Candidate Trump's harsh words for Bowe Bergdahl

On the campaign trail in 2015, Donald Trump said the alleged deserter "should've been executed."
1:34 | 10/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Candidate Trump's harsh words for Bowe Bergdahl
Our president doesn't have a clue he's a bad negotiator. He's the one that did berg don't we get back don't they get five killer terrorists that everybody want it over there. We get bread do we get it trader we get a no good trader. And they get the five people that they wanted to years and those people are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us hate. 25 years ago fifty years a hundred years ago you do what he did it's been because quickly. Called. It's called. You debt. That greater I know good trader. Who should have been executed. And Justin Barrett he probably won't even serve any time and thirty years ago I would have been shot. And people are tired. Do but my wing and they just haven't flown back in the middle of that place and dropped pool. Britain event let it happen. Let them have. I mean that's cheaper than a bullet. You know the old days will batteries went nuts. I. He would've been shot one years ago in the old days when was strong and wise. We shoot a guy like that fifty years ago what would happen more. 25 years ago probably the same thing but it wouldn't take it longer. Ten years ago jail time five years ago a couple of years. Now we gonna get nothing he's gonna get now.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"On the campaign trail in 2015, Donald Trump said the alleged deserter \"should've been executed.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50509428","title":"Candidate Trump's harsh words for Bowe Bergdahl","url":"/Politics/video/candidate-trumps-harsh-words-bowe-bergdahl-50509428"}