The Briefing Room: Trump hosts salute to ICE

The president hosts a White House event praising immigration officials, and the Manafort jury continues deliberation.
17:04 | 08/20/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Trump hosts salute to ICE
Happy Monday welcome to brief her mind Devin Dwyer ABC news in Washington with Justin Fischler senior producer of the White House unit toward belts of our White House producers. Thank you so much for joining us the president back at the White House after a weekend away kicking it off. With a really a pep rally of sorts for ice and Customs and Border Protection let's take a look at highlights. Incredibly I have to say incredibly. A coalition of open borders. Extremists and to me that means crime people that don't mind crime they mind it when it happens to them they don't mind it when they have to watch it on television. Have waged an unprecedented assault. On American law enforcement our greatest people. Threatening ice and Border Patrol for performing their duties admirably. And for defending our country from. Horrible people and horrible horrible events and crimes we need. New laws we need border laws we need immigration laws medium fast we're going to get him hopefully the mid terms will help. Toward that end I think we're gonna do very well in the mid terms and this is one of the very big reason. The fact is people respect law and order and they love how law enforcement and I think we're gonna have. Much more of a red waved and what you're going to see as a phony. Blue wave blue wave means crime it means open borders not good we will stop. Sanctuary Cities. We will end the ridiculous policy of catch. And release. Here we have the president sort of getting into mid term out talking about that red wave he's predicting and fired up the base and using one of his government agencies to hostess you senator earlier a pep rally in ice immigration that's important pep rally. Which who which became a political rally as well I mean. He is in there talking about the need for this. This organization this department that but at the same time. Bashing Democrats and saying you know they want to open borders they don't want this agency to survive. Mom and so he has taken agency and totally politicized now is a hot button political issue we know the dams have. Some of them at least have called for abolishing eyes but the president has taken on ramp it completely and that Terry. Over at the White House our White House correspondent let's bring her into the conversation. Terror pulmonary. The president there are talking mid term politics he has seized on the abolished rights movement but he's also getting ready. To make the funding for his wall a big. Fight at the and is next month right. That's right he's really tied the immigration issue in to the mid term almost making it a referendum he used new language today that I thought was interesting. He called anti ice politicians people in general open border extremists. And radicals. In other words we've used in relation to you know foreign terrorism. But it's. It's really he's really escalating in the language that I guess isn't surprising when you hear happy talk about it that means but. I think that the person and never heard him use that phrase I expect we'll hear a lot more that for the mr. And how far we've come about the funding for this wall the president campaign the first go round between sixteen with Mexico is gonna pay for now he's talking about taxpayers paying for it and terra with be government funding and running out of and it next month he's even threatened. I shut down. Over funding for ice and for this wall where where you what's your latest reading in the tea leaves and whether that could happen. Well privately he may and negotiation an agreement really which. Mitch McConnell in the senate and Paul Ryan speaker of the house that. They would push this and other controversial matters off until after the mid terms but it seems like he realizes this is a politically juicy topic and talk about he actually rallies about it. At these. Event that he's an all he's rallies before on. So it seemed like he made cited a huge political risk and go anyway and as you know with present company he doesn't then gut and it got says that the government now. It's into think the thing out not heat at a Democrat. They clearly don't want to be called humor shut down again for the mid terms and so far it's not like attraction they're not talking. The president is fixated first and foremost on immigration I think we can all agree his second. Most fixated topic is perhaps them all our investigation that story from over the weekend in New York Times are reporting that White House counsel Tom began guys. Sat down when Robert Muller for thirty hours seems to have gotten under his skin Jordan he's been tweeting up a storm today already about this. Yeah pictured as the president's tweet on this about a dozen times since the weekend into today and he just. Can't letting out what seems to be at issue here is his previous legal team had this strategy of complete cooperation. Well it now seems that the criminal teen didn't know just how much McGann was cooperating. I but the president you know wants to make this case that I knew all along them against operating this much but of course. First summit with in the White House the main White House or to be whopper reading that much opens up. Bag of worms for this White House it gives Muller and I into the storm and allows him to connect some dots that otherwise. My initial I am just and he is such a central figure out here in all of this leads the White House attorney he. Is the guy who says yes or no or to reconsider this on basically. Every sensitive issue he's been away and so he wouldn't be any unique position to