Chicago mayor speaks on ICE raids' impact and Trump's incendiary remarks

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago speaks out on the 2020 presidential candidates, the ICE raids impact on her community and Trump's controversial comments on Democratic congresswoman.
6:25 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Chicago mayor speaks on ICE raids' impact and Trump's incendiary remarks
And this president's comments reverberating across the country including in America's major diverse cities we caught up a short time ago with the mayor of Chicago the third largest city. In the United States mayor Lori Lightfoot is the city's first black mayor also the first openly gay mayor and we asked her to respond about how the president's comments are reverberating there. Well it's really unfortunate and it shows a level of ignorance of president has exhibited on other occasions. I think that the response has been appropriate. Obviously these are women who are congress people there here in the United States native born on three of the four. How many others on someone who came over as a refugee. I'm but I think it speaks to a pattern of the president shown. I'm really belittling women in general but particularly women of color and I'm glad that there has been a significant. Push back. As wild and should be. And what more should Democrats do to respond to this in your view I mean it does seem that the president les politically wants to be having this debate he sees. Some sort of advantage in having. This issue of race front and center. Well look I think that the president unfortunately has done a lot of things in the course of his presidency that are aimed at dividing us and the things that we have to focus on. Arm as leaders and particularly as Democrats is making sure that we speaking to the values of who we aren't. And we're talking to the issues that I'm really are important everyday citizens on issues about income insecurity Bob making sure the people have great access to. Affordable health care and in my city. I'm spending a lot of time making sure that I'm providing hope and optimism. On and support to immigrant communities all over the city of Chicago. You wrote an open letter to the president yesterday was published in the Washington Post about his threatened. Mass. Ice deportation raids is that this didn't seem to materialize in Chicago what do you make of what this episode was all about. Well look but what whether they materialize or they don't. The damage has been done. I have people in my city particularly young people who were worried every day. That they leave their house when they're not they're gonna come back and see their parents or grandparents people of their in their home. So that does. I'm has done a lot of damage it's traumatize people but the one good thing that's come out of this is our city Asian nine did. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with our Brothers and sisters in the inning immigrant and refugee committee on community and people are. I'm and a heightened sense awareness of what their rights are. Can you ordered the police department there to cut off access to ice from the database is to stop cooperating with ice have you seen any impact. I'm cooperation between an immigrant communities and the police is that is there real fear there that that's gonna be diminished well. I think that what we've been trying to do all along is make sure that we build better relationships. Between the commute and police in the communities they serve. I think the impact immediate impact. Arm on shining eyes out from our databases. Not allowing our police department to participate. That any of the immigration raids. Is it's limited ice is reached the reality is the numbers of ice agents in the homeland. Is actually fairly limited and they rely upon local police departments to help extend their reach. We're cutting that off and we're saying we stand with our immigrant. On neighbors our friends our family members and any concern though that that could conserve be considered coddling of criminals or. Helping some of these more dangerous. I'm done now immigrants in May justice none out because if you look at the people that the president has talked about. These are people who came here in search of a better life. There are fleeing poverty they're referring unplug oppressive governments and they were fleeing violence. And they immigrants and refugees in the city Chicago. Just as it is all across the country contributed mightily to the quality of life and our neighborhoods the stability of our neighborhoods and to our local economy. These are not criminals they are people are contributing. Any significant way to our city. When I want to ask you very quickly detect couple questions about the debt point 18 democratic primary well under way first wanted to. Get your take on mayor people who judge your fellow mayor there to add to the south of the what do you making his candidacy so far and I don't he struggled to attract support from African American. Voters what what would you advise his campaign did dude it's it to help counter that improve that. Well look I I'd met mayor Pete I. Appreciate everything that he's doing and saying he's obviously caught fire. I don't need to give him advice but look I think anybody who's running. Ought to be the present a United States house to have a specific. Urban plan. The cities are where things are happening. Mayors all over this country are doing amazing thing to tackle tough challenges that people face. And we have the ability to impact people's lives. More than any other elected official up or down. That that the down if you will. So listening to what's happening in the cities making sure that we're meeting the needs of people on our diverse communities that's release an important thing and I hope that. The democratic nominee aspirants to the nomination. Really focus on having an urban redevelopment and renewal plan because that's what's gonna move the country following. And what do you make of this dispute between polling front runner Joseph Biden and Pamela Harris of California over busing and the former rice presence comments about segregationist. Pretty farm that people trying to make sense of that debate well look. I think both of these are really strong candidates and you know obviously Biden's been in on an office firm a long time he's got a significant body. Off of work as a representative Collin Harris comes and offers I think a very fresh fought and personal perspective. And challenging issues of race and she's not afraid. I'm to talk about that I think is set frankness and candor that ultimately is gonna win the day. Fog in many of the un democratic nominees are are doing down to speak you do to her years as he can Joseph Biden is fair. Look I'm not gonna get into whether it's fair is in panic obviously. I'm you we now know from the poling that it resonated with a lot of people were watching and paying attention. And these are dead busting saga. And I in American history practically as it played out on a lot of cities fog is one of controversies still and is something that has to be reckoned with. Our thanks again to mayor lite Ford.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago speaks out on the 2020 presidential candidates, the ICE raids impact on her community and Trump's controversial comments on Democratic congresswoman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64376968","title":"Chicago mayor speaks on ICE raids' impact and Trump's incendiary remarks","url":"/Politics/video/chicago-mayor-speaks-ice-raids-impact-trumps-incendiary-64376968"}