Chris Christie: Proud to Endorse Trump

The former republican candidate announces that he is supporting Donald Trump for president.
3:23 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Chris Christie: Proud to Endorse Trump
For being here. I am proud to be your source ultra. Doing this for a number of for. I'll that I along with money and pat friend. Crude oil friends family. And over your hat and lot of wonderful times together. On Weatherford not only. The people Tuesday in new Jersey performing charity that we work with an odd together. And I absolutely. And and asked for secondly. I don't. I've gotten all the people. And they know who is better prepared to provide America with a strong leadership. The ball home around the world on Donald truck. He is looking at five. Clear standout. And the person who will do exactly what needs to be done to meet America our leader around the world. To provide strong unequivocal leadership. He will do what needs to be done to protect the American people first and foremost homeland. And increasing to ops for this country. And he will make sure that people around the world that America keeps its wording. I'll tell someone who makes a promise he keeps I've experienced that over my. Long friendship with him. And what the American people are around the world understand is that Donald Trump is someone who keeps its word and that means America will keep its work. I'm hurt here is no doubt in my mind and I've been saying this right from the time I enter the campaign. But the single most important thing for Republican Party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance beat Hillary Clinton I can Garrett C. The one person that Hillary and Bill Clinton do not want I'm that age come next September ultra. They know how to run standard political playbook. Against junior senators. Arm and run him around the block. They do not know the playbook with Donald Trump because he's right. He's rewriting the plate from her out because providing strong leadership and not dependent upon how well and so. The Hillary Clinton in November on that they'd light on out. Cultural. So I am thrilled you're more excellent my work a little and my support between now and November in every way that I can for Donald. Campaign in the latter camp and it's already been and then help him do whatever he needs. Country everything we want to be for children. On keeps good friend. He's strong and resolute leader. And he is someone who can lead the Republican Party to victory. In November over Hillary Clinton which the single most important thing we can do. So I thank him for its friendship. I thank him for all the congress is that sugar sugar Portland that I thank you for leaving the private sector. We're seeing that the need for strong leadership in this country and for being willing to step out of apartments there are coming offered self. For public service and for leadership in this country time. When parties and our nation so desperately needs so I'm happy to be on the track team and look forward to working with.

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{"id":37225874,"title":"Chris Christie: Proud to Endorse Trump","duration":"3:23","description":"The former republican candidate announces that he is supporting Donald Trump for president.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-proud-endorse-donald-trump-president-37225874","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}