Catching Up With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ahead of His DNC Speech

ABC News' Jonathan Karl interviews Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ahead of his speech at the Democratic National Convention.
13:03 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Catching Up With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ahead of His DNC Speech
Hello welcome to FaceBook alive and ABC news and We're here at the Democratic Convention with a very special guest Kareem Abdul Jabbar thank you for joining us have you here. And you're going to be speaking at the convention tomorrow the big night. You never been a conventional war. So what. I mean you you better Marino like this but what what was going to be on the state that is that we do you have players that we 76ers. Back when they were a little better idea. What's that gonna be like. I think he's going to be interesting news should be fun I'm very happy to support Hillary I think she's just sort bronze. And went when you I know you've got a column you do which shut touched on all kinds of political issues are here now is a as a speaker had the national conventional on the night of the of the nomination. Acceptance speech what when did you start to become political causes a long time. Coming gets along tell our boys beta testing what was going on they're really started when I was in grade school. And I was watching the events that comprise the civil rights movement. Watch on TTV's tonight sometimes it was terrific consultant it was it's far. But so goes the civil rights movement was something that through. Really Chris Paul electrician. Lasted until like college six. Just four years after the bottle voting rights. And you love you your way to help elect moral politics now mean I see you've you've been very active writing on this presidential campaign. Well I think is very important going. And let's were involved in this we use our voice and speak up nobody's go listen to us. My I'll ask guy. The a lot of people don't realize that your father was a police officer. And her grandfather was resolved and people we'll. So what what it. What's been your reaction to seeing that this that the horrific series of events we have seen both shootings. By police and now the targeting. Of police the shooting you know Dallas bat. It's really a series of frightening thing is Steve good breakdown slow start to serve her like that because. Rudolph police we don't have a civil society. We have chaos. And do we need police absolutely. They are really heroes so we asked too much of them. And they try to do it filled with a smile and that's that's pretty incredible. But we we have to get to a point where we can talk. To the police and police can talk to the people that they have to protect and serve I think that's gone by the wayside a lot in our community. Our brother of the hole in our country because. We still making assumptions. People who are being police make assumptions. And there's just talking perfect fit there is no conversation. They're not even talking vestige of the there's no go decision and we need to get back comes isn't going to. And you see reprint here black pleasant matter and in the Republican Convention you're lot of blue bloods matter. What do you mean think he says are two entirely different conversation. It's it's until entirely different conversations and with the fact that institutionalized racism. As corrupted. Our criminal justice system has made it more difficult for the for the cup decision to take place because people make assumptions. About people of color. People call make assumptions about the law enforcement apparatus and neither one of them or correct. So we've got to get around to talking to each other get these two different and points of view. Communicating to that we mean. What people fly society. The deals with the obvious is that need to be dealt with here doubt transit cop. And music for us cover your city and big consolidating before you just before retarded. Here's where retire it won't won't hear made an obscene. That would have been upset look we've been upset that. So many. Black people are being killed unnecessarily. I think the thing that really didn't want to disturb me the most was the value of the kid in the old Cleveland. We hear it it was a totally unnecessary equipment when Detroit we've got a Toyota is playing on Christmas Day my goodness. And the officer didn't even wait two seconds before Charlotte. You can see with the which stands up you're under arrest and two seconds. You know what what kind of training that this individual. And they've seen vilification of the police and some of the that the protests right and that's wrong too because please just thought they're doing and fitness it would sometimes they do get impatient. And they think that. No violence can. Shorten the amount of time that they have to work hard and a lot of people do people in the other side I think that of all the cops about it and then only have to get past that that if you. So you have been quite tough on cultural for the taxpayers. Did you watch a speech clinical Della salute. What what did you think. I think he's pandering to fear. I mean to the acids or problems. It's not chauvinism and fear mongering we have to come up with solutions TU has no solutions is just is that he's the solution. He's gonna solve all our problems. Through his brilliant. Understanding of all the issues that know no one is that that's more nobody. You go even further address so what are your columns you you. You seem to compare him to crisis or at least he is his method of argument. This method of arson is thought giving ice is more credence because by saying that America. Hates Muslims crisis. Is making American Muslims feel that they are not. Appreciate your respective and then we hear hear the same talk coming from. A presidential candidate that a certain segment of our society should be discriminated against on the basis of their lives in this that this is and what America's about. The majority American Muslims are RP slowing and do not subscribe to terrorism. And are actually involved in helping American combat terrorism. I think that this is what should be the case in. By and large it is the case. So what