Capitol Hill gears up for 2nd week of impeachment hearings

In a new ABC/Ipsos poll, 70% of Americans believe President Trump's actions tied to Ukraine were improper.
5:19 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for Capitol Hill gears up for 2nd week of impeachment hearings
All right we begin in Washington in another week a public hearings in the impeachment probe. A presidents from Americans able to decide for themselves if the president abused his power for political gain. And many have a new ABC news it's those polls showing. 7% of Americans think Trump's request a foreign leader to investigate his rival was wrong so want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House. And we have Catherine falters in our DC bureau Catherine I'll start with you I just wanna get your take on these numbers and what it actually means this whole thing I think it suggests as you mention of the public. Is increasingly concerned about the president's behavior you have a majority of Americans. Watching these hearings closely. Same of the president should be impeached. In removed. A from office for his behavior and it's exactly what you mentioned chairman Schiff has been hoarding these public hearings because he wants the American people to make that determination. For themselves Republicans haven't tacking that packing in the process of something that's been happening behind closed doors but has Schiff has said. He wants them to make that determination and you'll see Republicans. Who what highs this Kimberly they. Are starting to say that the president at may have done something improper but it's not necessarily. Impeachable. Yeah and Catherine lots of testimonies this week I just want you to get an idea give us an idea of who we're gonna hear from. And cabinet break this down that's for you here so I hope. We have lots of witnesses this week we have. Four witnesses coming in tomorrow now these are important because they're three witnesses who work specifically on that July 25 call in question the president. Had with the Ukrainian president you see some of them there so. Republicans have in making the case that witnesses so far have had no firsthand knowledge or have a hard time making this case here but the want to watch as you see on your screen. Wednesday ambassador of Gordon's on line he. Really. In in testimony that came out over the weekend from a former and a C official Tim Morrison has really put him. At in the center of this that the spotlight he's pretty common to revise his testimony wants but what he has as a direct link. A between this back channel to get you create a to conduct investigations and trump himself now the reason former NSC staffer Tim Morrison. As that position is significant that came out over the weekend you'll hear from him a publicly this week to but he remembers. Five times that. Born and someone said that he spoke to trump and the reason he's approximately five times are significant is because. This was during the time period. That there was this holed up on eight and when someone came to revise his testimony he's said that he specifically toward an aide to president bill in ski. That this aid was conditions. On launching investigations now David Holmes another person who was behind closed doors last week. It he also said that he overheard a call. That someone had with the president one day after that July 25 also want a July 26 where he heard the president talking about investigations so someone. But one to watch has a lot of that questions to answer here that perhaps contradict his testimony behind closed doors that he gave a couple weeks. Yes definitely last a lot stare and Kirin House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Invited president trump to testify himself and he responded that today on whether. Yet the president said in its fleet that he is strongly considering it. Begin leaving they would have congress get focused again and start talking about issues and moving forward on policy. Is the president strongly considering going out and testifying in the impeachment inquiry and look at the record here the president and let even though senior advisors. Go up and cooperate with the house Democrats inquiry he's calling it ain't no due process hoax. And the administration have not wanted to validate this process by letting top aides go up there people like. Make more beanie John Bolton in others here that had been in the west wing involved in this process. So remember also the brevity. Did not testify in the smaller investigation he admitted answers in written form to question. I don't think we should expect the president will be heading at the Capitol Hill anytime soon. And talking before lawmakers and hearing. And can finally before we go I just let me ask you about on the president's surprise visit to Walter Reed there was a lot of confusion about that. The rest went to Walter Reed on Saturday in an unannounced visit now usually the president makes these visits that the press we'll travel to Walter Reed in suburban Maryland with him but. According to some reports the hospital facility its staff did not get advance notice that there that yeah I keep it that that would take place that day would we. We suggest that immediately last minute. The White House says that this was to start phase one of the president's annual physical he did his physical in February to be way ahead of schedule at this point. President said he was thumbing dam and a bit of blood work to get things going lab work and then we'll continue this process now in the coming week. I think it's also important to note that when the president was there he did meet with some wounded soldiers. So it what ever he was having done at whatever he's getting checked out unit being able to pay a visit to people that were also there Walter Reed. Our and I want to thank you guys for the update that Karen Travers at the White House and Catherine fathers and our DC bureau thank you so much. In guys we will have full coverage of the impeachment hearings starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM eastern.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"In a new ABC/Ipsos poll, 70% of Americans believe President Trump's actions tied to Ukraine were improper.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67108350","title":"Capitol Hill gears up for 2nd week of impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/capitol-hill-gears-2nd-week-impeachment-hearings-67108350"}