'The Briefing Room': GOP friendly fire

ABC News' political team talks Trump's tweets and headlines from Thursday's press briefing.
18:09 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': GOP friendly fire
Hi everyone and welcome to the briefing from EBC news or we. Recap everything and it just happened to the White House briefing it's been a couple weeks which will be excellent moment we're glad to be back with your desserts are you Sanders the white house Press Secretary briefing. Joined today by Jordan elsewhere are White House reporters up fresh opera from Phoenix apartment Ari does the rally at. In the program. Exactly their health parks that were. And now run capitol right now Ben Siegel is joining us as well from the senate cyber Jonathan Karl in addition to that Susie gets his position out of the White House lawn. Up at guys I spent little time recapping last couple weeks has only been three weeks and these things we would have talked about. We had a shell and if I could reach your brain if you can remember writing and and I was thinking we could fuel like collegial we in our fire we have a lot of fun to get through this budding instead. I mean this Northborough he had Mitch McConnell Steve Bannon Phoenix Charlottesville Afghanistan. Three weeks people that was really that's. Now as he never takes a vacation and that's what we learn that actually today. Is better back we we he said. Just yesterday before the between. August. You who has knowing that sometimes the most tweets come on these or he doesn't have public and that is he weak companies and I get it had a chance to get my feeling that's on its ticket. I don't let that threatening don't want the strategies White House aides is to him that keeps him off Twitter they found really active foreign trip. And so of course when the president has this weekend some way that dean it's time someone air watching. Because he does go off on. While he's in Washington today and maybe for even got to the office there were a series of tweets one of the things he talked about guys with its own. And as a lot of commentary about the different tone in at a different on almost every day of the week this week Monday trumped as they come Wednesday com. All over the place and he is kind of casting as an asset for himself this is that this is with it would. That's Brady said it's about the Democrats don't have someone like that you can take multiple town so I you know this is something that the president it. It's touting has sent now it's also become a problem that I'd be inconsistencies. In town message keep archer which prompted me. Right it starts to come across look at disingenuous if you get out. I'm Monday to call for unity. And by Tuesday you're the one sounds a little bit to sites and making fun of critics making fun of protesters and the Wednesday to call for unity. Eight Eck I think you can below it's disingenuous to folks like you said they're not sure which presents a Tennessee and which president to delete. And one of the tweets this morning. Aimed at Mitch McConnell RNC electorate that's up on Capitol Hill an interest undertaken a political fallout. On its we've seen dispute an unexpected you know the last couple weeks with with Mitch McConnell. He's sitting today residency today he's only problem is that he failed on health care that's it don't only worry as. It seems like he was trying to say it like to treat before there are other things about as much as they got a lot of analysts percent to regrettable that from Mitch McConnell but it's so bizarre public it will last. Leaks. I think there's a lot of frustration. Among Republicans here on capitol because nothing the president has done. Percent on Twitter makes in the next couple weeks and easier adapted to the basic blocking and tackling to get the government funded. Two to make sure the government now pays its bills. And and keeps its obligations and that what the president's doing doesn't make any of that easier definitely. A raises the stakes in the temperatures so there's been a frustration privately. So ya and and it's been quite a bit of friendly fire any unfriendly fire inside the Republican Party in the last couple weeks Jon Karl is joining us fresh out of the room by telephone. John I hurtled in newsrooms ARRIS Anders on on that. The Bob Corker comments up worker was very critical suggesting. That the president isn't really fit for office last week and are Sanders not even dignify that with an answer. No she wouldn't signifying a lot of things with an answer. But it would just think that way. She deflected almost everything I mean I tried to pin her down on this little and that you know Ben was talking over the Walt funding. I mean ice rink you you cowards that campaign as well I. I seem to remember that the president and Mexico compared to a loss not rate. Borrowers that. Well you remember things I don't know that I don't know about your memory. Just specifically but. Cable come up lecture twice once you provide the resources to date yet. Yes. Involvement and eight couldn't I mean she was she was asked several questions on that including. While wanted to bet towards the end of the briefing on what we're report reporter. Simply read back the president's. What he said in the Arizona speech you know if we have to shut down the government were you know what we're gonna build the wall. And budget staff does the president stand by those comments in and she didn't directly answer that I mean. Bomb I don't know I was you know this ludicrous the first briefing and over three weeks there's been a lot of issues that of comical effect creator of. We had a lot it. You should see my wife for a moment ago Jon but. But I want to talk about the about the debt ceiling guys well Jordan let's let's let's start with you because that the White House is leaving the oral for the president to do. Visas on this and that could potentially be EO of the funding bill. If it doesn't include the portable the president was suggesting and I guess that's so what possible. That's right it isn't he their seniors at saint that the White House remains committed to raising that debt ceiling. But the White House is you know picking a fight you know McConnell and Ryan. At a time and these are the very times he needs on Capitol Hill. To get you know the basics of the