is trump tapped and you know I mean you. You're not the first to make this argument against him obviously we've heard a lot throughout this convention and yet. You know he's he's he's attracted a huge following he won a big victory in the Republican primaries he's. You know attracted huge crowds. He's he's clearly. Tapped into something and energized to six a segment. Of this country what. What is that what what what what you think that isn't yet got suggesting that all us followers are. You know fear mongers her or filled with hate I'm you know what. I think. I just. People are uneasy if it's tough times and it's a lot easier to. Filled a movement based on negatives than it is on positive. Talk about solutions people look get bored within which to talk about who you can blame people can get behind that and support somebody just because they don't like a certain group that you think is the the source of the problem. And the sort that the source of the problems lack of jobs. And the fact that our our school system is it's not serving everybody and people are qualified to go on my job. So you're gonna take that stage behind us. Here at a national convention this huge viewership. Around the around the world really. What what's the message can. Well I hope I can have a message of unity I hope we can just come together. And support Hillary Clinton I think that she will do a great job fiesta experience and the know how to to deal will. What it takes operating in Washington successfully she's been there she's seen how it works he knows dollar works I think we should give merchants. And in dollar well which is your major and ambassadors or call. We I've looked at Clinton's so then there was weakened the jazz back in it in the ninety's. I was able to attend and and I'm at the clintons it. We're. We're just friends and doom and they had. Some events at the Kennedy Center and at the White House. I got to leave the clintons and the nice people and we've maintained a friendship. Have you gotten an Obama little. A little bit I got to meet mr. Obama before. He got the presidential nomination in Italy and all six while it was senator got a chance meeting. For it was very bright and progressive. Kind of thinker and I'm glad he got the job. It's it's a shame that you didn't get any cooperation from the Republicans in congress because. We've gotten a whole lot more done if they're just treat him like they were treated any other person. Beat them in a in the federal election. Yeah we got into a pretty divided points or. Politics it doesn't make any sense these that these are people as forcefully. Doing their job for all of all Americans. But they can't cooperate with the president because. They don't think you'd be like the way looks. That's not the way to do it. So it's let me ask you Donald Trump promised to show biz convention in Cleveland. And I've been watching this convention this looks a lot more showbiz aha I mean they're they're we've had a lot of celebrities. We've had you know a lot of star power Hollywood star power. Great athletes such as yourself why why should voters. Listen to. To celebrities or or athletes what's your take on illegals have a lot of people injured people say to you come on stick to basketball dream you know what. All along what he said long admire. Athletes and some of the celebrities that are here they admire what Dave. Put upward to Greece's successful. Places in our society that Dave these people have been achieved so. Just the fact that some lewis' been able to achieve something through hard work and perseverance I think. Puts us in position to. Have people admire him. What our thoughts are in the Arabian noted. Okay we're we're almost out of time I I I got to ask you basketball question. You know while watching this great rivalry we've seen step curry and LeBron James. Watching those two guys. Are we watching potentially either one of them or both of them I don't know it's early Desantis took to continue to make that can't be on a great in the greatest of all time of their with. Magic Johnson Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar which would sure what's your take. Well I. Think they're there are two of the best athletes ever play in the NBA at this present time. And depending on how successful they are depending on how well we remember them but. We're back. That far this still outstanding and they provided over wonderful playoff series. Playoffs were due decided by three points. On the last shot of the end of the playoffs in game seven that that's pretty serious matter that doesn't and then it was the same thing for the is it too late term. Dad would go to Villanova winning only three pointer. What does I'm running. Kent can't do any better than that you know the people that are making the the pairings in the setting up the really call it the the bracket bracket shabbily evolved into practice by the way you know I will not. Do it because I I don't see old coliseum site I can't imprison. Well I think that stressful things. Had to have endured this year it was a very competitive and they're probably see more grit the theoretical and she Cleveland joint they didn't come back and waited until it personal interest thing. And she's grooms enrollment how about those Indians. Jack Jack really really good Patrick Little long long time government business. All right we'll creek metals are you happy book I got. Only writing on the wall and it's all about the political writings in my observations about what's happening in America. Subtitle searching for a new equality beyond black and white. Well it's a real honor to see you and will be watching carefully reviewed up there and take the stage great talking we thank these are the oldest and that's it for ABC news on FaceBook live at Thanks for watching. See again.

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{"duration":"13:03","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl interviews Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ahead of his speech at the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40925068","title":"Catching Up With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Ahead of His DNC Speech","url":"/Politics/video/catching-kareem-abdul-jabbar-ahead-dnc-speech-40925068"}