The Campaign Trail Through a College Student's Eyes

ABC News' Charli James is at Longwood University, site of the Vice Presidential debate, taking a look at photos shot by Longwood students on the campaign trail.
12:41 | 10/04/16

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Transcript for The Campaign Trail Through a College Student's Eyes
Every on Kelly James and ABC news did you all hear and farm bill Virginia along with the university here is not just hosting and the vice presidential debate tonight they're also helping their students. Get a behind the scenes look and get in on the action with the elections themselves I am here. Photography professor might hurt and and heat is. Heading a class. That is teaching students how to. Yes. He did it was announced that he put out me call us at how do you get courses baldness at a used today is countless. The necessary and being. Our breasts are being a fourth or journalists like heroes of accidents. It to a degree search here to at first today it was because buying. U Virginia's going to be contesting north Carolina's coast. It's a unit that you know events that takes you. See that he can't reverse. And how did you guys in the school get access to the candidate and you really close here and how does that work. Yes so for the trouble then I mention it in with tickets are actually attendees. And yet it went answers are volunteers are questions or two by two. Scattered to other venues their policies that very difference or perspectives and views we're here got that perspective of being a trump you know being a supporter of the crowd. And then next week. When secret Clinton was increased practioner credentialed so. Contacted their meeting people wouldn't it as a gesture Labatt and so you know myself eleven students you credential and what else on the risers in an accident near times it. ABC it's you and yours it was. NASA and so you haven't spank yourself. Working in political photo journalism so what kind of tip city give the students to Hank give them an idea what they are in for. Yeah so it's a site yet to be ready for that past are certain moment Walken and an ear licensed agent. Brosseau you're not you're remember take their own pictures is that your at a point of view in this. He can make a nice clean tight picture of Clinton that might rock daily paper. We're jays got looser more overview Arabs. A text that's more onerous cuts of a hard time reading it ubiquitous article ever was there in pictures. Trying to question and it did he expected. And one is what's happening here or whatever the pictures that. Aren't necessary you know being moved on monetary bases and assist presser neighbor. And then we have any student here as well bore and who is part of the exhibit. Can you we're gonna walk over and take a look at her while it over there tell us why it happens. I. First class because I am a photography major and it's a great experience and it's my personal life time. Snow I was expecting. Really overwhelming. Hard working class and nationally I mean we are working round the clock deal and all of our. Pictures uploading. Writing bluntness and something that it's been a really. Great experience isn't. And it easier to here apart but tell us where these where and what kind of your perspective let's hear. So. News reporter was that Greensboro, North Carolina Hillary Clinton you can't. And the other here's a Hofstra for the presidential that they. My cape on the political. Process. Mostly and India and people. Such as owners. Aaron the most important part of this election. Especially me. How laying the heck I'm candidates and there behind the scenes since. Really interesting. Part of the class like you know reeling. Get to see it just behind it doesn't look any link on TV. There there will lot of people don't know that there is companies are they are so these are both things that you don't want happening on the stage part of the what you call the Nina events. These patents. On main portion. Did it change you our perspective on the system and on election system seeing these events. And. I am I definitely think it allowed me to. Do more research Blanton talking that politics I always had. Strong political opinions. But. Selig when you're taking pictures you have to know the context of the picture so you have to do your research on their political. Can't eat some. And so my we got here look at more behind the scenes photographed. What kind of feedback did you get from students. Of ballads. An of the periphery all aspects the it wouldn't expect there is actually not. And I think that is the first went to your Mike Pence speaking and winced and Sam are you that answer Kok where he we were down or just kind of get this accident and you know in some answers regularly just when we actually going to see event that. Garnered seniors satellite trucks and other media you know police officers says her students who might have ever been out on the street camera was like oh this is sort of real this is what. Kind of grassroots dated politics looks like. I'm here on sheltered not through. Not through cable news not to Daryn users Williams fruit for themselves first zero. I'm Heidi and actually getting into these events are seeing now drop seen Clinton adolescents here this morning and it photographed and express the United States and that's you know I think. Gotta be throwing regardless of your political. Point of view here here here leanings. I'm so I think actually seeing that first and a necklace was as you know is exciting and also important for between girls and to do it is that you know you aren't that process. And I want to be talk about these two pictures yeah. Tell me about how a little more about how do you chose the photographs that are in here and what stood out to you about and ones chances. Initially came together really quickly so literally got enough from rich drivers executor messier on Monday at the debate at hoster debate. And Tuesday on them along with us come back as a passer some drugs it every give your best six cents on us. And then put others wondered folder just kind of went servicers as you know yes sir yes narrow. And then after Nasser