government take keep them going after September just to keep it light non campaign that felt. And that he is setting things up or else. You know and the Democrats and he's never been trying to say you can try to point fingers at asked the president as he tried to preemptively blamed the Democrats for not. Playing ball not helping out. But net deposits morning at a statement that said the only reason you he didn't need our votes you guys control the White House and senate. And the house if you can't get enough Republicans to vote together. So she doesn't make a decent point that if they can't pass basic spending bills because they pulled Republican votes. Undercut any Democrat and you Democrats have to play nice time. Coral what's the strategy here right now a lot of daylight from the white house on this but what what's the play here is this just the president. Being the president despite being heavily trump is or is there a play here we're talking about the need for that though the wall funding as part of the debt ceiling of making sure that. The debt ceiling he. It isn't the so all clean debt ceiling that you tie something to it is part of the calculus for the White House right now. I mean that the White House has made it perfectly clear is bid did the asked from congress to the clean debt ceiling increase. And and this is something that even Mick Maldini the budget director as has signed off on its says he supports Mick Maclean do you remember. And remember the freedom caucus in the house. Was one of the most hard line no debt ceiling come hell or high water now that he's. You know waiting in the administration in the travel budget director he is on board with a request for a clean debt ceiling. But the challenge there is bid. A healthy core of the president's. Supporters. I mean that either that the real hard court supporters that he has in the house are dead set against. Debts Julie increases as a matter of policy. So that the you know they did the did visit there of president I think was. Acting out of frustration this morning when he was when he was tweeting saying that we don't why couldn't we about it this to the DA bill. You know. It's it's it's it's a difficult situation at the bottom line is the president finally needs to reach out on this issue the very least. Two Democrats which is not something he's been able to do at any point during the administration so far. Right presidency it is that this situation has changed on the Republican side. It is getting Republicans objected to any Democrats that that hasn't it right. Exactly and to and to just follow up on on what Johns John was saying. You know there's a case to may the trump is actually. Misplayed its hand here by sort of chatting up all this frustration and and and anger would Mitch McConnell he's he's. Potentially getting some of these conservative Republicans cover to buck leadership in a way you know it would be in Trump's interest some people would say two. Go with the clean debt ceiling that we left quietly just as his Treasury Secretary has suggested and then move on to some of the big policy issues. Yes he we can get I'll see what he can get on the border. Try to get some other immigration immigration wins in there possibly short of the wall but enough to make people happy. But instead just on venting his frustrations on Twitter to thirty million people. It certainly emboldens people on the right members of congress lifelike Steve King for example. Who is now tweeting as of last night he was tweeting about the need to border wall funding to the spending bill so this is all. You know rattling up rattling up there is has supporters and muddying the waters and making things a lot harder the next coming weeks. In the states that really seriously fest dot Carl I think we have to let you go you're not. Run two out to the rest your job we appreciate you being with us and asking those questions in the briefing room you're not getting even if you're not in the answers thank you know. And regardless let's Brantley Rick appreciate the did that no blazer look. In the ruled leaves but but this doesn't nationals in. I that you need to tied it tie at I think that you button at top but the I mean you know. To me I'll have. Let's talk to our control room on that it's the the amount is not a though my ads and it's his parents again probably aren't on I did critique. It. If you click on I want to go on here with a crooked high. Respect for the viewers correctly respect for the oh good my mom agreed that I should be tied OK well late that you Don. Let's let's so he's been on the following. Straight street have a list of an issue that came up the other night while you're out there at Phoenix or filing in Jordan talking as sir you know. You know nine talker. That them that you couldn't have been more explicitly residents from. About the possibility of of a pardon forms that he's going to be fine he's in the UK you're the White House today that there will be a process involved in the way. House counsel's office are does that actually. Well we know the president technically could county authority to go out there like he did with the transgender policy in the military just. Tweak it and that would serve as part but. Cares theaters did say today that the process will not involve the White House Counsel's Office so that leaves us to believe that there are some others in the White House who would be. Involved in reviewing this decision asked me now the president doesn't always consult with his ideas for making it. You know I was actually so rock during that that and that rally that exact point heat was I had to watch him. Almost to rehash some of them in turn are sort of office conversations. But out loud probably in front of the country in front of the cameras he was saying things like they told me not. To pardon and they told me not to go to air tonight it was too controversial they told me not to say John McCain's name but I'm gonna basically in to John McCain. And so that's an interesting number of level people are clearly trying to advise and he's not taking their advice and he wants his fans his supporters to know how he really feels on each. And how it feels that our pilots is a big deal what deal lightning rod for criticism he's convicted in connection with racial profiling in that department