Ben Carson Campaigns Through Ohio

Get a first-hand look on-board the campaign bus of the 2016 Presidential Candidate as he campaigns in Ohio.
4:49 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Ben Carson Campaigns Through Ohio
This cavern spotters reporting for ABC news did you know we're writing doctor Carson's campaign bus today we're gonna bring you inside the campaign and onto the bus. And giving information about all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on the doctor Carson in his campaign we're gonna talk to doctor Carson now. Doctor Harrison tell me a little bit of you're the year plus what you do when you get on any any any rich. Well it's their investments. Isn't on my hands. News might. Hands. And you land you in here you're like sit back there sometimes you're here right now wouldn't what do you guys talking about back there. What are you doing going through in which of the. Maybe. Stop. Yeah. Are you preparing part of the rally didn't let your Guinness anchor. This thinking about my right. Exactly what. Residents. Housing traveling this team and you. Don't really. Okay. So bring him. Yeah. But they don't body tonight's. It wasn't that the good things. You know we have. Experience. But they also recognize this. You know I have to. News. No I don't. Around winning. Changing and making sure that we stated in the next. You guys seem like you know your a year here laughing and having a good time on the bus that are where you where you talking about us as. Baseball. Do you here and yeah you better. Is you know it's a it's easy it's fun keeping these kinds of events where you can help meeting people. Listening to do this afternoon talking about Wednesday. That is not good news. Treasured artists yeah that's right let's review. Now these being on this bus so iron. It's very relaxing it is very relaxed and laid back having a good time that's personally do you agree that. I was. Yeah thanks. And then I'm hello this. Company. Politicians. And always. There. When he when we had to choose to make sure that we stay the right thing and you know what that would stretch. So is that you can't being on this bus got on this morning I'm done with you you and then mrs. Carson had heard listening to -- regardless. Here vegetarian. We had some things. Since. When the moon. On the plus yeah let's look at listless and Michael Whelan of us. And I. What are your favorite campaign snacks and is it hard to stay healthy on the bus. I'm his it's hard to stay healthy and general. He loves French. French fashion. And keeping yourself mind and that's really the secret to save everybody being treated well balanced on Saturday things in stainless. Everything exercises in the but harmless nuns and and I think most implement some. However they don't have to learn as we learn it yeah. So right now we're on our way to where coming from Dayton Ohio finally suit is pending in congress. Stopping here at Findlay Ohio and it handling. And family rest here we're getting lots of hunks. As we come in there's actually. The crowd here waiting for us. Quite the crowd actually getting lots. Getting lots of talks here we go one. Trenton you gonna hunt Jermareo.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Get a first-hand look on-board the campaign bus of the 2016 Presidential Candidate as he campaigns in Ohio.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33978553","title":"Ben Carson Campaigns Through Ohio","url":"/Politics/video/carson-rolls-ohio-33978553"}