Chaos from the Iowa caucuses

ABC News’ Tom Llamas discusses the confusion and uncertainty that marked the start of the 2020 campaign.
4:06 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Chaos from the Iowa caucuses
They're still so many questions about what happened in Iowa and our Tommy on this was in the room in Iowa. As officials there apologized it it's a time Vista started some give us a sense in the anatomy of a of a botched a caucus if you will how this all played out. Lindsey good evening well it all played out at first thing seemed to be going pretty well people were wrapping up the caucuses. At first over the first two hours a look like things were right on schedule and suddenly. The precinct chairman sort of realizing they couldn't report the data that was coming in from the more than 16100 precincts all across the Hawkeye State. Now there was a backup there was a phone bank that they could call these results in the problem was they didn't made enough phones and the wait times work longer than an hour. So coupled with the discrepancies in the app because it would seem to be a coding problem. With the app. All of that sort of convoluted gut that all mixing together it snowballed into just what was the biggest political catastrophe Iowa scene a long time the problem here Lindsey's that they've had problems the last two caucus go rounds last time around the Democratic Caucus here with Hillary Clinton. And Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton winning without a razor thin margin just before that Rick Santorum Cano came out on top of because it was so close again. Because of reporting discrepancies he really couldn't ride that wave momentum. Into New Hampshire people hear a confused they were upset it still remains the biggest political mystery. Deep in in the democratic world right now it's still unclear who exactly won the Iowa Caucuses we have had. They are reporting some whistles to only 62%. Of the state. We're coming on 24 hours Lindy since the voting started almost. And we still have a declared winner in Iowa and that makes a lot of people specially campaigns. The campaign volunteers the staffers put so which time into the state more than a year's worth of work and right now they really have nothing to show for. Bray as you just said the candidates putting so much into Iowa that there's been a lot of discussion today whether the entire Caucasus and she is obsolete and should be and it how are islands on the ground reacting to that. Look I can tell you this from when we were reporting last night over five hours right here and ABC news life. We were hearing former democratic sources our entire team. People were frustrated they campaigns ropes and elected officials were upset the heads of the DNC were upset and and they really blamed the local party here in Iowa. But the chairman came out here he took full responsibility he said this is unacceptable. It's interesting we were you know work Iran I would today going around in just. The little things like going to lunch or grabbing coffee and and people would talk to was we talked to some of the local streets if you do you guys know anything they were curious as well I think there were upset and I have spoken to some Iowa party officials people who work in democratic politics here. At and they're clearly frustrated because they love being the first in the nation they love the attention they get because maybe the mainstream media doesn't cover this part of the country as much as they should yes Iowa is not the most diverse state so maybe it's not the best state for Democrats but it is the middle of the country people here have certain values they have former sheer there's different industries here so we gave Iowa a source sort of this this upper hand in the political process you know they had this favorability scale you're able to come here and get attention. If they take away the Iowa Caucuses being the first in the nation it's going to be really tough on the voters here and it will change the process because. As Alice cost of one owes one of our our panelists said yesterday. It makes candidates better because they have to come here Lindsay they have to speak but he also have to listen we have to do several events you have to spend time here with real people and become. Constantly are campaigning over a year it's not like you can just fly in give a speech and fly out sometimes people do that Donald Trump turn try to do that he in the blues in the Iowa caucus you actually have to be disciplined you have to be on message and you have to press that flesh. Meet the eye wins here get to know them and really sell yourself. And and the person who wins Iowa Caucuses and always win win the presidential race. But at least the focus is here and they hear what people really want the number one issue fry winds wrap it up for the pulls of course was health care. Lizzie no doubt the debate is gonna continue to ramp up about whether or not I was should continue to go first time honest. In Iowa thank you very much for that.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"ABC News’ Tom Llamas discusses the confusion and uncertainty that marked the start of the 2020 campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68758807","title":"Chaos from the Iowa caucuses","url":"/Politics/video/chaos-iowa-caucuses-68758807"}