Bruce Springsteen on Songwriting Process

Springsteen told ABC's Ted Koppel about a new song in 2002, now found on "High Hopes" album.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Bruce Springsteen on Songwriting Process
About your work well Bratton blamed the downturn -- in the times for business segment is saying gotta see this thing from for the closet after this the perfect. Anyways this the book where they do my songwriting it's consistent general mess and -- everything -- -- -- period here where we're we're -- -- those Brandon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was you're -- us for a little serendipity so what does -- say liability upon the mountain we're -- climb that didn't get that negative. To the end of the song you know -- -- -- -- you were removed with a -- amounts and we we actually been here. Well this fifteen and the amazing about this record is there's only one book. The bad news comes when -- Two or three books in the -- Phenomena that's how we really started -- in trouble donors on the bigger -- how many mayor limited I would say this is fifteen songs on the record. Cut seventeen for seventeen with record. So that's. That's a real good. That's a low margin ever -- first cut you know you really it it did so -- regularly fifteen other certainty and yet. Picking a lot worse than happy and can you find one of the two -- didn't make it what. You know whether. Well here's Harry's place. That advanced -- straight -- drug are down a kitchen working in the coal mine. Got a special send mr. you can't quite get this -- little problem -- baby needs and these -- bags diamond sandals to hard to hammer he'll be handled -- -- back. And if so that's -- deserve to go do and I was just. I was -- stake in sort of local kingpin local kingpin. Griffith songs that -- -- there was spotted actually it was it was kind of start something a kind of what went back in. Some of the imagery from my second -- so this it was it was wanted to get out beverages to. -- policy there have been publicly anymore he edit it it is things left behind.

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{"id":21544272,"title":"Bruce Springsteen on Songwriting Process","duration":"3:00","description":"Springsteen told ABC's Ted Koppel about a new song in 2002, now found on \"High Hopes\" album.","url":"/Politics/video/bruce-springsteen-interview-2002-boss-songwriting-process-21544272","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}