The Briefing Room: McCain's memorial service, Cohen reportedly bought Trump dirt

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Sen. John McCain's memorial service and reports say that Michael Cohen bought Trump stories from the National Enquirer.
14:20 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: McCain's memorial service, Cohen reportedly bought Trump dirt
Hi there welcome to the briefing room on ABC's Rick Klein joined here by Katherine falters on Parkinson the White House and can't vote on the ground India where the president. He's going to be headed for campaign rally in a little bit me looking at a live picture at the a military transport plane that that will be carrying there are means that Senator John McCain on his home state of Arizona back here to Washington. A public viewing capitol tomorrow a memorial service. On Saturday did aerial over the weekend today a day filled with remembrance for the athletes and other. From Arizona a we're gonna wrap the latest on that would want to hit some of the political headlines first of all starting with the story that broke in the New York Times this morning. About The National Enquirer trumps of favorite publication times and a lot more details and hear about what else the inquirer could have been sitting on me still abuse be sitting on. Regarding Donald Trump we know that Amos reporting between president trump and his lawyer Michael Collins but it appears according to times they were talking not just about one story that many many story. Right near times is reporting that trump and his longtime excerpt form or lawyer devised this plan. To kill stories to hide these stories and dating back to the eighties which is something we have not heard before its new reporting times. But that recording that you mention them that came out last month president front and Michael Cohen talking about buying back the rights from David Pecker of and I. They mention the word ball. The key word on that tape is all. Collins says I need to open up a company for the transfer of all that information regarding our friend David's of course. That opens the door and for this reporting and we report of course that it was. They were trying to buy back the rights of back Karen mcdougal's story and the Cuba with elections yet at a fairly trumpet 2000 sex so. Clearly the times is reporting that there's many of these stories that they wanted to keep. Secret right and John Parkinson dot not a surprise in some ways that maybe other things out there the president. Had many interactions with the New York tabloids and The National Enquirer. Going back some thirty years but no new word am I right from the White House apart today in response to this times story of presidents having. Up quite a day to you off on the media. That's right you know he's really gone off on the media here on about 7 tweets this morning he was really rapidly firing them off. You saw him attacking the fake news media for all sorts of issues CNN source in. Here. In regard to that open question rush investigation. But you know I think that. When it comes down to it the president just really. You know they haven't responded yet so they'll be a question that. Hopefully we can get an answer to if they do briefing which really they haven't really done many of the last two months. And we should nexus of news at a White House today the president saying that they will not be any pay increase for federal workers and two million federal workers. Affected by this capital lot of people including many in the executive branch of course medals in the executive branch. This is military workers as a civilian workers a lot of blowback over or this announcement. Up wanna talk about the the departure of the impending departure dom again the white house council president. Making his announcement yesterday. I've today Catherine he is trying to shape perceptions of what drove this with some tweets talking about why he didn't decide to fire in his well in his view white Madonna in isn't leading. There's going on here of course he announced yesterday which is what we've reported that Don began his White House counsel. A plans to leave in the fall he confirmed that on Twitter but he appears speed and lashing out. On some reporting. Appeared overnight whether this was fueled by generic in the Boko whether it had to do with class act but the Russian aspect of this is significant because as we reported. John McGann. All White House staffers who have sat down with. A Robert Moeller Steen who have been interviewed by Muller's team. He is that he has spent the most time speaking to his treatment at least three interviews now the president. I'm says he's approved all of these interviews and he knew he was going in but of course it raises the question why did. Donna began say only McGann and his lawyers that there was layers shared that with the White House know exactly what that was about so obviously raising questions about. Whether had to do with what he said two hours to. The and in and we we forgot this in the fast moving nature of the new cycle was only ten days ago that the reporting emerged that hung McGann was had talked for some thirty hours with relish team. The following day is when Michael call inflict pleaded guilty and Paul Matta four was found guilty it is the in this piece of not a lot of time saw happen exactly happening now some of the president as we mentioned this headed back to the campaign trail he'll be at a rally in a couple of hours in India on the scene already is our. Our friend and colleague Kenneth Bolton and and can no lot of preparations on the ground for this in Indiana the president working on behalf of Mike wrong. The Republican senate candidate what's that what's the sense of anticipation here picking up on only on. Well Rick let me first say it's my debut on the briefing room animal hairs and if he gets inside the arena. The president's rally if happening tonight. And that's because that's you guys know the secret services and a security sweep right now so. We are outside and I can show you go long line a president from supporters who have lined up around the corner here that line anger as ago. All the way around the block. Keep going keep going keep going and then about the Ford thinner right here where's the a rally will be. Rick as you made to the president is here to you Alli for my blog or you leave. Heavily reporting to defeat the incumbent emirate moderate Democrat Joseph Donnelly. But the president also going to host a fund raiser he's going to meet with some other supporters that are round table for the present gonna spend a few hours here. In Indiana before going inside the fourth and here too are really rally his base here and the red Indiana that race regiments and it's very fascinating when you look at I'll Joseph Donnelly with mild moderate Democrat I've really tried to walk that tight rope. Was showing that he is somewhat close the weather dropped by. Obviously not really but. Featuring with. Can shaking the president's hand obviously Mike Blanc. Going full steam ahead with bad guy's been out with the support of the president and really showing now to the people here and Indiana. I'm just amazed by. The fact that people have lined up here let it go we down the block here people lined up in ninety plus degree heat. The theme this president ominous I think what we're still what may be two hours from them getting inside on the rallies went to be at 7 o'clock local time. And so these folks didn't mind why not hear in this nine did agree number. Day to be their president and so they're gonna lay out here the