Carson Heads Home to Michigan

Talks to supporters about stimulus plan and taxpayer breaks
30:21 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Carson Heads Home to Michigan
Hi this is cab spotters reporting for ABC news digital today we are writing on doctor Carson's campaign bus. We have an exclusive behind the scenes look as we traveled from Ohio to Michigan we've now made its. At Michigan learning Jackson Michigan. This is doctor Carson's. First campaign event in Michigan since he announced his candidacy and Manny. We are just gambling ads in and out and doctor Carson your doctor cars that are you an event. Of course always everything from rooms in this and it what are you thinking then we go ahead do you think you mean your state and Michigan for the first time since you announced. Well you know the news revenge thing. Thing about America itself. Is a great film. Helmets and and and others could. Ohio. Is everything okay. And we the American people should leave your greatest effect that we have. The same culture. No matter where you go. Be in the mom. Can be in the valleys you can be and Dave tropics. Where you can be an ambassador. And yet still have the same culture and the same values. About which originally fair crowd. Coming home compared to the other stops he made along the way is it a different young Mario yeah. Comes your home state. It's always different from anywhere. And less than that Lewis is a little bit different than and story a Florida or California. And dinner with the scenery in the trees. You know all of its veered from it. So here our craziness media's failure about a lot got to give us lapse cameras wedding thanking. Because there's only only shoot cameras guerrillas are going to be people hit. Emotionalism. It's it's great I'm certainly one of them. Let me read it again who aren't will go along with gives. Again that was doctor Carson joining us live on HTC is digital we're walking out to the press avail now. Here in Jackson Michigan before we head on the rally let's go with them. I. It's. What I'm about as well as north. Yeah. Civilians on right. Very friendly. Are getting. I'm over here is made there's going to be sitting in front of their own. Really great can't let hearing Zack pain. Clearly the Republican Party was now okay. Doctor. Named first time. And now we campaign you may. We're waiting for me. Many cameras here that has no place. Share. We weren't trying as close as a means you can't handle thank. I went well I yeah. Heidi that's what I understand the historical movement that took place here that anything Victorian England and it's just thrilled your here on that basis. Mr. President you. It get caught him. I OK so you know. On his son Jackson accrued. Now. You don't actually hurts to lose my key. Can do better if we news. All about it. Law. I. You know Republicans worked very very hard. Do slavery and after it was abolished. You know to try to gain writes for the treatment including her rights to bear arms. And then bringing it up into more mart and times and other civil rights. Act and the voting. These things were pushed by Republican guard. Being vehemently opposed. The democratic. And jump over the course of time. Fares people have managed to manipulate the messages. Through a very significant degree. And what you get that the philosophies of the two parties now. Well I have no evidence as a black Republican. Is that. Republicans tend to have more at the character of people. That Democrats have a look more at the color of their skin. And you know today. If you're black you don't think a certain way as far the Democrats are concerned you're an uncle Tom. They're still out traders pages though your insurance. Thank you all of this based on the color of a person's. I'm hoping that at some point we can all reach the gold that Doctor King I was looking for. Just look at what that person. Look at what they're saying. Now one thing that's been very encouraging commandments that meant as I travel around the country. And and have talked through a lot. Minorities particularly blacks. And find that many of them. Are not just buying. The Democrat party line anymore I mean they're looking around this he once Anthony. And they're seeing that you know fifty years of these policies have not resulted in improvement and really have resulted in worsening of the situation. But the second part of what needs to be. There are a lot of people who gonna work with me on this. Is it's really articulated it. The philosophy. Of the mart and Republican Party. Which is. Compassion. Are expanding in latter. So that people who are in the lower rungs can climb up to the higher rungs based on their hard work. And based on what they do themselves. Believe that that's going to resonate greatly. With the minority community because a lot of people a minority communities contrary to popular opinion. All they want is a fair shake all they want is an opportunity to achieve but you know we've have a system. That is beaten into people's heads that that's not enough. Because you can't get ahead just based on what your abilities are unique me to help you. Penn and people in the head and things. So I'll take care of this or not they care in this and that the