have input on almost every single issue that Mueller would be seriously initiative. And thirty hours he spent went with that team now. Look we don't know what he sent them. But I think there's some that that's I think what scares them as Jordan was saying most they don't know anything new that nobody really knows except for again. And and those prosecutors and terror Palmieri was working the phones this weekend she talk to the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani about all this about this story terra. Give us the sense from Rudy land as to how concerned. You may be about what making and may have told more. Well publicly they're saying that they don't believe that began gave any damaging material on the president in fact they've been calling him a strong witness and their case. That's like he a lot of spam but I also think as the New York Times reported it it's a wake up call that they haven't looked into what. The special the White House counsel has affected the special counsel at this point and you know I spoke to Rudy and he said he still hasn't heard back from Mueller over a week and a half about this sit down but. You know it's it's really drunk the questions what he says Mueller already know before this I'm that you know he very scared of the presently trapping to perjury. And what Don began may have told Mueller could feed right into that of course Rudy Giuliani talking about the sit down in some of the concerns the risks that you're talking about terror let's take a listen. To what Giuliani said on Meet the Press yesterday to close. Look I'm not. Going to be rushed in to having him testify so that he gets trapped in a perjury. And when you tell me that you know he should testify because she's gonna tell the truth that he should worry. Well that's so silly because it somebody's version of the truth not the truth he didn't have. They they composition of this throughout I don't made of felt like I know what hazardous road trip doesn't truth. And there we go truth isn't truth that set off a firestorm and social media Rudy Giuliani this morning I think we have between. Went on social media to toward sort of clarify that statement from prison truth. He says my Stephen was not meant as a front of vacation a moral theology the one referring to the situation where two people make contradictory claims is basically saying. Look this is a he said she says a situation with so much of what. This truth is about truth in the trop world there are just competing narratives about what the truth is and and what he's worried about is. Frankly the way I interpret the month. Of of Giuliani talking as. They he worries that trumps. Interpretation trumps version of the trick with. It's not going to match up with a one or more person testifying to Mueller is well and that is why you hear me is that perjury. And that's probably why it's even saying all along to sit down will not happen but this summer push is on the campaign is ahead so perhaps. We may not see any major action in this on the Muller fun until after November meanwhile the president is still at war with those critics in the FBI and the Justice Department. Over the weekend going to another round now with John Brennan former CIA director just and I want to ask eve. And leading the charge and are reporting on security clearances John Brennan yesterday who had been stripped of his Clarence says he may file legal. Legal action against this White House. Says I need can he do anything I mean he could I suppose he he apparently Brennan Center has been towed people that he lawyers have reached out to him. And have offered him legal advice about it but I mean. At the and they what does he can get out of that he's gonna go through some. Ugly protracted legal battle with the White House you know it'll cost them a lot and at the end of the day was Eads can get security clearance back. I mean I see it as. Something that realistically you won't have not worth it. And of course now we have the president writing back saying. Essentially brain on outlasting Aaron out you guys have the tweet their Morris but the president saying he actually wants bringing to CEO. I don't know why might the president want that he actually does but the president as we know. You lots of fight he told us on Friday that he actually thinks he gave Britain eat bigger platform. By revoking his security clearance so. This hats the president up against a former Obama official gives him another boy all that kind of attack you know what he calls the rate at which time he. Monday at four ills in the immigration. Bob Mueller John Brennan. Something that is not a foil but perhaps a pain in his side is this case of his own former attorney Michael Cohen. So alarming news in the New York Times this morning that Michael Cohen could soon be indicted before. The campaign heats up just a couple more weeks before that wondering at terror pulmonary back in on this when she's been. Closely following this story terror attack Michael Cohen is the center. Donald Trump's universe and our finding out that the feds are looking at potentially. According to times twenty million dollars in bank fraud that would be quite something even if it's not directly related trial. Right and the fats are under some pressure right now to actually file those charges before the mid terms because it's such a politically connected. Cases so you know we'll see if they actually take that step forward and do that. But you know I spoke sick Michael Collins lawyer that's begin to. Lanny Davis and he reiterated what he's at the Politico earlier that he's actually talking to John Dean the guy president called a rat the whistle blower in. He added. Watergate case. Advice on how to deal with the color indicates that he gave a lot of similarities of how the president