Chicago mayor will not seek re-election

Rahm Emanuel made the announcement at a City Hall press conference on Tuesday morning.
1:54 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for Chicago mayor will not seek re-election
You the people of Chicago and on the north side cast aside. Old history. And voted for a Jewish kid with the middle name is from. I will always be profoundly grateful for that. And what it means to my family. This morning. As we started a new school year here in Chicago. I went to Brownsville classical. To welcome students. Back for the start of a new school year. Any went to Clinton and then I went to prison elementary. To mark the opening of universal full day pre K. We'll Chicago. The changes we have made together to our school system. Universal full day pre K. Universal full day kindergarten. A longer school day in year. We'll add up to nearly four more years of class time for Chicago students. And in the end of the day. What matters most in public life. It's four more years for our children. Not four more years for me. Together. Since may of two when he eleven. Through thick and thin. We try to do right by our city's future. No matter how difficult the path. We never waver. Or shrunk from our responsibilities. And I will never forget the honor it has been to serve alongside you the people of Chicago. Every step of the way. So from the bottom of my heart. Certain timing is everything that there. From the bottom my heart. Think you and god bless you and god bless the people can't.

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{"id":57595513,"title":"Chicago mayor will not seek re-election","duration":"1:54","description":"Rahm Emanuel made the announcement at a City Hall press conference on Tuesday morning.","url":"/Politics/video/chicago-mayor-seek-election-57595513","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}