other. But I do expect your loyalty when it comes. And just keep themselves in power and they forget about them until the next to in the next election I think people are starting to notice that. But you know we have to start thinking collectively in this country. There is so important because we only have 330 million people. China has over a billion. India has over a billion. And we have to compute with them. Which means we need to develop. All of our people we can't afford to have anywhere people not doing well it means we need to be concentrating. On our school systems than a not working. You know we need is still our borders who resides and the reason I bring that end here. That was down about a month ago. Looking at an enormous number of drugs that are coming across those borders. And wherever those drugs go. There's a lot of crime there's a lot of violence and a lot of that is in the opener. It is destroying. The lives. Of Americans. So you know we need to stop. And reexamine some of these policies. And look at what we can do to improve the life where about one of the things that could be almost immediately. Is it looking at this over two trillion dollars. Of American money overseas. That's not being brought back by corporate America because we have the highest corporate officer in the developed world. Well at a Carson administration. We will provide a six month high eight us. Tax relief you could bring that money back. It wouldn't cost you anything repatriate almost. Trillion dollars and only stipulation would be that 10% of the money you bring back. Has to be used to create jobs for people who are unemployed and on welfare you want to talk about a stimulus. That doesn't cost the American taxpayer one penny and gets a gigantic jumpstart. That's what we have to talk about and also. You know we need to get. This so this this will help corporate America and and that industrial. Arena to recognize. Once again and through re establish once again the relationship. With the communities. Because that's what helped us out in the beginning. People care about people around them they have relationships. Some all 56 years ago things got distorted. And the governments such things will take care of everybody thinks. But it is not the government's job to take care of it. Is. Working together. And we start caring about each other and we begin to recognize that everybody. Is a part of that fabric. And if everybody is successful the fabric just get stronger. And you know let's not let the purveyors of division continued to win. By making us believe that there's a war on women. And racial wars and income borrowers and age wars and religious wars and on and on they go dividing. And conquering. This is the time when we need unity because there are global. Jihadist. Who want to destroy us and our way of life. Let's not make it easy for them. By destroying ourselves. Thank you very much. I I find what else I don't think my comments from. Occupying US house. Has anything to do anything. We have. And American. Culture. And we have an American constitution. And anybody who's going to occupy our White House. Should be living in. Pattern that is consistent. With our constitution and with our culture. We. Our unique. You know there's something known as the American way the American dream. No other country has anything like that. Why in the world do we want to give away. All of our values and principles for the sake of political correctness. I think you'll be the biggest mistake we government yeah. George can't. Are you started where you are now in where Michigan plays in that because as you know there was a big event on Maxima island over the weekend were some of your fellow. Candidates were you're the Homestake guy you weren't there you're here today how big is Michigan here. Well you know mission is my home state that's where I was born and I love Michigan but. Always. Attend to my commitment. And many of my commitments. Longstanding. And that sometimes people very surprised that sickening he didn't break the commitment like other people and I'm not a person who does that. Contact original cluster and there are plenty of Muslims in this country living my American dream that you talked about these are comments last week you know what's here. What do you say to them yeah. Well if you listen to my comments last week which a lot of people didn't. Before the question of Muslims who have asked. Ice. Anybody. And that includes any religion. Who lived according to American values and principles and is willing to put our constitution. Their religious. Ideology. Is acceptable to me people. And you know the mainstream media heard those comments they chose to ignored. It. Got personal what do you think about Syrian refugees and conversation. There's there could be thousands brought to the United States is that a good idea or about it. Well yeah well I think virtually all of our problems can be solved by little comments. And if you have a global jihadist movement. And they want to destroy America. And all of our values. And they see a beautiful vehicle to infiltrate and bring their people end here. Is it possible that we could have at least a modicum of intelligence and recognize that. Yeah. Yeah. Well I