look for tax schemes Hammer's so. You know there the titans could you clean pictures the candidates were and one the crowd make the cell phones are another. You know here's Lawrence owners and residents are looking at the median behind the scenes. And then he says kind of sit at affect your dad here that the language. I think campaigns are you're signing agent. I'm Lisa fiction particular more like Tito I want my average person just how the flag is used at both ends of the spectrum and you both offenses in the inspector right. Or what general and your trump supporter was trump signed your charm button. Very your younger Americans are protestor you know likewise matter supporter at Hofstra. And how you know all these kind of different visual moments coli can come together. Around her act political. Severe ankle he thinks your attacks. The T visual appeared in in two. Yeah yeah yeah explicit saying you're everyone's reviews the flag in some eggs some means that supporter. There position further their point of view. So let's make her way over the last all the talks mean a little bit about how. You could present this and college is. For education but also to train people for eventually work for so how are you also showings of the land that they could use this in media. It's loudly telling you start all over me we're a long way now on the road we started class are looking there. Near times USA today responses that you Sanyo partners newspapers using your progress. And figures showing that you know Bloomberg News parent the archives showing an eighties are. Showing them your artists haven't been working for magazines saying here's a unit of we punitive ways that start respecting Arab document the campaign. For students you know I think this is easily yeah a body work for can be used for nutrition for war. For job and you're actually you know being on the ground seniors firsthand. And making work around events and you know. Clearly you know we saw another six pieces of discourse. Soviet that we mortar commune including Election Day near here Virginia which will be put to be watched. You know that's it's still a state that's being contested bridges. Good for the class. And so what are students going to be doing when he your students going to be doing tonight there's already festivities going on all him. The what are students that the current again in the debate off thinking. So one state one ticket to get a debate and rear camera sports cars aren't you tax me said. Some good news I mean all I can't wreck Arabs are well good for you that lousy for our class. It guarantees of access part of the inner selves Soviet on so happy pictures that asked for farmers are credentialed in the infirmary in these songs from her. Instead now I mean they'll be you know in that scrum of photographers there and you see there. Venus and an act two starters like I'm sending you there's trump. Campaign office here in town and as the official Clinton watch party in town so kind dispatch them off campus were released first half hour. Editors you know big Jumbotron campus. Network CB here. House just had a calf. You see this. You know kind of try to try to disperse and investigated and cash mobile. His points students capture. The extra credit to get off a late poking I had to moderate camp. So let me last year Ethier and just tell me why without these ones and emotion that yesterday. Yes. Additionally it is a good word meaning it just yet it could just comes up you know from tracking out of supporter it is to get this nice kind of traditional tight clean campaign sorrow. I'm an ending a downer when the end of of Senator Clinton yet this kind of perfect wave in Europe and its frame and a flag. And and you alluded out you know the again did the use of cellphones and counselor to the campaign is being experienced documented. By the average person adversaries through traditional forms of media. And then you're sort of you know Senator Clinton has rock star right my game just excited to when she comes out especially you know this this don't hear me just. Some real heat our homes and wetlands and the arms reaching the hands of Paris itself on and so. Yet some agent that candidate visually as part of sort of course there's also the crowd to see. Assistants noticed that yeah it is an important. Men. And so how happy earth beauty company that's. This isn't a class that obviously not possible to do every hair but this is new so right the university humming. Many dealers say they are to their credit you know putting resource into class Ramon you're paid for. You know charter bus to get house. You know what the bills for fourteen hotel rooms you know students. Yet we Kennedy's de France and you know long university is crap either. How much you on the road in New York for the dough for the students against them you know thousand credit card to do that that kind of work its. Getting is any price interests your idiotic campaign Jeremy does it takes resources unit exceeds yours resource from a V Gore's help do that. You pursue doesn't regret. On skills. They use is there ever heard a campaign of course there is an uncle and Brandon Graham and keep. And wrap ask not are all that her skills beyond that it's harder it will might they face and talking about it and I think this is a great experience and that's very little that the university's of that together so that is just one of the many. Exit N. And that students and see university here putting on on debate day just hours away from. The candidates that he candidates seeking the stage those ABC news. Or else and I have a lot more coming up from at that campus they're headed back over there now. And of course you can watch the big event tonight right here on

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{"id":42565653,"title":"The Campaign Trail Through a College Student's Eyes","duration":"12:41","description":"ABC News' Charli James is at Longwood University, site of the Vice Presidential debate, taking a look at photos shot by Longwood students on the campaign trail.","url":"/Politics/video/campaign-trail-college-students-eyes-42565653","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}