Campaigns court Florida’s Puerto Rican vote

ABC News’ Rachel Scott travels to central Florida, where both the Trump and Biden campaigns are vying for the growing Puerto Rican vote.
5:54 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for Campaigns court Florida’s Puerto Rican vote
We saw those long lines in Florida today were early voting is now underway in the last six election cycles no candidate has won the white house with out winning the sunshine state and with a close battle expected again for Florida. His focus from both the trump inviting campaigns on a group growing in size and importance in that state. Puerto Rican voters some of whom will be voting for the very first time since moving to the state after Hurricane Rita struck the island in 2017. So ABC's Rachel Scott traveled to Central Florida where this critical constituency of Puerto Rican voters is looking to make their voices for work. Outside its Newbury notes how in Kissimmee Florida Maria by as clinches her necklace. The names of the Stanley she'd left behind in Puerto Rico ads and silver and resting his come from what I mean this place means a lot to me she tells me. Clean Puerto Rico after her Jean Marie and 2017. With her grandson Daniel this motel became home for eight months. I'm ready room. Hurricane Maria was a hurricane magistrate asked our. Industry has personally. Economically. Emotionally. And the nights are horrible to have my grandsons he Graham. I'm thirsty. Pay them. I'm thirsty and to not have any cold water to give him. That was one of the reasons why I decided I have to leave Puerto Rico. Three years later Rhea says she still fighting for a better quality of life. Eight year old the annual has special needs and still struggles to walk on his own she tells me health care is on the ballot this election and she's backing Joseph Biden. Nearly all these forty people we. I see him as a politician who wants to fight for the United States who can provide us with both health care and personal benefits. And someone who can help us move forward in have a better quality of life. Hispanics are on track to become the largest minority voting bloc would roughly 2.4 million Latinos registering to vote in Florida. Making up a record 17% of the State's total. The Latino population in the sunshine state is diverse and so worker politics. Three decades presidential candidates have always spot to win over Republican leaning Cuban voters. Largely concentrated in South Florida but this election cycle a growing push to mobilize Puerto Ricans along the I or court door across Central Florida. A critical stretch of highway running from Daytona Beach to Tampa where both campaigns are battling for voters. Doctor Fernando Riviera a professor at the University of Central Florida has been tracking the movement of Puerto Rican city area for more than ten years. Read through the purple rights of people go back and forward looking Democrat and Republican. I think that that from complainants. You know taking into account that they not necessarily need to win. The whole percentage of the Puerto Rican vote and it's funny they just need to you know. I don't know side Democrats and at fertility. Fighting campaign press and we should that the tenant lives there. Not only the support that you throw in the poll since there but that actually that he translate into votes. Even as US citizens Puerto Ricans who live on the island have no say in who becomes the next president. But that changes once they move to the mainland helping Puerto Ricans navigate the democratic process groups like Latino justice. The right now we have our campaign on their way it's full body weight noise which loosely traffic to the sooner the better. And the aim of this campaigning to reach Latino voters. In Troy in Spanish. But particularly Latino voters who leaving rule areas that don't necessarily get the payment thinking. We met Margie ciento a Puerto Rican voter who moved to Florida from New York this year. And the lead up to Election Day Margie is pounding the pavement working with Latino experts from the Republican cheek us to drive turnout. What do you fear will happen if Joseph Biden and I really fear that this country's gonna go downhill. One because he does not support biblical that youth. Angle it's just gonna become a socialist country it's going to be something that we're not gonna want and if things you know our freedoms of going to be taken away. At 45 years old she's also a first time voter. And even after losing to over uncles in the US to cope in nineteen she tells me her support for the president never wavered. I stand with imprisoning in that we cannot let it control and I nines. Before another first time voter it's trumps handling of the pandemic that's giving him pots. Well it create a kind of a perfect storm. Four top financial situation. Thomas wart restaurant owner Orlando grew up in Puerto Rico this year he was forced the close one of his restaurants and lay off twenty members of his staff. Just fifteen days ago he still undecided. A lot of the things that come problems and shoot from the hip and if he creates a friend's. And that's that's one of the situations that I did this like that. Shoots and doesn't think of the repercussions and then we have. The other candidates fighting which I think he's a good candidate also. But he's pushing for some situations where for example fifteen dollars an hour. That's really tough situations which right now in a and for him it's not just the race for the White House but all of Washington on the ballot. And at this point right now. We needed this leadership as a whole not only in the presidential situation but I think congress. And in the house to make decisions that we. And with greater begin seeing this fastest growing part of the Hispanic electorate and I said he's first time voters say the stakes are too high to sit out. Three ABC news live Rachel Scott currently handles Florida it is.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"ABC News’ Rachel Scott travels to central Florida, where both the Trump and Biden campaigns are vying for the growing Puerto Rican vote. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73704512","title":"Campaigns court Florida’s Puerto Rican vote","url":"/Politics/video/campaigns-court-floridas-puerto-rican-vote-73704512"}