Buttigieg facing community outrage over police shooting

The presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, held a town hall over the weekend to hear from hundreds of residents who expressed anger and frustration over the shooting.
3:51 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for Buttigieg facing community outrage over police shooting
And we turn to South Bend, Indiana heated weekend for mayor and presidential candidate he booted G-8. Who is facing the biggest test of this campaign so far. The aftermath of an incident where white police officer shot and killed a black man Eric Logan. Earlier this month the police officer said Erik Logan was allegedly carrying a knife but his body cam was off. And yesterday that agents held. A town hall with hundreds of people in the community and it was no doubt passionate and tense of take a look. This same process the job of telling us to threat not voters in 2016 we have we have protests in an effort first time. Thank traffic not as if to triple how can we trust this process. People that don't write off this three ring. Good apartment. If anyone. Who is on patrol. Is shown to be a racist. Or to do something racist. In a way that is substantiated. That is their last day on the street. Lots of tension there so want to bring in. Justin Gomez who's right on the ground there in South Bend. Justin and the frustration comes not only from Aaron Logan's death but. A long history of distrust between the black community in the police department right. Yeah that's right Kimberly and last night did really showed how much anger is in this community. Honestly is being in that room it was very uncomfortable you felt that tens of passionate. All that anger built up within this community just come out within that two hour town hall. And so were there any resolutions that came out I mean you know mayor Pete he was sitting up there did he offer any thing that helped. Well on the frustration. You know days spoke about more things that can be done with body cameras. Technology that makes them automatically turn on in situations that are relying on officers turning them on themselves. They talked about changing policy as far as investigating incidents like this and just conduct policy as well. The mayor's that he was open to all these ideas some of it has been tried in the past it just hasn't worked well here in South Bend. I'm so they've really we're just trying to come to some kind of conclusion. Whether any of this actually gets done in the months left that mayor Pete has during his tenure here is mayor. Is left to be and seen. So what we'll see what actually can be done. And I'm just curious if you've. Have a sense of how this will impact his campaign it I'm I imagine people weren't really they weren't focused on that a curious since. It will have an impact on how he moves forward. It's definitely gonna have an impact on how that move on how he moves toward this is gonna stick with him for for quite awhile. This this situation stout South Bend it is not going away anytime soon that hasn't. Gone away in years this has been something that's been in this community for a long time that's not resurfaced with the shooting there Logan a and going into debate week this is something that's gonna weigh heavily on the keep could be just as mind. It's gonna be probably something that gets brought up on the debate stage so not something in the campaign needed going into this week but certainly something they're gonna have to figure out how to deal went. And he is still planning to attend this week's debate. He is still planning on attending this week's debate he confirmed that to us last night. He's actually on his way to Miami today ahead of the debates he's in a part has made some clothes pressed grassroots event. I'm so he's doing some things ahead of time so he is out leaving South Bend this afternoon. All right Justin Gomez right there in Indiana thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, held a town hall over the weekend to hear from hundreds of residents who expressed anger and frustration over the shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63912487","title":"Buttigieg facing community outrage over police shooting","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-facing-community-outrage-police-shooting-63912487"}