Candidates in their own words

The 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls make their case on the campaign trail ahead of the latest debate.
10:21 | 10/16/19

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It. Old but it's a lot of them. Aren't just what effect does. A feeling good good it's worked on platoons from war can finish stronger. But it literally are. The truth is there. Mike Ming doctor is in Washington DC's we've hoosiers. In Vermont along the colonial. So going to be an expert at colonial. On a regular basis if future cups. And abuse they go. On and on. And beat him very differently to medical records sooner than originally planned. Will release them we will always plan a plan to release them. And we have or medical records. Obviously. Now we these people. If we. I don't think it helps or Kirk roughly one thing we look forward to doing. Well I must confess it was. All our was born and thank call it look. And during this campaign are doing some cases reform rallies. The actual work. And yet only in the last month to. To us with more fatigue. Usually been so. And a shuttle bus from Kabul symptoms should put some of those symptoms so if there's any message. Of hope we can you know there. I want people who pay attention to system it's. And when you're urging him to be paying interest. With. So that's a little weak leader with a book because you. That's Good Morning America how we're here. Why we trade deeply from well the freedom and liberty that we didn't do it because of oaks. When. Prices got up and prompting. Gentlemen we are oral crisis right now. Oral crisis that when we say assault with a hole of the Brady but our veterans come home and are disproportionately. Hall list. We are oral crisis right now. When we say that we are nation of liberty and justice for all but we have a criminal justice system. The trick you better if you're rich and guilty and if you're poor and ever did. We're in crisis right and halt. When we say we believe in life and liberty the pursuit of happy that. That's the life and health care. At all cost America right now people are putting aside their lifesaving medications. That can afford it. All children all men and women are created equal. A public school to yours. Who can barely pay their student loans. CV inequality of their children in the region own pocket to try to paper something. For low income. Gentlemen this is the moral moment in America. It's not just a referendum won one guy won office this election. Is a referendum on who we all are and who we are to each other. Because I believe. I believe in patriotism. I believe in the power are below. Had a we're at least back we will create the pope's rumpled and we look at that about not bad news. And yeah. Not so let's get start it. You know I think that we don't know. This has been. A rough. After years and it includes campaign for its. And yet there it lots of moments where we have been attempted to actually thrown things that inanimate object called TV. Many of us gone through individual and group therapy about it. But I think that I want mr. Hooper. In the midst of all office which has been. All of that the emotions from acres of the year certainly frustration. And also just the questions and asking about where is this. Ogden an end houses gonna turn out what does this mean are you okay. In the midst of all of that just remind us. The framers. Of our constitution. And the founders of our country. Fair it. Imagined. Us. They imagined that there would be a that there would be an abuse of power. By one branch Erica and so in their brilliance. They designed this beautiful system of our democracy flop let me in perfect 88. But they just signed it so that there would be three coequal. An independent branches of government. Anticipating. That there might be it time with there would be the kind of abuse that we have seen. And so they designed it such that we would have the checks and back. But. One question about how democracy works and her. If you think it's going to be all about scooping up a bunch of money from rich people. And then. Buying a bunch TV. And that's out instantly that we. Then outlets like a lot here and the Republicans. Something that's not democracy works and you were punched her talent and work that morning. I think it's going to be about hanging out in buildings and streets that. Ensure it takes money to do it. But the way we're doing is in five dollars and 2.5 dollar contributions and the people. And volunteer hour. Volunteer morning volunteered that they'll be there weekly basis we're gonna build grassroots. That's going to be here compared to manage to win. In November 20 when. And even more important tablet and it's certainly changed completely. The yes. I so. I put out an extensive hands on immigration. Inning when we'll take a candidate Elizabeth Warren dot com. It. Starts with a statement of our values immigration does not make our country where it makes our country stronger. We need to expand. Legal immigration. We need a pathway to citizenship. We're the people who are here. Yes that includes dreamers but so much for me it includes written on some little kid sitting includes people who overstayed their visas who came here. The work agriculture. It's people who are here. We need to bring them and we need to victims were legal citizens. And certainly needs to stop prices have to work. It was me any treatment for. When he was withdrawn and send her head to stabilize those governments. We need to help stabilize things happen so people yeah. That they have to flee for their lives. We need to stop private detention centers here. And we need immigration system than spending it and sources. On real. I. Ain't no me Brandon was talking about it as a climate person. And it's true that over ten years I've worked on the climate crisis. Out the most aggressive climate policy if anybody running for president. But it's also true. That every time I think. Talk or act climate I start from a position up environmental justice. South Carolina several months ago I went tricked out car. Tours are rural African American community where the water is unsafe to drink and the people are getting sick and their lives are threatened. And right now Erfurt gaps in the United States that we jokes. To concentrate the pollution in our water. And the pollution in our. Little communities mostly black and brown who can't defend themselves politically. So what I talk about climate nice part we those communities knowing that any policy it's good to be just. And any policy it's going to be effective and it coalition. It's good to have the moral high ground. Does get a happy input and the leadership. Of the people from Denmark South Carolina and George down South Carolina. There should get in Newark, New Jersey and the and the inner. Valley of California. I am running because we got up broken government in Washington DC. Biggest corporations have blocked that government. It is stopped working of by and or the people. And all of the policies that we want to health care policies that were discussing. The education policies they were discussing the different green new deals. We're not gonna get unless we rate that corporate stranglehold on our democracy. And get back to a government that serves the people first and foremost at all the time.

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{"duration":"10:21","description":"The 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls make their case on the campaign trail ahead of the latest debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66324480","title":"Candidates in their own words","url":"/Politics/video/candidates-words-66324480"}