Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood, Women's Rights and Clinton

ABC News' LZ Granderson and Kristen Soltis Anderson interview Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.
6:53 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood, Women's Rights and Clinton
Richards President Clinton and a thank you so much repeat went on what it's such. And historic night or when it just give us a sense of what this means what each year later. Well I think it's extraordinary for all of us who have been at all day. Women's issues for a long time. Tonight you can't even get in this hall at this convention hall try to get a seat as a possible excitement as alcohol and it's wonderful to see we've been. Very young women are first election they're first time we all equipment in her eighties and nineties have been waiting for this day forever it's great. We've been talking a lot about Clinton house he's registered well quoting well with graphics what groups suspect went well with the white bit technical degrees. I'm curious derby search. A white males supporter. During speech he or grandparent. Oh absolutely it's really interesting because so many bad understand that valued getting access to lead of sampling plant meet state it. Nineties are present with the use birth control and they take a plant here is placed out their girlfriends or wives or daughters have gone. How I feel like we're a theory could lead to passenger for a p.'s Matt. And end I think what are the issues that's been under play is an issue equal pay act we find that fathers are. At yelled at equal pay for their daughters. Our ads is it's so important and I because it's going to be economic issues as well as helped or acts that she's pretty critical selection. It comes to women's health at it speaks a year like. Concretely. What do dump truck president. Issues the site. Well organized frightening thing is just hours ago actually congressman pence static at. Double down on the fact they work out if they were elected. They would dominate charges that would overturn roe vs right at a horse that's been. My parents his entire career is only right and reverses right but. Actually try to add access to Planned Parenthood which beat cancer screenings and family planning services. At Donald this at the same thing so I think actually the stakes are up for women's health and its right to this election. Are very very high at the plant heard action but will be talking to fortify billion. Voters during this election cycle to make sure they got just what's at. A lot of people to know you were put to rest hearings. Up about early while history. It's a horse that are you have a significant history the terms of quirky politics you work as closely but a lot of don't know you're about their. With governor of Texas and actually spoke to be its Expedia and with that life. It was wonderful that was at the Atlanta in the Atlantic accent that's each night out gets replayed every time the Democratic Convention at. And it's wonderful actually get me people here in Philly where they are that night. Of course I was there with my me by my two Brothers and sister it was a proud met with the probably regret it. It was only my mother Barbara Stewart that they would only two women in an effort he noted. The Democratic Convention. Is exactly the tech since it out we restaurant where I met. I've hit a picnic bloopers and. I ask. Question about to hurt him last. Some questions about his stance. Stance on a porch at eight east. Objection took. Out and supported him. They're not just. Explain your average. Juror will and it's important back as the senator Isaacson editor. That are hotter percent record with action line is or it every where Al. Right he is able to distinguish like a lot of people is personal. Dealings with what public policy should be he has stated. Again he's worked overseas where it. Supports. That make their own decisions about their pregnancies. Without the intervention and government politicians and we're really struggling Britain and extra for this ticket. It is such a different position. That we're Mike Pence on ultra bar you know men can edit and access all kinds reproductive health care including an ax and plan your. Or its recent durst a recurrence of primaries. Are. What was it about her that made you want to jump in so early because she waited till seats and Alexis north. Well we looked at the horse all that it's running. At all. Al that we had several friends in this race that Reza one person that just head and shoulders above everyone else a lifetime commitment and families. New issues and it works he had it where health which are children. Getting better health care coverage for Whitman. So she really even now we France. We are so excited about me she credible president. Because she wouldn't that the words for with girls Natalie this country but around the world. A lot of concern about what's happening down a lot of other race. Having oh. Trickled down worker. Well chorus they're matchup that. It's blatantly ice extent it. Those are real gridlock in congress right now just love it. That we get in some reports just as it's incredible that the senate refuses to eat it McCain or Obama. Not many Britons or so we each year we shake it we're very accurately it aesthetic. That rents went Hillary is elected president. She actually has ever or its network went to make progress. Eric people are asked for is that progress present while he's there. President but he is literally there. It's much lays out. How. Apps of course the corporate at home. Our last night as she of course we're pretty close to records after elected you're afraid of support Clinton if reluctant whip it up with presidency. At what he made her big frustration. Which he surveyed what it in what capacity interest here. You know I am so happy with that work I do care. Much I'm me opera idol champ Italy every year. Want to buy equipment in. The plan for health care. I feel like my role is working with its organizations which were every single person's country has access to health care that's affordable high quality. I'm really happy when I'm doing it'll be great to work with it history. That's where it would help the lights so yes. Straightened out.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"ABC News' LZ Granderson and Kristen Soltis Anderson interview Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40975565","title":"Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood, Women's Rights and Clinton ","url":"/Politics/video/cecile-richards-planned-parenthood-womens-rights-clinton-40975565"}