Cecilia Vega on the VP Debate and Clinton's Delayed Victory Claim

ABC News' Cecilia Vega talks about the Democrats' claim that Tim Kaine "did what he needed to do" at the VP debate.
4:50 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Cecilia Vega on the VP Debate and Clinton's Delayed Victory Claim
In looks like season's been roommates Cecilia I wonder what you're hearing from from the from the Clinton Campaign is the instant reaction that we're seeing on FaceBook. Is that they that there guys may have lost this thing and that he was perhaps a little too wound up in and and aggressive. What are you hearing from team Clinton about that. Well I'll show you last you can see what how this works here in this inner of these signs that you see behind me here the blue in the red ones either different surrogate that are aren't your speaking on behalf of each of the candidates actually what you can't see right over here is an interesting little space that Kellyanne Conway and Bryant Allen. The truck vs Clinton team right here next to each other all. Buying to talk to reporters of the spin is in full effect at this moment I'm look the Clinton Campaign is declaring victory right now but here's what's different between this debate. And the last time between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in that when the Clinton Campaign came out declaring victory within thirty minutes at that debate. It took us this debate was over it had been over. It had been a lot of over and it's a long time for the word's victory out of out from anyone iMac campaign that we were talking to. Nonetheless that is the spin from them tonight they say that look. That came their I did what he had to do it he tried to hold Mike Pence to Donald trumps policy that he backed away from them and and really and it didn't do his job on the stage you know I think what they are getting hit hard on his what you guys have been talking about is this. This sort of the civility that was lost on that stage the constant in eruptions. Most of them led by keen. There campaign is saying look that's the BP's job that's at running mates job when you're on that ticket you go to that I you. Fight over over your candidate and that's what Tim Kaine was doing that states tonight I'm but he's getting hammered guys from. Even Democrats and Clinton allies David apps Iraq former chief strategist for Barack Obama said. The interactions did serve Tim Kaine well on I think that speaks to what a lot of people are feeling after this debate tonight. Pay resilient the next presidential debate is just a few days away now and we've talked a lot I had the VP debate doesn't necessarily move the needle a lot but aren't there are lessons learned. From tonight that you think. The candidate herself Secretary Clinton takes boy. And does in the next debate. That changes what she did last time how do you think that this informs what they do now. It's campaign has said that they've already sent out tonight that this debate doesn't move the needle forward for them. And all but I think really what it does is help them whole it helps them hone their arguments in their fight against Donald Trump that will come up in a matter of days now. One thing that really jumped out it need it clearly seem dubious strategic move. On the part of Tim Kaine was this repeated comments about diver hitting hitting back at Donald Trump's. Mexicans are rapists comments I lost track I stopped counting at 45 I think you said and it came up with in the first few minutes of course he also brought up. Without saying her in the at least at Machado thing you know what hitting Donald Trump for his comments on women. Those are the comment that Hillary Clinton is not going to let slide there are gonna come back again over the course of this week. And for shore over that debate on Sunday. The thing I'm just curious birth what is the plan now for Tim Cain where is he going. Which campaign starts and making if you media with her having been together brother going to be an opposite ends of the country. Issue really using him should be in different places that she is. Here in Virginia and in interestingly enough. I haven't numbers at the top my head but I have but they're something like 77. Some odd operators nearly eighty on razors. He's done for her so he's been a big money maker for her. Since he was since he was brought on board this ticket I think that that's what they'll continue to use and going forward let you know not just that Hillary Clinton is really leaning on a team of surrogate some of them. In this room today. She's been hit hard for not traveling very much to Ohio for example she hadn't been Aaron tell she was there this week sent the Labor Day so she's really leaning on this team dispatched. An entity sweepstakes he's battleground state that she she's trying to went Tim Kaine is definitely part of that coalition along with the president. The First Lady certainly Bernie Sanders they get top billing as I gotta say acting as some of those Tenkrat tame thinking rather they're certainly. Not as big as many other surrogate by the end of moneymaker burn for them. They're grown sick of money maker for residents. Of the camp. Lilies on his way out of the venue. And that I wanted to be out on what Alex like. He's getting into his into the suvs get rated. Believe. Long would. After. Ninety's feared minutes on that debate stage Ceglia thank you very much. Really appreciate. Having your analysis and it.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega talks about the Democrats' claim that Tim Kaine \"did what he needed to do\" at the VP debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575779","title":"Cecilia Vega on the VP Debate and Clinton's Delayed Victory Claim","url":"/Politics/video/cecilia-vega-vp-debate-clintons-delayed-victory-claim-42575779"}