Busy Day on Capitol Hill as President Obama and VP-Elect Pence Hold Meetings on Health Care

ABC News' Lana Zak and MaryAlice Parks break down the battle over repealing Obamacare.
11:45 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Busy Day on Capitol Hill as President Obama and VP-Elect Pence Hold Meetings on Health Care
Hey there it is dot com here is online is accurate capital during my friend and now apparently Mary Alice park. You follow me out on his act alienate me on Twitter and Mary on. And easy math packed. We don't have a lot. We only have a few minutes because it is such a busy day here on Capitol Hill want to tell you all about. Happenings in particular those building behind Joe's Republicans and Democrats fighting it out. Over Obama here you've been staking out the president all morning Mary Alice tell us a little bit about that evening. What great counselor sources. So it's a little bit quieter now in the hallway that right behind. Sort of back here I would think that. This morning by two camera crews and reporters as you can imagine president's fault traveling motorcade arrived at number number and I was watching that was. Only in town is still long and that secret servant and Tina. That in the event that the Marines that carries and that the company to bring it at that level on president president of anywhere I can picture but that's pretty rare visit Britain. He doesn't. Com op actually gets to decide about that over that. For at the beginning part of his presidency becomes the Steve the union but they often meets one on one with that. Lawmakers yeah. Nor have I how the White House though it was quite a lot of end Eric as an accident happened here on Capitol Hill. And what the sources in the room that was mostly it was a rallying cry sort of but really. For rose and it. She clearly eating type of event where you really entity needs to stand up and be ready to. Ice on health care that you know they know that there isn't anything I. All sort of battle lines of credit environments and thinking but the first might expect your apple now it's over his signature health care a lot. And president want to make sure that they're not gonna stand out that was where he chose to spend. So much of his own political capital that we want to make sure they're gonna go to bat for them. And they really don't count much power when it comes to near a police sources that they don't have control of either chamber they've lost control of the White House the next. Appointee to the Supreme Court is likely to be very conservative justice it. What tools do they actually found near the try and fight back the Republican and there and they had articulated even today. Vice president elect and here on the analysts well that they're number one priority is still the repeal and replacement book what's really happening I think. Presently emphasized that even the Republicans sentiment. US they have yet to present. Plant at a making doctors hospital at Keeneland voters really anxious. He that is worth noting that. More than twenty million Americans count on a bombing airport near direct health care. Not to mention the expansion. Medicare and Medicaid matter and and all the people who have undoubtedly been benefiting from other different people here. It back in his personal that are really popular and Republicans said they wouldn't eat. Like the fact that young people can stand their parents' insurance. Back and change that insurers can no longer are excellent work from insurance. Because the pre existing condition some of these. Being that. Provisions in the lives. And it and it really popular among voters and Obama picture of the Democrats really stand there crap. And Republicans if that's art and that that that they do intent to. Portions. Obamacare that they're not going to be giving him credit rampant but they're adding repeal and replace over the next couple appeared that there portions of it. And we heard from at least the president left that he intends to continue to have. Our. The American political system. In that and you know I think that in that Democrats feel like they can continue to hammer the popular park team tells stories of with lots that's impacted people's lives. At that apparently the president urged people to go back to their districts a little out of town halls really talk to voters one on one. Do some of that. That story telling. And really almost if it's on doesn't doesn't sound like campaign is right if you think campaign hit back. Another interesting thing I heard that he apparently sent almost almost for Lauren. That he was and DX in some ways of the fight. That Republicans. We're going to bring in the Democrats are now positioned to happiness NBA's and his colleagues that they would be here. On the front lines on the field apparently he says. Really. You know day in and day out heat you he's telling young guy and I think in some ways it. Jealous that at that they're the ones that are going to be based in the battle and an and a lot of folks a lot of members and they last. It's interesting that the anticipate they'll be around that he that he then if of their position and he wants to help them last continue to give advice. He's going to be yeah he is typically eat it doesn't. Just frames. Surprising twist of work that he and eat that than yeah. Because so many people speculated about the ruling let me continue to play in the democratic art Graham and I think I think part of it is that yes yes. A lot of mixed news about how about how his speech help our lives. Cops house scenes you know and any and an idea that Republicans which I answered chip away. Past budget reforms that buys it so that you really didn't cut the lock you wouldn't be here every day to. To