Cardiologist comments on Bernie Sanders' hospitalization

Chairman of Cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Varinder Singh, discusses Sanders' hospitalization as a result of a clogged artery.
3:03 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Cardiologist comments on Bernie Sanders' hospitalization
Now we're also joined now takes Avery joined by doctor render saying he's the head of cardiology. At Lenox Hill Hospital in New York joins us. From New York via Skype doctor thinks so much for coming in a lot of people wondering. What this statement from the campaign means relatively ambiguous or clogged artery to stance. How serious is that he procedure like that what does this mean. Here so. Thank you for having me on. Been getting a lot of these calls. Angioplasty and stent placement are really under one category called her continues coronary intervention PCI. It's pretty routine procedure. Done very common wean the United States and worldwide. It can be done in different clinical settings and that really determines. How the recovery is in how serious condition. The worst scenarios some had a heart attack. And they are actually in the heart attack or trying to open the Audrey having it. The best scenario is somebody who's very stable in their life. Starts to steal symptoms early on and that gets. Up by stress tests and some other modality that there's a blockage. And that's obviously key question that's your point there were asking the campaign did senator Sanders have a heart attack here they haven't provided any information America speculated could have been a simple. Now they're saying that he was experiencing just come first compared granted downplay. Anything like that they're saying that he was having a regular down a campaign trail and then in the evening senate's not. Ill he and he did go win on doctor when he ran in the campaign Torre sixty is Mary Alice reported at the time. Doctors job opting congress gave me very clean bill hell he's obviously. Quite active for seventy years old. He had at the time according to doctor's letter no signs of coronary heart disease no high blood pressure of mile cholesterol. Now what does it tell you that that something of this nature are clogged arteries and the need for two stance comes out at this point does that suggest. Anything more serious. Well you don't have to know his case you really comment and I don't know this clinical details and we'll tell you in general. You know there are five major risk factors for developing cop nor police would subscribe to seize. They are. Been around forever and you know your stuff that we work on one lot of patience and modified so they are hypertension. High cholesterol. And smoking diabetes. Can we history of heart disease and advancing age. I'm finally doctor having undergone a procedure like this we know that he's recovering cleared his schedule. How quickly do you think Bernie Sanders can give back add to an active normal schedule an active function. Yeah Tico a lot of that depends upon. How much what his clinical presentation was was it more unstable was a heart attack. But in general most of these procedures people recover from really dazed who a few weeks. Our doctor friend are saying head of cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital New York thank you so much air for Skype in and know your very busy appreciate your perspective.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Chairman of Cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Varinder Singh, discusses Sanders' hospitalization as a result of a clogged artery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66018103","title":"Cardiologist comments on Bernie Sanders' hospitalization","url":"/Politics/video/cardiologist-comments-bernie-sanders-hospitalization-66018103"}