Brother of Sandy Hook victim running for Connecticut state Senate

University of Connecticut sophomore JT Lewis explains why he's running for Senate and what policies he plans on implementing if elected senator.
3:54 | 07/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brother of Sandy Hook victim running for Connecticut state Senate
Well here in the briefing room we have been introducing you to eighteen to 39 year olds from across the country who have been jumping into politics. This year hoping to make a difference in their community. And shake up the political system we're calling it a serious millennial who run and today we're introducing you to a nineteen year old from Newtown Connecticut JT Lewis. Who just this week announced that he is running for state senate as a sophomore. At UConn he joins me now live IGT thanks for comedy your brother. I was one of those killed in the massacre at new town back in in 2012. How did that it experience influence your decision to get in a politics. Yet so Jess is actually known as a hero. So when the shooter shot out there glass front doors and started shooting in his classroom. There was a moment where begun jams. And in that interval Jesse jokers classmates and run and nine of them did and this is all documented. And a police reports and FBI reports. I assume he's actually credited sitting nine why else. And you know I look at his courage. And I thought. Every single one of us has that had the courage incited us and we all need to do our best to make the world a better place. That's it for me when I can do right now to make the world better place at least my state is broke the state senate. And it certainly takes courage to do just that he'd be the first family member they are Newtown victim to run for office. Which show leads a lot of people wonder is gun violence prevention is gun safety. A key part of your campaign. Yes this question a lot and you know Lou Harris started really got involved in school safety movement are par. Let's all these kids get up who'd just lost you know friends and Schambach. And they want to make a difference and they got into the gun are crucial debate. And you know that something that happened here is sandy character after he's shooting elementary school that I lost her brother. And nothing really got Donna national it's not it happens overnight this is this a long. Process. What I want these antioxidants. What do you what do you think needs to get done to stem the mass killings. Yet no we eat we need medical Helms who seek measures and what I saw not kidding or very early arm. Was armed guards in schools. Is sandy hook the shooter shot out of the classroom doors and proceeds cute kids write better there an armed guard in front and some sort of police officer in the school. I believe that road what you are today and a lot of kids. It's an end fun of religion or JT you're also as you alluded to their Republican support some of the positions of president trump might surprise a lot of people because so many. Americans your age have very unfavorable views of this president what draws you to on what do you say to. Your peers who find that detestable. This person. All Ursula what you say as a Republican. So I don't know how many very unique position right now I'm so who's lost Broder gun violence also running as a Republican. Saarc have acquitted both camps here I think that what I'm state senator I have this really great. Opposition to bring these parties together because we all the same objective we all want to see kids see in school. We're coming at it from different angles. So in in this unique position I'm gonna sit down purple groups we don't want the same thing it just takes a little bit talking you know. And that communication something we don't have anymore I think RN positions. Especially as a state senator to bring these groups together and really gonna get into and I refusal have a lot of earnings but I only to bring these are terrorists it's. Yeah you you certainly have a. Not. Of energy a lot of enthusiasm optimism you would be one of the youngest elected officials in this country JT Lewis of Newtown Connecticut ready for state senate. In Connecticut part of our series millennia o.s who run thanks for coming on GT appreciate you.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"University of Connecticut sophomore JT Lewis explains why he's running for Senate and what policies he plans on implementing if elected senator.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64399726","title":"Brother of Sandy Hook victim running for Connecticut state Senate","url":"/Politics/video/brother-sandy-hook-victim-running-connecticut-state-senate-64399726"}