Chicago Voters Say They Are Split Between Sanders and Clinton

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Chicago voters at Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago who are split between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
5:57 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Chicago Voters Say They Are Split Between Sanders and Clinton
We're gonna go back to dot Haskell who worth it in Chicago where he explained to meet with the Chicago hot dog now about the character hopefully in no catch at him. Got paid way. Hey guys so want to play off of LC's question earlier and proposes to. What do part Bernie supporters here easily handle he of course looks and we can parking. LC was wondering on. With the current political state in your cities on the Manuel laughed when McDonald case the bag pulling your opinion. I would say it directly influence that I think the Chicago political scene in general I think. My positions. Obviously looked on McDonald's situations handle very poorly. I think that in many ways Hillary Clinton is. Arm in arm with Rahm Emanuel and I think they've booked are. You know system people and I think Bernie is somebody pushed back against that. NL zero we have playing here anything you want me to follow up with him on. Your topic. What was industry you're from Lincoln Park that season laden Manuel. Sort of country. Just curious does it feel like a lot of Bernie Sanders reporters in Lincoln Park. Later you've seen a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters and he's been part of course that's kind of premiered yet roots there. Or you kind. Sort of on the spectrum. Were injured I think that. My neighbor and really my social circle is just. I'm fairly split. I largely. Surround myself with intentionally or otherwise with people that we laughed. And but I do think Bernie supporters. At continue to grow as we continue to recognize. Despite the numbers I'm seeing on TV right now it's not faring very well. In Florida apparently but I think people recognize that while he. Still faces long odds he's got a reasonable chance when Hillary. That a billion in lane you were talking about how you believe. Hillary and Obama on the norm before. Collection although on the floor for Hillary has not been seen. At least on the campaign trail have played Illinois a what do you think about that she'd been able to come and ask. He's a Smart politician she knows how unpopular honest and Chicago right now and I think that that's the right move to me. I think most people know that they arm in arm and despite her trying to distance herself from him. It's just not a very plausible. I think. And guys and kind of finding everything here at the Billy goat tavern and why don't we just jump continent's first second. Read into. Jeff here from Brisbane Australia. And Jeff you were telling some interesting things you think about or politics. You are aware that today is Election Day here in Illinois yet to very exciting that we're really lucky to be. We've been following at some point them right here right now we're. And we're really we've been really surprised McCullough. Who's the trump hasn't run and added you know we've. The world looked to America belated. And we've bonded with drugs are priced existing business and that he thinks several other simple solutions to really complex problems. Hot the dagger theory but what is the coverage been like in Australia. And where are you getting your news if you think you're pretty into it art or politics. As well as it looks to America where right friends of America that. I think we'll will bring it is politics that this is that is basically on the run you've got. Three other really seasoned politicians and one walked out 04 these qualities that I'm. While Scott Brown. Like go whether Chris Caldwell doing. I. The theory of they'll and a is part of the reason why you that your wife Melissa why you guys came to the states was two. Kind of see our election. Half an earth kind of did. The timing was good him. There is not a big. People in front line. Without it like. We saw them as on this and it. Rally last night we wish we could have got in the dog. So have you been able to do anything today that election related. I don't see the the cattle Baghdad by what they did it's going to suddenly gets. Cents. So Jeff and Melissa you're referring to that Bernie Sanders rally he held one. 10:30 PM last night here in Chicago they believe they saw motorcade and the question for our spill our Australian friends got us. Just I think he asked the question I would have wanted to know I've always carry other rest of the world he's our election process could talk much about how this is a good. Please unconventional election cycle but it sounds like they are watching with interest as well there today half of favoring the they have someone that they would look you. I thought when they want to see me there. Jeff and moves that you guys have a favorite in this election you talked about three seasoned politician and mr. trump. Who would you like to see be the next president. Well. And I handle him the normally we. Dogs. That ranking. But I think we've really every Tuesday that we've got up. So can we get an answer real quick. Yeah I think I think Hillary Clinton and would buy you Melissa. Votes that they do agree guys there and I. Art I edited EP dot apple live or at. It it's Chicago Illinois.

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{"id":37674429,"title":"Chicago Voters Say They Are Split Between Sanders and Clinton ","duration":"5:57","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to Chicago voters at Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago who are split between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. ","url":"/Politics/video/chicago-voters-split-sanders-clinton-37674429","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}