president's going to be here momentarily again at a fund raiser he got from other events. Mean and he's gonna rally supporters guys. Before he got a ride gals when it makes sure to tell you got that. A that this downtown they are so excited about the president being here that he actually canceled. And he bit a concert performance by the red hot chili pipers. Not peppers Chile pipers. Bagpipe and I should've given that stuff Rick I question on how populist. And that lot but it's outdated if a bagpipe band etc. canceled the performance that the president to hold a rally tonight though maybe the red hot chili pipers wool. He rescheduled I hope so I left back bites. I had no idea that had existed thank you can vote for enlightening us on on this it sounds like a copyright case for the line Red Hot Chili Peppers. Imagine if if the event types had been. Going to oh my god all of us get back on Patrick and just one thing on these rallies we're gonna see a lot more of White House. Said that he'll hold it trouble at least eight rallies in sixteen fundraisers across. Fifteen states through the end of September. John Parkinson you've been a couple of these let's note what's the scene been like from your perspective let's give us your reporter's notebook. Come what I've seen lately but. You know we had trips recently tell what's west Columbia, South Carolina and Tampa Florida. Went out to Great Falls, Montana I was in Charleston, West Virginia last week I Columbus, Ohio last week. And these crowds are really really enthusiastic for the president. He's turning out big crowds really. And every one of these campaign rallies and and campaign events that he is holding bars close fund raiser they've all been well attendance hold out. He spoke at the Ohio. Republican state party annual dinner last weekend in May turn fifty dollars tickets in Seoul about a loop over a thousand people that attended it. But the president lately is really just been sticking to his stump speech at these events he really hasn't been weighing in on some these news of the day things. Last week when I was in Columbus he barely barely spoke about the Russian investigation. And it was during the week when. You know we saw some big news with -- and Ford news former lawyer Michael Collins. So. You know like Catherine said we should have the president out multiple times per week over the next two months. And I think really this is really gonna pick up the pace. In the coming weeks as the campaign season really kicks off after Labor Day. So keep an eye on what happens ICB sticks to the script. I wanna talk about the Atlanta earlier in the week about the death poll importantly notices this this was a shocker an official study. Has prompted the government of Puerto Rico to revise their. There's a fatality estimate up to nearly 3000 from the deadly storm last year we remember the press the president making. A trip down there and be in the middle of some controversy. Us and tangles with the the mayor of San Juan but. Take a listen to the president's response yesterday when he was asked by reporters. At the White House about this revised doubtful. I think quarterly I think we did a fantastic job we'll Rico was still helping. We have put being. The billions of dollars in relief. It was a very tough and don't forget their electric plant was dead before the case. But a lot of money a lot of effort and or Rico. And I think most of the people of Puerto Rico really appreciate. What we've done. And that prompts a response from the mayor of San Juan. Reading in part president trump continues to demonstrated inability to understand what his job in this crisis is all out. The this was never about him this was never up politics about saving lives his lack of sensibility is beyond offensive. 2975. People died because of ease of inability to get the job done. Yeah you remember that very public feud between. The two of them in the immediate aftermath of this hurricane he says. He called the mayor nasty she was asking for more help on the ground in this was at a time when. The president was praising the administration's response he was asked to greet his response one to ten he gave himself a ten which is perhaps in Heinz thing. I'm a bit of premature. Grating but exactly the mayor again lashing out the president. Yeah and and I think obviously seen it that people died because of his inability is something that the president did brag about. The law work death tolls that are written that it originally were generated out of their comparing him to Katrina and very favorable terms. This numbers now beginning Petraeus is now they're in Katrina and and he's still. Saying he did a fantastic job. And as you mentioned earlier this is it be that belongs to John McCain in a lot of ways and politics at memorial service held. In Arizona just a few hours ago right now. He's bodies that be transported back to Washington for further members including presentation tomorrow at the US capital and special ceremony. And burial over the weekend it was a special couple of hours eating get a chance to watch you can catch the highlights at at But you saw that the McCain children very emotional and speaking about about their father only Kane and we. And a visit from the former vice president Joseph Biden who. Of course oppose McCain in 2008 on the presidential ticket and developed a very close bonds not too not just a Senator McCain but also to members of his family. Eyes he. Battled the same type of cancer that that claimed his own son vote few years ago but take take a listen to some of what Joseph Biden had the Salem earlier. John's code was ageless. Is ageless. When he talked earlier period. He talked about values. It wasn't about politics would Johnnie do disagree on substance because the underlying value. That animated everything John did. Everything you wives. You come to a different conclusion. A war a part company with you. If you lack the basic values. Of decency. Respect. Knowing this project is big bear. The yourself. Whose stories the American story. That's not hyperbole it sounds like it is the American story. Special today remembering a special man in the special legacy Catherine a president trump of course. Not part of its at all by Biden's words I think. Speak to the trump they're and to this this sense of what's lost in the wake of John McCain's passing a different era of politics that that he and his former colleague we're talking about. He absolutely has word states that McCain's. Farewell on his final words also speaks that as well I think what you're seeing. In my you'll see two with former presidents Obama and towards us bush speaking at what this isn't about. Policies this is about remembering an American hero only to you then a bipartisan. And it has been it has been quite a week I've personally felt lot of inspiration watching this all development here in the stories that are told us on this. All right that does it for this edition of the briefing room thanks for joining our thanks to Kendall and in Indiana John Parkinson at the White House for Katherine folders on recline. Keep watching here at ABC news line.

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{"duration":"14:20","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Sen. John McCain's memorial service and reports say that Michael Cohen bought Trump stories from the National Enquirer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57508928","title":"The Briefing Room: McCain's memorial service, Cohen reportedly bought Trump dirt","url":"/Politics/video/briefing-room-mccains-memorial-service-cohen-reportedly-bought-57508928"}