Buttigieg campaign rakes in millions in Q2

The campaign for 2020 presidential Pete Buttigieg's campaign announced they raised $24.8 million in donations in the second quarter.
1:53 | 07/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Buttigieg campaign rakes in millions in Q2
Move on to the 22 when he race democratic presidential candidate. Pete looted JJ is proving his power in this contest his campaign just released second quarter fund raising numbers. Taking in nearly 25. Million dollars in donations I want to bring in our campaign reporter Justin Gomez who's in South Bend, Indiana. And just stand and that's an incredible. Amount of money yes. Yeah that is a huge amount of money right there the British as competitors having a very good morning. 24 point eight million dollars what they've brought in in the second quarter of Texas lottery offside they get these numbers right that came from 294000. Donations. That's an average donation of 47 dollars and 42 cents. The campaign now says that they have 22 point six million dollars cash on hand at. Which is a lot of money as they go into this third quarters of foodstuffs staffing pulled more events and travel around the country to keep promoting their message. Endesa and he's had an interesting time in the last week I mean he has he's had to cancel some amends. With the situation going on with the death of Eric low again and then the debate. How is he doing in this campaign in your opinion. You know obviously. With that shooting it did slow down his ability to go out and thunder is yet to cancel some fundraisers. Right after the shooting here in South Bend when he returned here home get to cast some fundraisers in California we saw just this past Saturday. A fund raiser in Brooklyn was canceled so obviously he has to attend as today's mayoral duties here. And stay here as the situation continues to go on here in South Bend. And he tries to resolve and and build that trust between. The police department and the black communities so we'll see how it ends up going into the third quarter in the coming months but as that this campaign this morning. We still very excited about these numbers and telling me to expect more staffing and early states like Nevada and South Carolina as they go. Are adjusting dumb ass thank you so much.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"The campaign for 2020 presidential Pete Buttigieg's campaign announced they raised $24.8 million in donations in the second quarter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64067053","title":"Buttigieg campaign rakes in millions in Q2","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-campaign-rakes-millions-q2-64067053"}