Teenage Girl Tearfully Admits Undocumented Status to Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State praised teen for speaking out about her status as an undocumented immigrant.
5:57 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for Teenage Girl Tearfully Admits Undocumented Status to Hillary Clinton
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry. My name is nova. I'm nineteen years Goldman Evan and Hillary -- -- -- for nine years. Have a very different glass ceiling some of the girls are exhibiting -- For the first time publicly I want to say a diamond undocumented immigrant. -- the second time. And I want to say that it's the -- -- typical derby on May or may open a better because if they came here legally now with five. Company came from split Croatia or I was born. That it's very hard because I don't have documents interviewed -- -- -- -- -- but to the financial obviously to women representation. To buy an apartment to take out a loan to go to college. Yes. It's like anything -- -- treat college because. You know financially. And -- I want to ask but what in your -- Essential for immigration reform. Because girls like Meehan and I'm not the only one here in other eleven million people standing behind me here and I can -- only imagine how -- out there are. Who can't fully empowered themselves especially in America because we immigrated here and and we really look at our history where all a group of immigrants. And you don't if you are here weren't native Americans. So -- I want to ask an earlier -- What do we need to Deutzman. But the -- priority when it comes to congress. Because -- -- -- extreme glass ceiling for mean I can't even control. Not even as a woman but not even that he. How that was incredibly brave. And I thank you for doing that because. It's important to put ourselves and other people's shoes that's one of the big. Hopes I have is that we can get back to being a country where people canned. Understand what others are going through and have empathy for it and really try to help each other. The first thing I would say is you know there is a program for. Young people who were brought here as children to sign up and be given. A legal status. And I hope you'll do that if you can't. Come talk to us afterwards and we will help you -- figure that out. But secondly. I believe strongly. We are. Missing a great opportunity by not welcoming. People like you and eleven million others who have made contributions. Two. Our country. Into a legal status -- you don't have to worry you can go to school you can work you can. Pursue your dreams and I am strongly in favor of the legislation that passed the senate to. It was bipartisan that's rare these days it passed. And unfortunately the House of Representatives has not taken it up and I think that's. -- a big missed opportunity for our country because part of the reason we're gonna do really well on -- for centuries because we are nation of immigrants and we keep attracting people. Like you -- your family who want to make a contribution. So it's not only because we want to. Make life better for people like yourself who it's already here it's good for us we have jobs that are done we have. Cultural contributions that are made it's good for us so. I'm not huge supporter of immigration reform and a path to citizenship and you know we'll continue to advocates for that and the more stories. To the people and put a talk about face can put a real face on. What it means to have been brought here when -- five years old spent your entire life -- have made your ear you know your best efforts here. And that's what immigration really should be about. And. I would just say am usually nothing worse than being -- -- power in feeling invisible. And used her exchange -- here today because you made yourself visible in eastern tit -- self over circumstances in which she had -- today. And so I would urge you to continue to do that. And sit speak out for what you believe your rates and opportunity should be. Here in this country and and not only against the ceiling that you. Are experiencing -- very much affirmatively what you. Believe that you have the right to pursue in what your dreams are. And I hope that you will join other organizations. That are trying to ensure that the house does take this up so that we can't. Ignore any longer. What should be. Kind of a continued effort of the United States which is ever -- marching towards a more perfect union. And our status as a nation of immigrants is -- central part of that -- they keep from making yourself less invisible and more visible today. I would add to that -- I -- Even though it fuels. Let -- powerless and you're hopeless the truth is that you sharing your story but it's a face. On this issue that others don't necessarily see so talking to your friends about what BC she means TU. You may not be able to vote but may be your story will convince them to -- And to go out and helped change your situation because they understand if she won a personal level to you still have the power TU. Empower those around you to have compassion for your story.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Former Secretary of State praised teen for speaking out about her status as an undocumented immigrant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23379811","title":"Teenage Girl Tearfully Admits Undocumented Status to Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/chelsea-clinton-hilary-clinton-glass-ceilings-event-teenage-23379811"}