and his men have been smearing his client as he sat. And also that there's a criminal and congressional can investigation going on. But it's interesting how all sort of backed that Watergate in The Hague or John Dean over this weekend. It's going to be a tense couple of weeks for all of those players with with this deadline ahead in Cohen of course promising to cooperate well see this affecting us and this really ratchets up pressure on Collins actually provides. We think gives some intelligence of value to two that it did to Mueller and his team. They're not just gonna let him off the hook for these charges because he's agreed to cooperate he has to produce something. And and now that you know the prosecutors are showing their hand here. The the pressures on her the pressures on terror palm merry our White House correspondent thank you so much freer excellent. Reporting analysis. Let's head out to Virginia now where there is trial underway for the president trumps former campaign chairman Paul man a Ford of course this was Muller's first big test. The the indictment and down the trial were awaiting the jury they're now in their third day of deliberating. Let's bring in our Catherine falters he's been on the case from the star Catherine they're still behind closed doors what. Are we to make of this now a lengthy deliberation. Still behind closed doors the last time we heard. From analysts about 930s a little over five almost six hours here there have been no questions. From the jury to the court and I finally. Heard from them was on Friday when they wanted to and early at 5 o'clock so. We saw lunch our troops there reported that some lunch. Getting wheeled in for them up there's of their probably the liberating. Over lunch DeVon but they have so many documents to be a record 388 exhibit one of those is 700 pages in an image south. And it copious notes throughout this whole trial constantly writing down as a black and white. Composition notebook some of the jurors even at have writer's cramp and they're shaking their hands in their so they've taken us at least from. My observation very seriously. And they even requested a bigger room to fork over all of this evidence so what this tells me right now is there really going through it. What thing. And before we let you go I mean there's there every this is very much a waiting game out there but what sort of the Scotto but on the defense team's. State of mind or the last week you were telling us you saw them sort of pace seen. Nearby waiting for this to come down her days sort of optimistic. That that this is gone on this long. Yes I keep looking around the camera here because we actually can see them in the lobby of the hotel across the street and that restaurant. In that hotel where we use it all the time but what they view this as if you ask them. As a good thing cemeteries and opinion deliveries are going through all of this with the finds his account they've you please let facing ended. Deliberations as a good thing for them and they say their client on import he's very happy. With the extended. Delivery at seven. All right Catherine folders out at the federal courthouse in Virginia thank you so much for that we understand the case stay with us here at ABC news live for the latest. On the manna for case we are staked out there will bring it to you when we have it. And finally and this money we kick it with an interest dean activity today from the First Lady who has kept a relatively low profile. Her be best campaign went on the road Eddie Jordan props you've been tracking this one. She is set out there at the cyber bullying summit that's me. Hall as the irony is rich guys the First Lady was speaking out any cyber bullying summit today outside of Washington and she told the crowd. And a lot of waste children are better at knowing the pitfalls of social media than adults the firstly might Alan adult. I who has a few issues with controlling hands up on social media. But there's just obviously so much irony with this development because while the First Lady. As out there talking about being kind on the Internet the president is calling you know his detractors. On the Internet all of these different names this morning he went on just a tirade as he is wants to do US out. Intestine you got any thoughts on. Now actually had a what we do have we do have her sound I believe from today. We can play which if that. In today's global society. Social media he's done in Benton both part of two parents that these guys. It can be used in many positive base. But can also be based active and harmful than used include actually. These is might be best to resist the focus and they importance of teaching our next indication. How took about themselves safety. And in positive manner. In an on line sacking. I mean is. He did First Lady has been criticized a little bit for not putting enough key behind this whole bee that's policy in one of her key. Staffers just quit in the last few months that was helping head up this whole thing. It's certainly the initiative has good intentions I think she has still yet to right. The next few chapters of what this will actually do Westbrook spokeswoman this morning did acknowledge that criticism and she said. That the president's stance fully behind his wife's initiative to. Unspoken. Even if he doesn't embrace. The message of the best. But we do our best did you el prior. Or shot out to the First Lady for that. That initiative and we thank you for watching us here on ABC news live for all the latest on these and all the stories that we're tracking data should join us. For world news tonight with David Muir and on the ABC news app for now on Devin Dwyer Washington just official Jordan Phelps we'll see you next.

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