Castro defends his comments about Biden’s memory

Julian Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama administration, defends his comments criticizing Biden's health care position.
5:15 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Castro defends his comments about Biden’s memory
Secretary Castro thank you so much for joining us it to be with you so. On this debate you you had a moment sweet Vice President Biden dad so we Democrats are talking about social media's talking about who want to roll that clip right. Now are you forgetting what you haven't managed to save for it. You set just two minutes. Yeah I can't believe. But you said two minutes ago that they had to buy land and now what you're saying they don't have to buy your forgetting that anyone I mean look. A grandmother who had no money needs human cares who you're automatically an erratically and rules people. Regardless of whether they choose to opt in or not if you lose your job for instance. His faith his health care plan would not automatically enroll you you would have to op did my health care plan would that's a big difference I'm fulfilling fulfilling the legacy a Barack Obama and you're not. I'll be surprised. Now secretary Castro and we reviewed the transcript of before I tell you what what we found a transcript do you regret that. No we are having a debate about health care policy and you know last time we were on stage in Detroit. Senator Harris said that vice president Biden's plan leaves ten million people uncovered. A Vice President Biden at the time said that wasn't the case. Fact checkers went back and they said Jack see it is a case that his plan does leave ten million people uncovered. PO I heard him describe his plan and he said. As I looked at the transcript. That to you check the transcript of my horse I did a person dead and this is argue about health care policy so this is important right we're talking about a policy that is an impact every single person in this country. So what he said in the transcript was that if you lose your job. That you could automatically by Ian them to his plan. You need to catch the distinction here. Right when he says you can automatically buy in there is no automatic about it. Because people aren't all going to be able to buy in the difference is in my plan and some of the other plans that have been laid out. You'll have to buy in you automatically would be enrolled that's the distinction here so I know that some have suggested. Right. On game don't know it's the difference between him saying. That you could if you lose your job you could automatically buy in that means if you have to buy something. You have to affirmatively do something right. That means that ten million people are going to be left uncovered in my plan you wouldn't have to buy in you would automatically be put in that plan without buying him. That's an important distinction this is not. This is not about personalities it's not about individuals is about health care politics is part of the problem was he maybe it's anything about Paulson that the problem I think for some Democrats from what we're hearing or reading. Is that he was the Tony was almost like you were taken a shot out of siege was that fear was necessary. I was taking shot at his age I was so I hear a shot at the fact that he had just said the words buy in you would have to buy in so I said. Look you just said that he would have to buy in he said. No no I didn't I sit over. You know what being did you forget that you just said that you have to by Ian Bryce don't you just forget we sit two seconds ago did so so what I'm saying is that when you look at the transcript and you understand the health care policy in the meaning about the significance of that. The difference is that ten million people would get left out under his plan. That's why that's so important. It's not an attack on Vice President Biden it's not. Something about the personalities it's about the health care policy that's that was my focus. You clearly we're trying to draw difference though with Vice President Biden throughout this debate. Do you think you can fuel voters off his support. It's sort of uplift your campaign which was that what you're treasuries and no no no look I was the first candidate to. Put out an immigration plan I was the first candidate to put out a police reform plan I was the first candidate to call for. President trumps impeachment. I went to someone Puerto Rico instead of Des Moines or Manchester firsts in this campaign. I have been leading the way on many issues in this campaign without respect to anyone. Person on the stage for what other candidates are doing I think people are coming my way because I'm leading not following. When you had that moment we've Vice President Biden. Mayor Pete had said something about sort of this is the worst thing about politics hasn't exactly wolf but that was the tone in U since the primaries. If it sorted we need to do this yeah hey look this is what I hear when I go out there whether it's Iowa or New Hampshire or anywhere else what I hear is. People are concerned. That we need to be Donald Trump. And they also want to know that when you get on that debate stage in October 20/20 that you're gonna be able to take on Donald Trump. All right and so I think what they've been able to see that in a respectful but tough way. I can take on Donald Trump in October to wage when he and I could do would effectively I think people saw that again tonight did you speak to vice president but after the debate yes we. Just said hello during the breaks I know Vice President Biden I have tremendous respect for him. Yeah I think he's a great candidate. You know he's been in public service and politics a long time. Like many of the candidates there. This is the nature of debate this is about the policy it was about the personalities who non Castro explaining that moment that so many will be talking about for the days ahead.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Julian Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama administration, defends his comments criticizing Biden's health care position. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65584969","title":"Castro defends his comments about Biden’s memory","url":"/Politics/video/castro-defends-comments-bidens-memory-65584969"}