Chair of DNC reacts to Tonight's Debate

ABC News' Brad Mielke Talks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for a recap of the debate, and more from the spin room.
6:42 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Chair of DNC reacts to Tonight's Debate
We're gonna act in the senate the debate inside the spin room ABC's. Brad Melky isn't there and I believe Debbie wasserman shelter is in an out rabbits going on. That's right on the so we're hearing the spin room everyone is here from. Cross the democratic spectrum candidates surrogates and also the chairwoman of the Democratic Party at Washington's filled. I was so proud of awfully hard and it. Ability. Clearly he has resolutely articulating a vision for the country what they will do to make sure that Americans. It's the middle classes on access to affordable it's okay. We'll continue to have access to quality with the healthcare I think that's an arrogant thief and blueberries. I thought it was in stark contrasts and everyone argues and parents and there are other things look somewhat like. Candidates seem to spend more time attacking one another and idea. Articulating its. So you investors all three of them does that include Bernie Sanders then came directly at you guys in the democratic national. For what he called really unfair treatment over the last forty. Well I'm I'm not all of the candidates learn very substantive really came very specific answers. Swing the event behind an excellent discussing that tightening gay voters what they deserve an opportunity. Hear good news in the east and ask well what they would do that it would be elected president and I was very glad. That right handers. Apologize. For his campaign for the conduct. Instead that it shouldn't happen and it wouldn't happen again and others running things everything that's on top. They would also be fired that was right in dealing anyway bonds and easy. And he apologized to Hillary Clinton and her campaign didn't necessarily give apologize. Committee are you guys on the terms he was suing you guys lasting chewing on an apology. Com. In the nation that was not theirs. He's apologized about his it was. It was wrong I was Pat Buchanan and get back and Allen got to move on thank them and they didn't fund and had. Two hours at this. The most significant expense and I've heard in the campaign. Contest for the Republicans. Millions and had tremendous amount of time arguing with one another and god and sensibly. Engaging in the civil war we've seen in the Republican Party Claire aren't getting it back. In fact raised each other throughout that does this gates and you know articulated its opinion in the pros but essentially all wanna continue to build on the economic fact that we haven't. Chairwoman so thank you so much I well we are here on eight. News dot com right now and actually doing right here played Charlie James Beck maybe Ella. If Charlie was surely wants behind the camera and again sunny Clinton yeah. Allan got what it even has been going around that has been. So I was happy GOP debate in. Earlier this week and it's different in different I was so many candidates continue. Having so many that they have to divided on its. Michael thank you know yeah. He's here yeah. And yeah mountain Clinton have come out I'm not seeing light speed. Stampede people or companies that we talk about it today and how when Donald Trump comes out Hilton didn't work. Jumping all over each other trying to get we'll see lines and on the net and on the ground here. Thank goodness. Bigger conflict. And areas right now actually doing some. Live television interviews says that he is the only candidate has come out here and he's he's been here several times already spent a couple different groups of fine. Yeah. I'm telling you not him. When there's an interview he knocked down he's not a little bit earlier but I'm very unhappy independently. And now it's. Yeah. And it's obvious at the other yeah. Go my guess he's the only candidate that. Now free and speaking at a track and spinning him. Thought otherwise. They're getting. We hear me off. Well I'm bragging yeah well. And being. They didn't happen. Pain I have heard good things. Strong at moment. Yeah. Yeah I'm talking and knowing nod back. I'm actually. I think what we're now actually I experience of the Democratic Party the night is over here. There's actually out Molina is as one of the or spokesman for the whole Democratic Party. Right here you see him on speaking to you. Some other Democrats here is they talk that's how the Nightline's. And and that's really what tonight's all about is is the only Democrats but together. Comparing contrasting answers talking about the that political role that this race has become in some respects especially when you talk about Martin O'Malley and brings initially. Coming after him. I think the lack actual candidates come here small field means that you're seeing around apparently Blackwater. A lot more represented it. And members of the Democratic Party where at. Some parts of Pennsylvania couple and aren't these revenues on the uranium I'm here aren't actual candidates. I'm so that anything. Yeah and if you're wondering you know where all the Republicans they are few and far between but we have seen a few officials on the Republican parties I think around. You've got them now back to him. I did thanks as they take any and got behind the applicant by the spender.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke Talks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for a recap of the debate, and more from the spin room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35870719","title":"Chair of DNC reacts to Tonight's Debate","url":"/Politics/video/chair-dnc-reacts-tonights-debate-35870719"}