argue back in. It's hard for it would be an ambulance into Hartford. And he'll see November is talking to politicians and some of whom have suffered real political consequences. From their health care law early on he lost a lot of democratic members who quits at bat for him over the law and it also bears deep. Yes that this is as the president you know. Who knows it and apologized. Past. Four. For some of the political turmoil at the lot is hot and believe they did the right thing to help keep law. It was interesting when he left. Reporter shouts at what was your advice big picture what was your advice for Democrat that he that protects the American people he believed the law. Does that anti act. And want to help with college or communicate that it's better. Own up to any enough feeling in Obama here I mean there are really serious problem. Number of state that out. We want to help your mind air. Or when health insurance provider in the exchange's awards in spite certain scenes particularly in the west in some states people try to. With the changing cost of health care health care to talk. I. Don't not that we've gotten hurt Democrats have had a hard times. Towing path. Hot line between meeting letters places that line needs work but not wanting to give convert Republicans who just want to find it outwards from the program. Out right I think that pedestal trying to figure out where exactly that line is that there's a lot of debate in the caucus about. Whether or not it should help Republicans over. Some ways possibly improve the law. You know I think it's really just into then that repugnant that like you sent over there on the Republican side these sort of do really big meetings house separate and how hardest and in some ways and mourning what I want coming here to talk only Democrats. You know vice president elect hats coming over only to talk to Republican he didn't healing that. It hasn't not a hell yeah. I actually outlook editor here at West Virginia. Democrat. But how. Arguably the most conservative Democrat accurately. And and but I am real. And polling times. Every in between street and terms of the as strict in the public. He. Was going to go to. Break your. He felt like pat partisanship. Starting at least you separate. The Republican prepared. Here. Leaders meeting only with the people in your party's ER. One point arc view. It. Art that. Without which recently either party's I think. I. And you know just how much back Christopher. Republicans will need peace and Democrat in large part at. Lots a lot of that tool on capital notes and make things happen we note that Republicans are planning their first native. I'm will be a budget resolution. Which today because of some. Weird legislative. Ruled. They actually don't need that sixties are cheaper sixty vote super majority to pass they can pass budget resolution. Simple. Fifty majority treatment to get life easier because the threat. And it just needed only Democrat hop that they can do it on there now that they can. That means that in that while there's limitations what Q&A. They don't need any Democrats by the end. And and that's a real. That's a real it's. For a lot of for a lot of them especially and that's and it who knows that that most of what they're going to be able to do is fight that's an outside. Political love law and media oh yeah. Really that's an interesting point especially given it was only yesterday when house Republicans came together at that they were going to vote in favor of these. Ethics changes that would are we got in an office of congressional and in times. Potentially make it more difficult for that office. To you investigate. Congressional corruption. That was something nice the Republicans decided that they were going to be without any patient with the Democrats Democrats started to you. Get upset about it even the clintons left it up. Against it. And we heard from members that people were calling into their offices like crazy cat within less than 24 hours it was yet there really is still our. For all of you out there. You know calling by calling her elected representatives that that actually we are the power could exist. I think you're on the side field. C three. There is potentially Saddam. Silver lining for the Democrats out there any of you Republicans are probably bolstered by the fact that that there is really high. And eagerness I think here in the hill to make those changes in. What they're actually going to be in terms of the department badly repeal and replace repealed easy. Currently. Anything else you want. Getting it any day. Get back to work and there is so much going on your income heating the many meetings with with some of the potential nominees who wore. War president. I definitely don't count out the most controversial Rex Tillerson is Hitler. Secretary of state is going to be here meeting. With some folks including. Democratic senators a lot meaning then that. Yeah that we're gonna hunt dad tried Luxembourg sources find out if any about all that and we'll be watching all of that room. Accounts at banks or tuning and again I'm if you block that not senator pat on the back Alley the day and I'm doing night. Mary Alice our new you can also follow an editor at area. Thank you so much for watching and it continued and there's many are.

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{"duration":"11:45","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak and MaryAlice Parks break down the battle over repealing Obamacare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44552447","title":"Busy Day on Capitol Hill as President Obama and VP-Elect Pence Hold Meetings on Health Care","url":"/Politics/video/busy-day-capitol-hill-president-obama-vp-elect-44552447"}