think I think it's wonderful because. In others so maybe. Republicans. There have meant so much this country and you know I grew up in Detroit. And cost them. When he they've been. It came to Ann Arbor all of these served. Bastions of liberalism and Democrat strongholds. So I grew up as a repair. And I believed all the things the Democrats said. Like Republicans were horrible racist people. And that you should never even go near one of them. But then in as a young attending neurosurgeon. In I was seeing so many people. Who were able bodied individuals but whose lives were consumed by. Poverty. And welfare. And then I started this thing to Ronald Reagan. And he didn't sound like a horrible hateful racist person. And strategy may. Tremendous. Common sense. And I began to start it for myself and that point. And and doing so you know I migrated more toward a conservative ideology. That conservative ideology. Has lit me in my life that it made things. Might put reading rooms. All over the country particularly in title one schools. Where a lot of kids come from homes but no books they go to screw it no library or they fund however they're not likely to become readers. And 78%. Of high school dropouts are functionally illiterate that these reading rooms are places that you know little kids with cancer. And they get points for the number of books they read it. And they can trade him enterprises like go from the extreme things in the beginning they do for the crisis but it doesn't take long before it has a profound effect. On their academic. And changes to trajectory of their lives if you are the kinds of things that we have to do I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican. You know we're all Americans and we should be just that in the welfare. Obama people could you bring another place I gotta hand Monday when things got one thing because I was noticing on the signed here the July 6. Was the date when the Republican Party was started here. Believe they're not a 121 years they anniversary of that was our wedding day. How would you like Republicans are treated you returned the way we like. I find black Republicans are treated extremely well and Republican. Very. Welcome and fact I don't. Hear much about. Being a black republic. I hear a lot about what you believe. And the kinds of principles that you just bouncing. And you love for America. And I think that's far more important I think the Republicans have done a far superior to to the Democrats getting over racism. That strong statement how would you how would you define that I would define that as people. Who look at the color person's skin and make a judgment about them based on that. That's trees. What about the comments of the front runner Donald Trump about Hispanic then. I mean how can you are other people and either party who say things. Can I be responsible for all of them absolutely and I will not try to. Well we first of all you need to recognize. This crisis. Wants to destroy they're part. Of the global here. And ignore them. Or to act like they're the JV and is not going to be an effective. They are continuing to grow they have established their KO. They have half a program. A third of Syria and they now have put. In Somalia. And Nigeria and Tunisia. They are looking like winners and as a result of that they're able to recruit people they've or recruiting people from partner. And so a strategy against them. Is to make them into losers. In for instance they control. And bar. Which is one of the largest energy bill and Iraq. Well the first things I would do is take that from. And I would take all the other territories from them and then they would look like lose. Am I would use every resource available to us not to contain them but to eradicate them. I heard Mueller talked about the drug problem in America there's a large Harrell and problems here in Jackson. As president what would you do help cities like this one. I was still the border. You should see the amount of heroin coming into the order it is. Believable. And I've been talking to some of the law enforcement's along the border and they're not getting any support from our federal government and they catch these people it's like catch and release. And I couldn't get through that weight go through over here it's ridiculous. And that we could still that forward very very. And we just have no wheels to do it and it is helping to destroy our population. I curse us for every university it's forestry universities I was given religious exemption. From title mind do you think more religious universities. That sentence them. I would like to see a time when they would need those exemptions because we wouldn't be passing laws that are antithetical to the freedom of American. I want to get us back to that point but in the interim that that is appropriate you're saying I don't mind. That are well I think what we need to be looking it is how. Do we treat all Americans. The same way more and perhaps special kind and when I want them or. It's important. France's. Well in it's always a historic occasion way. You know harm that comes to America. And I hope we're very welcoming. And we love it clearly has the thing. What's it mean to you for coming let your children