Chaotic Scene Erupts Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico

2:16 | 05/25/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chaotic Scene Erupts Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico
Begin with that filing that's Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque anti trade protesters squared off with police and torch campaign signs. As trump addressed thousands of supporters inside the convention center all of this as a presidential candidate won the Washington State primary. That means he's now just thirty delegates away from officially clinching the Republican nomination. It is your voices your vote we get the latest right now from ABC's Stephanie Rama slack for us in Washington Stephanie good morning. Candice good morning Diane good morning to you as well well. The trunk Donald Trump is back to campaigning and not without controversy at his first event back a swarm up protesters was there to greet them. Angry protests erupting outside of this Donald Trump rally in New Mexico. Rocks and bottles flying fires lit. Demonstrators trampling police cruisers police using pepper sprayed tear gas to break the crowds as strong supporters come together inside. Some protesters even finding their way in the trunk into erected just over half a dozen times. All does this kid. It added. Trump that common camping trail after a short hiatus with his attention dead set on Hillary Clinton. The GOP presumptive nominee responding to Clinton's new are at it takes to task for cashing in on the housing market collapse. I mean I'm but this is meant so when the housing market goes down. I guess what she'd like to do. You see if she did it. She wanna buy at the top Hillary Clinton sticking with her strategy not letting up on Trump's business record then hitting him on his taxes even as ego and campaign style. It may have started out as entertainment but now it's really really. Concerning. But Clinton stopped short of almost praising trump on the. Ellen show they've got to give him. What he's accomplished. But I think that once the seriousness of the general election really. Hits people he has to start hate being held accountable. Donald Trump seems to be in better standing with house speaker Paul Ryan after a meeting to unify the GOP the trump campaign says speaker Brian Cabell now endorse trop. But no timeline was given.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"temp","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39360539","title":"Chaotic Scene Erupts Outside Trump Rally in New Mexico","url":"/Politics/video/chaotic-scene-erupts-trump-rally-mexico-39360539"}