Former CBP agent speaks out on agency's culture, detainment facilities

Jenn Budd, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer, discusses her experience working in the organization and why the new images from inside detainment facilities surprised her.
5:27 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Former CBP agent speaks out on agency's culture, detainment facilities
We caught up a short time ago with a former Customs and Border Protection agent gen died she was a senior patrol officer in Southern California from 1995 to 2001. You see here there and her uniform. She's has since left the agency and is now an immigrant advocate she told us about her experience there and wide these images surprised. Jen and thank you so much for coming in once you start by getting your reaction. To these images that we've been seen over the past few weeks from those detention facilities along the border. Does that look familiar to you is that something that was commonplace during your time with the Border Patrol. You know I don't used to seeing in detention of terror facilities but I'm not. Seeing ER crowded medicine and not used to seeing. There for her condition instead they're keeping needs asylum seekers in their own. Is it different demographics. I was an agent. Yeah I had at that time we as we know from the numbers a lot of the migrants were single young men now of course. Families a lot of unaccompanied children what. In you're view though has someone who works with immigrants now was part of the department. Back then how many gifts this is dad what's to blame for the current crisis down there. I think you know. It sticks its many years are to blame and certainly now. This administration there they're taking advantage. Neglected the immigration system. For a long time and and basically they're trying to apply a law enforcer then it's. Models use our data that is not a law enforcement issued an as a humanitarian. Issue. Without business it is most of these people are asylum seekers. And nobody deserves TV to be house. And yeah like this I personally see it tops here. Asylum seekers after they'd been released from CDC custody 'cause I volunteer a lot of other shelters done here. And I can tell you that what you're seeing any taxes is as saying they did we're seeing here in San Diego. And it isn't a door it's not unusual will be there are content with Hezbollah bases that children are malnourished. And they're wearing the same clothes they didn't wearing it for recent horror stories that they are telling me. It is like something. From a Third World country and it's just shameful and disgusting and mine didn't. And certainly overwhelming for everybody involved. And you have certainly were written and spoken out about the culture inside the agency a lot of these agents not really equipped. To deal with the humanitarian. Crisis that's right at their hands they're all so. We understand investigating. Some cultural challenges inside Border Patrol might of that FaceBook group pushed for approval cut exposed. In the past 44 hours. What's your sense of that you have used tweeted about that that there were some bad apples in that apartment even when you're there. I'm not well you know I love him he is that terror NA. Don't want to say again all agents are bad angels certainly. But it. The bear the reason why so few hidden elsewhere in the quarter Johnson because of the work is aren't isn't because it's challenging it's because her sexual harassment. And the violence that happens I personally was sexually assaulted and raped by a classmate. And I was told I wasn't allowed to go to Iran. The police say that if I did all right filed a complaint cannot be fired at the academy in it should be and I headed into the capital just a month. They're cheap pros lets the academy says she. Knows what this is all about and she knows that this is the culture and this is the environment of the Border Patrol. And this is what happens when you continually throw money at an agency and there's never accountability. There is little to no accountability. In the Border Patrol. At all. It's a certainly sounds like you're skeptical of any investigation that they claim they are doing right now into the into this episode. Yeah I would be surprised and maintenance it's very rare in a Border Patrol gate agent ever gets reprimanded her. Or fired for anything means usually. Whenever. An outside agency seeing media get into Kabul where caliber hunting controllers sheriff's unit and then there's something. His children but. Marrero what work religious extremists Jin U when they want management can downs from Siena where it has a lot of people unfortunately management. Are the same way and this is something that needs to be dealt with I was surprised by FaceBook page. It rings true to what I know the Border Patrol and yeah this is beginning need Border Patrol agents but. It needs to be a lot of cleanup owner of the Border Patrol its and now. You know who's gonna change. And we do know that those members of congress who are down at the border yesterday said they plan an investigation of their own something they're equally skeptical as you are that the agency itself can. And clean up from within so we'll see where that goes but Jen but. A former senior patrol officer with the US Border Patrol now and immigration advocate really appreciate your time and perspective Jen thanks for come in and if granted.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Jenn Budd, a former U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer, discusses her experience working in the organization and why the new images from inside detainment facilities surprised her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64096966","title":"Former CBP agent speaks out on agency's culture, detainment facilities","url":"/Politics/video/cbp-agent-speaks-agencys-culture-detainment-facilities-64096966"}