a pardon would be very explosive move. You know they had any second check was just doing his job right and he got the crowd to go along that you point that it is worth making yours that's our standards that said. That dated him the rally there was no talk of this Spartan with or I'll clearly this was in the president's. So whatever he says that the White House counsel that that's on the car's water. And it could have frustrated and he likes needs a president he has the power. I mean I think the president it pretty clear on Tuesday it was no pardon in Arizona but he hinted very strongly that this is something that's gonna come cents after it was going to be. We'll check the tweets so finally guys this because this is the first briefing in in three weeks and because it came right after that Tuesday night that blistering attack on us in the news media. The suggestion that that's that reporters don't want the country I think you can blame so much that selective recitation of Charlottesville fact. Out what we think it's a day of sorrow Sanders comes out she's on the public face of a White House that has this publicly antagonistic. Relationship with the press Johnson should answer a lot of questions but you throw a lot of these sort through with a sense that I. Here is taking a cautious. This she's she's new to this job. She's also under New York's John Kelly see a lot of White House aides are telling outline right now and I think there's concern among even in the White House to say anything to get themselves and probable they are being watched right now I thought pat White House. And so there's a lot of caution that it from that podium which means there are a lot of answers. There and it's a really hard balance because on the one hand it's incredibly. Antagonistic relationship like you said that also for president that loves the attention at Reno loves the media likes to doing interviews did. No more interviews than any candidate during the presidential race. That it watches cable news a tie and hat balance previous secretaries to try to get paid where. They know that they have to have a function relationship with the press because. There their boss liked the anti he wants MIT V still cares about. As well and clearly believes and in some of these basic sort of traditions like the White House briefing but also towing turning his telling his line. Our John. Nothing will be in the feedback that I've gotten on line on Twitter and elsewhere that that line the lines that attacked the press went over fairly well this hour's. People buy that you felt it in the room Jordan. That's right I was in the room and you did he let that crowd packed on it's like being Kate stand. Among hostile crowd luckily everyone music comes in says I was goes humanity commoners there's eight. Portsmouth that Secret Service presents. But there was a sense that that you know there was fear here is that they put at weren't there we we might have been in trouble there were hurt. Some supporters he really did seem like they hats and violent intentions against. Yeah this is leading our value White House and that they almost incitement of violence that did it to get up in that direction OK guys I for some final thoughts assortment Siegel on the hill man. What a jeweler today on the White House. The one final thought I'll leave you all within our in our viewers with is that we're heading towards a bit busy month and this could very well be. We could have on our hands the first government shutdown potentially. Under unified Republican controlled government. Which is fact that probably shouldn't get lost because it's it's pretty remarkable if you think about it so. This road that we're going towards now with the president clashing with the top Republicans over strategy. Over getting something done that's really difficult under the best of circumstances. It almost has no historic process. And nothing to it turns out that temperatures Jordan woodlands. There's going to be a lot more between now and September and mention. This till August. Ticket taking care but we're gonna see this White House rent from topic to topic keep us on our talent. But in terms of getting real answers to these briefings. Information that's. Alice you. I'm more. Paula I think any friends change that. Yesterday. Even at some level to try to play nice yeah I was struck by that statement at the White House. And the senate leader's office put out almost identical statements within a few minutes each other saying the relationship was fine with functioning. And the extent eight we're boost sort of full frontal attack in the morning. And so now finally when we talked a lot about that tough relationship which with in the Republican Party. So it. Why what ms. McConnell and thinking this morning in how frustrated would that be try to play nice and then we kept this week. Yeah and I think that's a great point leads that might thought that Bob Corker remarked and he stood out at a the context of all let's remember you Bob corporate Republican. Chairman of the senate relations he was also on the shortlist of vice president used in about his loyalists common variable police a lot of heat for that is well. His comments last week Charlottesville were were very very skiing. And I think the White House had an opportunity to say. Circumstance are they which she could say. You know lots of people are lots of opinions about the president up there we respect the worker with what what she said instead we're not even dignify that with answer that's outrageous. That's in need suggests they are looking for the battles they are eager to start them not just with the press. But also not not just Democrats but with Republican leadership which as we've been talking about suggest that it's going to be a real interest in fault would be agenda items are out there. Over and we do know that the president does well. In battle yes that this could be part of that strategy even if it means in writing is on its. They'll get hot guys are right that does it for the briefing room thank you to Ben Siegel on Capitol Hill thanks to Jordan. And Mary Alice again we're here every day the White House is here it's fun to be back after. Three every long weeks of analysts are. That's us next time your in the redeem.

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