Buttigieg, Sanders neck-and-neck after Iowa caucus

The Iowa Democratic Party is under fire for the counting debacle, which was blamed on a coding error in the app used to tally votes.
4:39 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Buttigieg, Sanders neck-and-neck after Iowa caucus
But we begin with the confusion and uncertainty that marked the start of the 20/20. Campaign. After a night of chaos in Iowa the votes are just now finally coming in. At this hour she bridge edge with a slight lead you may recall he declared victory last night well in advance of the first official tallies announced. One day later and still only 62% of the votes are and as you saw the top of the show the chair of the Iowa Democratic Party has apologized for this mess. The candidates did not wait for the official results many of them last night boarded flights heading to New Hampshire on to the next stop. Where the first primary takes place next week and that's where we find our with Johnson. Even with Iowa in chaos former self Ben Mayer. Presidential campaign right. He was banking on an Iowa bounce it. Max it out and you lose your call the last few minutes eventual bear. Caucus results are coming in losing about. They're not complete but results are from majority. Creases and today show how. And medianews first place. Okay. The preliminary results but booted judge neck and neck with Bernie sanders' who was also anticipating his little success in Iowa. Data senator's frustration was palpable we should all be disappointed there's no excuse for not having results last night. Elizabeth Warren declaring partial results from the Iowa Democratic Party is just not good enough. They ought to do. Get together and released from all of the data finish up mainly on what former vice president Joseph Biden perhaps looking to put Iowa behind him saying there's no rush. Let's give them talk. I don't know precisely how many telex rehab for how went over yet but I feel really good about getting more than larger share. Tonight the Iowa Democratic Party is under fire for the debacle which the chairman blamed on a coding error in the caucus app. As chair of the party if I apologize deeply. But the turmoil seeming to give at least one of the candidates a new lease on life. What an amazing way glad. So rising chaos. You want to steady hand in chaos right. The caucuses were supposed to sort out the field winnow it down and tonight in a sea of frustrated Democrats what man was smiling. I hear something happened in Iowa. Or or didn't happen I don't know where. Still can't figure that out former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg skipped Iowa all together he's focusing on Super Tuesday. And today the billionaire announced he is doubling the amount of money he's spending in this fight. And we Johnson joins us now live in Milford New Hampshire and is sanders' campaign event so wit. This is of course not the day after Iowa anyone was prepared for the sanders' campaign seems particularly. Unhappy with how this all played out how his supporters they're reacting to the confusion in Iowa. Lindsay despite the frustration despite the mass disaster right now and Iowa. Has been here behind me Bernie Sanders supporters they are energized they're hopeful they're motivated they like what they're hearing coming out of Ireland those preliminary results. Bernie Sanders campaign. Is saying that more people actually poured out for burning up those caucus sites than any other candidate but because he is neck and neck deep blue jays they can't claim that full victory that they really wanted to have coming out of Iowa and then coming here. It's a New Hampshire Bernie Sanders himself called the big disappointment and he said that the Iowa Democratic Party was negligent by not releasing those results should timely manner. And as you mention is likely did very little. To winnow the field and also what does this mean now and for the role of New Hampshire are going forward. For the New Hampshire primary Lindsay now becomes that much more important one week for today for candidates like. Bernie Sanders keep booted jets this could really solidify and cement his front runner status. Poor Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren this could be make or break and perhaps determine. How far they can go in this race and then for Joseph Biden who's currently sitting in fourth place out of Iowa this will be a huge task took. Prove that he is in fact the most electable candidate fit to be Donald Trump claim that he's been making on the campaign trail Wednesday. All right wait Johnson on the trail with us thank you for that live report.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The Iowa Democratic Party is under fire for the counting debacle, which was blamed on a coding error in the app used to tally votes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68759707","title":"Buttigieg, Sanders neck-and-neck after Iowa caucus","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-sanders-neck-neck-iowa-caucus-68759707"}