do something to extend funding for children's health insurance. Bayern would likely want to act on infrastructure they need to do something. Today. To boost emergency relief in the wake of those hurricanes last year the list is very long. And compromise these things with no apparent when he eighteen is looking a lot like 27. And already an Aries the third day of 2018 I feel like six months and and that's just me I don't know anybody else Mary Bruce thank you as always thank you Jordan Phelps is well for justice missile and Mary Alice parks I'm John Santee chief. Don't forget download BBC news apps Walt latest information at any time all day if there's a briefing tomorrow. We'll be back I'm John Santee chief agreed to act.

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