into theater. I fill a need to be. Everywhere. And that happened to be on the content of this. Thank you. Yeah. As you just alive doctor Carson's wrapped up paying speech an impressive though here at the birthplace of the Republican Party in Jackson Michigan. This is his first time in the state. Since he announced his campaign back in May think this is the state where he was mourns them where doctor Carson grew up. He's now taking more questions. From media from supporters you can hear that he he talked about. How exciting it was to be here at the birthplace of the Republican Party talked about fiscal gap education and and he is now signing signing copies of books from supporters. His first questions was on his comment on his Muslim comment. He said what he's been saying and even not support. I am a Muslim in the White House I'm that the value that their values are in line with our constitution. However his campaign then did tell me on the bus that they. They don't mind getting these questions in fact they are happy to answer the questions they're glad that this. Is part of the discussion they think that it's helping their campaign I think that they're getting more support today doctor Carson. It passed Donald Trump on base but the campaign is really excited about that. The day don't find anything wrong with getting me is I'm getting the questions from the media and sticking my and in fact they might get. Let's go back to doctor Carson who is taking pictures with supporters. And a lot of auto. And I'll show you here. Yeah. Vehicle countries. How it's great thank you hear how one husband actor and neighborhoods on the level Kamal. We begin immediately. On 200. Use it and Kentucky Tulsa and turning honestly can't beat. Yeah political fundraiser. I don't out of context that you and yeah. Keeping. Government. Mr. Thank you. Absolutely we can look humor language and English soccer's next. He's. And starts to agriculture. Absolutely stand when. And small town paper do we get a quick went both aerial. Do you and his who looked like. Again we suspect that oppress the ballot after Carson here at the birthplace of the Republican Party and Jackson. A Michigan on our way to do his first rally in the state since he announced that it may. More on our way there are now. Look first and we're here visiting Vermont sheriff's yeah yeah. Yeah. And others are welcome and homelessness and arson. It. Go away it's my father's building insurance there are movies about during your. And wearing. And me into art. It's. A good yeah. And yeah. Oh yeah. It's. Not gonna. Hillary Clinton's view. It goats don't McMahon I think you noted it's. Its warranty. It is not right here. And besides its own. We've got a record. Again this is cap and others are offering free news digital ABC news has exclusive access to doctor Carson throughout the day. We've been traveling with him on the bus from Ohio to Michigan. We just wrapped up our first. Press event here in Jackson Michigan is the birthplace of the Republican Party or about to get back on the bus and heads do. His first rally in the state since he announced in May will go if doctor Carson inside the dogs and ask my thought about it down time. I. Penalized. I tactic and Helena. As good as Bergen. People are intense and but Alex and the world OK I think there bring an end if yes. Daily poll. Chose not because they'll jump soak OK you know we're good. All right so redundant spending aren't. Yes and so will get their Ogilvy and don't care about twenty minutes. It's 100 it's an equipment currently it is unclear we lose it or Greg. I so anonymous credited his arm you don't see any of you have loans. I do you don't want to talk and I. They're upset about a year minimum wage the funds. For whom he. Character rarely ask him. Around the corner. Oh and usually I'm Asian leaders and in the head radar over the rally on. Police tell me that end Vernon Hayden Adam wins. Part of the parent loans and I'm nervous. How great aren't leaving Jackson missed an off to spring arbor at about eighteen minutes right where he. Doctor Carson well. Poland his first rally in this ain't since announcing his candidacy and mangled. I'm here where it's trip. The bus driver turned wearing Allen. We're having some here around the corner downstream. From the rally's just spoke out go to plus there's an escort. It was wonderful to see you folks here would turn out this wonderful thing. There's no way and an audience. Do you think you are often heard of the journal. Mrs. Carson yeah you are saying about your anniversary how our anniversary occurred on. Our wedding. The anniversary of the establishment. Specimen. I guess it was meant to be an actor Harrison. Again this is Catherine spotters reporting for ABC news digital we have exclusive access to doctor Carson and his team here on the spot this week. Who traveled from Ohio's in Michigan we just starts in Jackson Michigan the birthplace of the Republican Party. Where doctor Carson had a brief media avail we're now traveling. Spring arbor four. How rallying his. His first event here in the states. And stay wind For more and we didn't follow us on Twitter ABC news. His politics an ABC here.

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