Caroline Kennedy Talks Trump Rhetoric's Impact in Japan

The U.S. ambassador to Japan said she thinks people are concerned about what it may mean for the American alliance.
2:35 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Caroline Kennedy Talks Trump Rhetoric's Impact in Japan
Now of course we all heard the president today talking about. The politics at home. And you come from a political family you've been rough and tumble political thing W his properties this type of rhetoric may. May not surprise you but it it has apparently surprised some of our allies are they in fact coming to you as the ambassador. To ask whether or not they should take seriously some of these proclamations from Donald Trump. Wiping people are concerned I think as the president said it really shows. The need for American engagement in the world the degree to which people around the world look to us. For leadership and for engagement for constructive. Action to solve world problems and so I think that that's why they're concerned because they want to make sure that that we're gonna continue to play that role what are they make. When they come. Well I think really what they're concerned about is the future and so what does this mean for the American alliance and certainly in the case of Japan. We've seen this alliance is just sad go from. You know for seven years and it's stronger than it's ever been and it's it's been has grown out way through Republican and democratic administrations so. I think it's there are so many people to people ties and friendships. That have been built up over of these over the generations really that I think that got stronger than any one person but obviously they're you know concerned when somebody. Doesn't seem to understand there were value effort that's been put into this and and really what's been built over time with state economic relationships scientific collaborations. Educational exchanges and you know the cultural. Ties so I think that's what they want. Being from the political dynasty that you are far from. What you. What do you make. What did you woody would you make of what's going on with this type of rhetoric. And the level of the politics of the United States. At this at this level despite what would your father. What would your uncle. What people feel uncles what they have thought of what's happened. I. While I'm out here right now some following closely but I do know that they always believe in working across the island and understanding people of different countries to the parties to points of view. So I think that that that's what they would try to be focus on certainly their education that. Now my uncle Teddy had and I think I still run and his colleagues who. Who value their approach and who hope that none that they can get back to working together with their colleagues in that kind. Constructive way to do what's best for American people. It.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The U.S. ambassador to Japan said she thinks people are concerned about what it may mean for the American alliance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39397196","title":"Caroline Kennedy Talks Trump Rhetoric's Impact in Japan","url":"/Politics/video/caroline-kennedy-talks-trump-rhetorics-impact-japan-39397196"}